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  1. twoshort

    Holland Home - Fulton St.

    Ours does too. In a quiet SE side neighborhood. And I bet no one knows. 5 families or whatever our church hosts doesn’t equal 100, but I think people (on here) are way over reacting. There were maybe 4 letters of opposition and 20 or so support.
  2. twoshort

    Holland Home - Fulton St.

    The Family Promise proposal was supported by the neighborhood association and was approved today.
  3. twoshort

    Biggest House in metro GR

    A complete guess, but, probably any of the following: kept for guests. Razed for Gen III/IV's new house. Razed for open land for the other family nearby. My guess is we won't see it on Zillow.
  4. twoshort

    Wealthy Street Mega Thread

    Looks like they were successful, it's coming down today.
  5. twoshort

    Breton Village

    They split and transferred the property at the back half of 2500 Burton (along Inverness) to Townhomes at Breton Village LLC a few weeks back []. So it seems like they're actually happening. I can't believe I forgot to post the renderings and floor plans - complete with roof deck over looking trash and loading docks. @x99 where you at?!
  6. twoshort

    Breton Village

    Starbucks is going in next to Sur La Table, the veterinary clinic is moving from Breton Village into a yet to be constructed building next to Fresh Thyme.
  7. twoshort

    East Beltline Developments

    Anyone know who ended up buying this after Res Life backed out? Seems like there's been movement here lately...
  8. twoshort

    Breton Village

    There's a lease pending sign in the space next to Sur La Table. It was designed for a drive-thru, so will be interesting to see what comes of it.
  9. You know, I think it's the Fowling place that made all the waves 12 months ago. Their liquor license was finally approved in December of 2017 and it looks like they're finally hiring. I'm sure that's it.
  10. Rumors abound about a new sports bar on 28th in Cascade? Anyone got the scoop?
  11. twoshort

    AT&T to Launch 1 gigabit service here

    I've had their cell service for ever, live in GR, and have no issues. FWIW. Also had uverse for years.. no issues there either. Have xfinity now, but would certainly get pricing on this!
  12. Why would someone put a chocolate store in a retail store front that has failed two previous chocolate stores in the same amount of years? They have good ice cream too, but you know, Jersey Junction and all.
  13. Delicious. This is good news.
  15. twoshort

    MAC property near Breton Village

    Revised site plan [attached here]. Application doesn't state a tenant, but they must have one in mind to change it like that. Basically they've eliminated the far east retail building in favor of a much more square shaped building right next to fresh thyme. Original Site Plan.pdf Revised Site Plan.pdf