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  1. I'm excited to see this parking lot disappear. Unless I'm misunderstanding the article I think it could break ground within a year. Not necessarily this year, which sucks.
  2. Jawless

    Shockoe Bottom

    Do the Lovings control the huge lot between 16th st and Oliver Hill Way? I want to see that developed so badly.
  3. Jawless

    Shockoe Bottom

    For real. So many pointless parking lots in the Bottom.
  4. Jawless

    Shockoe Bottom

    @I miss RVA Here are a few photos of the Bakery Lofts I took this weekend. These are taken from the edge of 118 N 18th Street. Only a little bit of activity going on. I'm not 100% sure what they are doing.
  5. The whole thing has seemed sketchy to me from the start. Vytal doesn't seem to even have a website which is a red flag to me. Their Linkedin says they are based in Richmond, but they only have 1 employee. I'm guessing the other 19 they used to have were contractors. I've worked in the tech startup world for the last 10 years. It seems incredibly risky to get an office so early. Even before COVID I was very used to working remotely or in coworking spaces for early startups.
  6. @I miss RVA @whw53 Interesting. Thanks for the info. I could see it starting right after Block 8 is finished since it's already fenced off, but I could also see it being on hold until after Fulton Yard A is finished. Fulton Yard A is such a weird sliver of land right behind both of them. I'm curious what business will go there. Block 8 is also now listed as The Waterford on apartments.com. https://www.apartments.com/the-waterford-richmond-va/1c33vv6/
  7. On the corner of Nicholson and Main? I didn't realize a second building was already planned there. Is there a rendering? It has a fence around it and they are using it for parking and storage for the current construction.
  8. I took this picture of Block 8 today from the Capital Trail. It's hard to capture the scale of this building in a photo, but it feels quite large. Brick is going up on the right side of the building which you can't see in this image.
  9. Going to the Legend website now brings up a campaign to stop the building. I think Legend knows the only thing they really offer is their view. You can drink a lot better beer at Basic City or Benchtop and there are better food options in Manchester now.
  10. I assume the James River Education center. https://m.styleweekly.com/richmond/conservation-groups-announce-purchase-of-riverfront-property-for-education-center-and-future-parkland/Content?oid=17752794
  11. Another small project in Church Hill. https://richmondbizsense.com/2022/07/26/boarded-up-church-hill-building-to-be-replaced-with-mixed-use-project/ Jefferson Ave has become such a nice few blocks and will become even better once Kleyman's development is done. I hope the development projects continues up 25th in the future.
  12. I was looking at Kleyman's website and noticed a bunch of renderings I hadn't seen for the apartment building on Government Road. I think I had only seen one rendering in the past. I'm really liking the look of this project. There is also a rendering for a 31 unit apartment building with a retail space on the website. I didn't recognize it. Could this be the corner lot of Glenwood and Government? https://evolvedevelopmentinc.com/
  13. This project is right next to my house and I'm so excited about it. This block is the biggest eyesore in Chimborazo. Having this street be revitalized will do so much for the neighborhood. I do wish it was adding more apartments than it is, but I'll take what I can get. https://richmondbizsense.com/2022/07/18/gym-membership-led-developers-to-their-next-infill-project-in-chimborazo/
  14. I know I'm more of a lurker on this site, but I'll jump in and say what I want to see happen. I'd really like to see some more activity going on in Rockets Landing. I'm hopping Fulton Yard gets started soon. I have high hopes for the retail space in that building and think it's very much needed. In my own neighborhood of Church Hill I'm hoping we see some progress on smaller projects. I want Kleyman to start working on the apartment buildings that are on Government Rd, and I hope we see renderings for his other apartment plans on Glenwood Ave. I want to see the infill project on 3101 Marshall St. get started. And finally, I'm hoping we see some more progress on 304 N. 21st Street.
  15. Jawless

    Shockoe Bottom

    I love the look of this. I was hoping that main retail space could be a gym, but I don't know if that's enough square feet. Shockoe Bottom and Church Hill residents don't have any big basic gyms close by.
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