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  1. I went there with a group on Saturday and there wasn't a place to sit. It looked great, but we were on a time schedule and went somewhere else. I really want to go back, though.
  2. They have about 15 taps. The stuff they get is usually more rare than Big Daddy's. Jax and Big Daddy's have stuff like Bass, Harp, New Castle, Orange Blossom Pilsner, Blue Moon, etc... Redlight Redlight goes a little farther on the beer nerd scale. It is a beer nerd bar but also great for people who just like to try new things. I'm up there constantly and drinking something new and different every time. Their bottle selection is very good, too, and also more rare.
  3. Redlight Redlight has been open for a few weeks now at their new location on Bennett Rd., just across the street from Roxy Nightclub. Redlight Redlight is Orlando's premier bar for beer nerds. They now have 15 amazing taps and still have an incredible bottle selection. Come by and try something new.
  4. My wife and I both didn't like Il Pescatore. Any place that serves garlic bread on a big hot dog bun isn't a good Italian restaurant. I have yet to find fantastic Italian in Orlando. Pannulo's on Park Ave. is always good, and they make their dishes pretty flavorful, but I wish they had more special dishes. All I know is after one trip to the North End in Boston, you'll never find something that compares in Orlando. as for pizza... Proccolino's is next to the Winn Dixie across the street and down a block and I think they have taken my award for Best Pizza in Orlando from Alphonso's in College Park. It's great.
  5. Somebody mentioned Ethos... How was it? My wife and I rode our bikes past it a couple weeks ago but haven't been able to get there yet. Maybe this weekend. Neither of us are vegan, but we figured we'd still give it a shot. It smelled good as we rode past. Also, I just wanted to give a plug for Drunken Monkey, on Bumby next to Beefy King. It's a great coffee shop and they actually have some pretty good food. It's cheap and it is a real coffee shop atmosphere.
  6. That's true. I don't really know what to call it, nor do I really care. I just wanted to make sure and throw it out there for the people who do care about that sort of thing. Like it or not, there are people out there who have a problem with it and they might not want to end up there. The place is good, a lot of fun, and I would bring my family, including children, there but others may not feel the same way. I'm just sayin....
  7. My wife, some friends and I went to Hamburger Mary's tonight and it was great. Their burgers are going to rival Johnny's Filling Station for best in Orlando, now. They were pretty damn good. The "Mary Tyler Smores" that you roast at your table were pretty cool, too. Overall, we really liked it and will certainly be back. It is very gay-friendly, and I would almost call it overall a gay restaurant, but I would also consider it very kid-friendly. I'll leave it up to you. If you have any problem with "gay-ness" then it isn't for you. If not, then I strongly suggest it.
  8. I can't go to Bikkuri anymore, and it saddens me. It's right up the street from my house and it is reasonable, but I swear they put something on their fish to keep the color... or something. It isn't every time, but a few times I have gone there and the tuna (I always get tuna) tasted like some kind of cleaning solvent. It was a strong flavor and smell. I have never experienced this at any other sushi place and I really don't know what the flavor/smell is. All I know is that I don't like it. I still really like Ichiban. I think their portions (the fish inside the rolls) are HUGE compared to other places and have never had a single bad experience.
  9. Hopefully Orlando residents can appreciate this place now.
  10. I didn't see a separate thread for the UCF Medical School and Lake Nona area, but UCF got some great news today... M.D. Anderson signed a deal with UCF and Lake Nona which will only mean TONS of future research $$$$$$$ for both UCF and M.D. Anderson!!!!! UCF's new med school was already on the MAP with their agreements with Burnham Institute...and just the other day, the Veterans Administration selected the site right next to UCF's new med school as their location of their newest hospital...and now THIS news today!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!! ----------------- OrlandoSentinel.com M.D. Anderson Cancer Center Orlando to move its research institute to Lake Nona Harry Wessel Sentinel Staff Writer December 20, 2007 Lake Nona's burgeoning "medical city" landed another plum Wednesday, with the announcement that M.D. Anderson Cancer Center Orlando will move its Cancer Research Institute there to work with the University of Central Florida. It was welcome news for Lake Nona, which earlier this month learned that one of its expected tenants, the Nemours Foundation, signed a contract on property for its proposed children's hospital nearly 2 miles away. But the Lake Nona complex -- anchored by the UCF medical school and the Burnham Institute for Medical Research, both of which have broken ground -- rebounded with two announcements this week: On Tuesday the Tavistock Group, which owns Lake Nona, announced it had come to terms with the U.S. government for the sale of land for the long-awaited VA hospital. And on Wednesday came the M.D. Anderson-UCF deal.
  11. I'd do anything to get a job downtown, just for the oppertunity to ride my bike to work.
  12. Isn't there an old cliche about dressing up a piece of sh*t? It's amazing how opposed to going UP we are in this entire region. All of Florida is pretty much a mess because everyone has to drive everywhere to get to everything. The entire state was built around the invention of the car... it sucks.
  13. Orlando Brewing is fantastic. I just wish they were allowed to serve food. Those guys aren't afraid to make a beer that'll kick you in the butt. A lot of the brewhouse restaurants like Hops and BJs just don't get crazy enough for me. It's like they're afraid of going big and bold with their beer. Orlando Brewing isn't afraid!
  14. I swear they dunk the entire bun in butter. Everything tastes better with a stick of butter on it, and that's why they have the best burgers in town.
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