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  1. It seems like that is very well what happened. Thank you for the correction.
  2. He will keep on attempting to rub shoulders with developers to extract as much information as possible, then 'selling' their developments to people who believe he is a part of it. That is a very standard con man tactic. Ryan Young is absolutely oblivious to what just happened. Mr. Young is most definitely proud of his project and wants to tell people about it without knowing the person inquiring is doing so with malicious intentions. Hopefully this information helps those who find it. But up and coming investors or hopeful entrepreneurs will just have to be cautious and accept that investing in the Parramore and Downtown Orlando community might come with a loss of $. No matter how legitimate the business looks or the paperwork seems, Tim might be behind it. https://www.instagram.com/parramore_development/ Which projects he posts are his? It's all a ruse. He doesn't allow people to comment to make sure no one calls him out on it.
  3. I figured an update would be in order. Timothy Green Jr. is now on felony probation until end of 2024. https://search.sunbiz.org/Inquiry/CorporationSearch/SearchResultDetail?inquirytype=RegisteredAgentName&directionType=Initial&searchNameOrder=GREENTIMOTHY L220001949520&aggregateId=flal-l22000194952-217cf6fe-b0ae-4423-a2b4-fae66e0ad768&searchTerm=green timothy&listNameOrder=GREENTIMOTHY L170000208180 With another new business to add to his roster of fake companies. (Google it, no information, yet extremely similar in name to a recent development in Apopka. Research shows no connections to him and that development) The address and office its currently using on the Sunbiz is registered to a nonprofit unrelated to him. I know someone who reached out to OBJ with about 10 different people willing to speak on the record against Tim Green along with extensive proof of criminal activities. OBJ not only kept their articles up, but have not followed any leads. I wish good luck to the Parramore area, those who can help the community like OBJ won't act and the criminal justice system will keep on letting him go free with probations.
  4. No foreign investors I have heard of, all local. I just spoke to a prior employee of one of his establishments yesterday who is seeking compensation for Employee Wage Theft... So it's people getting screwed from every walk of life.
  5. The attorneys in Orlando won't represent him. Go look at his latest court hearings, the attorneys filed a motion to withdraw. The case is slugging along because of Determination of Counsel. He lied in court on his last bankruptcy hearing and got caught. https://bkdata.com/business-bankruptcies/orlando-florida/10-19-2021/kaag-trust-04747 KAAG Trust FL case was dismissed. He wasn't able to get it discharged. Then changed the articles of organization of every company he was a part of so they were 'owned' by just him, most likely to gain full access to all the bank accounts before he was booted. This is all public information by the way. If I can find this for my client, OBJ and the Downtown Development Board can find it.
  6. https://search.sunbiz.org/Inquiry/CorporationSearch/SearchResultDetail?inquirytype=EntityName&directionType=Initial&searchNameOrder=VENUE2325 L210004809250&aggregateId=flal-l21000480925-8f146da0-5dee-41ef-9955-56efe61c6d8e&searchTerm=venue 23&listNameOrder=VENUE2325 L210004809250 Here is another recently created shell company. The Venue 23/25 If you google it, you will most likely find venues with booking dates on the 23 or 25. The company gets to hide itself and he can use these to take in 'investor money'. Suing him will take so long to find the head of the snake, that the money required will deplete these small business owners or up and coming investors.
  7. I've spent 6 months unearthing this information for a client. All of this wasn't easy to find. He hides behind layers of 'legitimacy' like the article posted a few posts up. Those articles fill up google search history and investors will think 'wow, he's building high rises, helping the community. This is a man I want to invest in.' His main focus is on up and coming investors or people susceptible to persuasion (elderly, girlfriends, small business owners, etc) so they don't have the experience required to dig deep beyond the fluff. These articles like the one posted above are exactly what he wants. It states nothing but the intent of the project. No information on Tim Green himself. When a business is jeopardized, he opens other ones. The business names he uses are generic enough where there are hundreds of others with a similar name. Let me show you an example. Go Green Home Builders LLC - A very recent company he just started. The company is a front... No footprint, no information, no existence whatsoever. But if you google the name, you will get many 'hits' very similar to it. You can even try googling the actual name of the company and you won't find it unless you dive deep looking for his other businesses that are connected. https://search.sunbiz.org/Inquiry/CorporationSearch/SearchResultDetail?inquiryType=DocumentNumber&aggregateId=flal-l21000535200-f29984a1-5729-4235-ad94-0de51c508093&directionType=Initial&searchNameOrder=GOGREENHOMEBUILDERS L210005352000&searchTerm=L21000535200 He is deliberate. He has been doing this for a very long time.
  8. Timothy Leon Green Jr. Google 'Orange County Clerk Search' and search for Timothy Green. He is a professional Conman. He runs a Ponzi scheme where he creates projects, finds investors, offers them 'shares', takes their money, and never builds the projects. He uses the money he stole from one person to fund his lawsuits against the prior people. Look up information on Summer18. He started building the project without city approval and was forced to stop. The warehouse is half finished now and they can't rent it out to anyone without spending a bunch of money to rip apart everything that was partly built. The Cowherd family who own the property have a dud warehouse now. He was sued for 534 Scratch Kitchen and forced to give up ownership. Look up the PPP loan 534 took out before being forced to relinquish ownership of the restaurant. Stating the payroll was $2 million dollars a year. The restaurants tax filings state they made $800k in revenue with 50% profit. What restaurant makes 50% profit? Most restaurants are happy to make 14%. He got a $418k PPP loan from the government (So he's not only stealing from investors, but the government now). Meanwhile employees weren't getting paid and those who did were given fake W2's. Tim was even skimming money on employee taxes. He took the money to pay his lawsuits, foreclosures, and bankruptcies. He was forced out of Night Shade Lounge for embezzlement and conversion. Gatsby, the club he opened down the street was closed and he was evicted. I personally spoke to the landlord a couple weeks back and he said Tim stole all of the investors money and didn't even finish construction. He wasn't even paying his light bill or rent. He opens about 3-4 new companies a year on Sunbiz and uses them as fronts. If you do a thorough search, you will find he has opened 20-30 businesses, none that have any footprint on the internet. He is currently operating under 'Parramore Development Group' but has no employees, no business footprint, nothing. He just posts stolen photos of other peoples projects on instagram and pretends he is a developer. Tim Green is currently on Felony Probation for threatening to have a woman murdered by gang members for $25k and child endangerment. If you don't believe me, search it, you can see the court papers online. If anyone believes Tim is a real developer, ask yourself... What projects has he successfully built where he wasn't sued for? I can't think of one. The reason he is trying to build these towers is to steal the government grants. He will disappear with it by paying fake shell businesses he owns during construction. https://ibb.co/y89GFJh https://ibb.co/2MsTTcv https://ibb.co/zNvPY2m https://ibb.co/jfsHJVR Here's some proof. (links load a bit slow)
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