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  1. I've been to this mall and everything is dead but Barnes & Noble and Belk, Westgate seems to be going on a similar path, I think the investors need to soon see that redevelopment into a mixed-use development might be the best (or maybe only option) to make a good return on their investment
  2. I would be interested to see how this site is incorporated into the planned West Main Street renovations, would love to see downtown expanded all the way to the coca-cola building
  3. There is a Konnichiwa in Florence and the food is amazing, glad to see one here in Spartanburg too
  4. I feel like an important aspect that needs to be discussed if Westgate is turned into a mixed-used development in the coming years is transportation. One day it may somehow get to connect to downtown but for right now it’s surrounded by a highly dense area for traffic so Spartanburg if it’s committed to making more car-free transportation available it will have to figure out how to get these future residents to the rest of town without having to rely on a huge parking lot like how Westgate already does
  5. It would also be a waste of space to plan extra parking for the AC hotel especially when there is already plans for a new parking garage to replace the parking lot across the street from the city government administration building which is easily in walking distance of the hotel
  6. With all the developments downtown, I would honestly love to see Barnes & Noble relocate into the downtown area on the Denny's tower side (so its not near Hub City)
  7. along with a baseball field (which would bring a bunch of people downtown multiple times a week for a part of the year) I'd also love something like Gather Greenville in this area as well
  8. This is something I've been thinking for a few weeks now, I thought it might've passed over the summer since I wasn't here in Spartanburg, but it would be very concerning for all city boards to just forget about the entire plan
  9. It’d be nice for this area to eventually become either grass or brick filled and Spartanburg to have more walk-only sections in and around downtown. I’ve only been in Spartanburg for 2 years but the very walkable area around Morgan square is one of my favorite places to be/walk
  10. Other than maybe the car dealership the area along the west main street renovations really could easily be remade into a dense walkable strip with mixed use buildings to continue the downtown area, it does kind of suck right now that there is such a clear cut off to where downtown is past main street pub
  11. Here's a link to a new SC Now article on the different projects coming to downtown, looks like the slowdown caused by the pandemic is coming to an end https://scnow.com/news/local/downtown-florence-ready-for-development-to-resume/article_2a5cb16c-d2e5-11ec-a6ce-23054044210a.html#tracking-source=most-popular-homepage
  12. From what I know, the design that got approved is brick for the top two stories and brown stucco for the group floor. So it’s a mix of the two but overall the dark brown/red color design won out
  13. Here are some new designs that went in front of the design review board today for rebuilding 175 N. Dargan St. into a three story building with a jewelry store on the bottom and two stories of apartments, which of the two do you prefer https://www.cityofflorence.com/sites/default/files/uploads/agendas-files/05-11-2022_drb_packet.pdf
  14. Here are some pictures of a mural on north Dargan street that went in front of the design review board today
  15. Eating at Monarch Cafe today and it looks like they’re working on the sidewalks around the townhomes
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