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  1. Great thread -- beer, good food, wine are tremendous attractions for younger folks. My kids (who are in/almost in their 20s) are much more knowledgeable about food and alcohol than our generation. For us it was burgers, pizza or lasagna, washed down with Stroh's. Now, it might be tapas or locovore delights, accompanied by the best of Founder's or Bell's. My frustration is that it is almost impossible to find Michigan beer in Southern California; we can buy East Coast microbrews, but not the best of the Great Lake State. I hope that the local brewers can expand their marketing efforts, as I find the beers to be fantastic.
  2. Great seeing City Hall in its original glory. I remember when those screens went up, totally destroying the skin of this Skidmore building. I know that the International Style is not popular with the younger crowed, but I for one have always thought that the City/County complex was an elegant addition to downtown.
  3. You got that right. Any buildings now constructed for medical or research purposes must be designed with very sophisticated air handling, fire suppression and other utilities. For example, the new Mott Women's and Children's hospital in Ann Arbor has 20-foot floors -- 10 feet for occupancy and 10 feet for the utilities. The Press building is toast. It will be an interesting demolition, though; it was built to house heavy linotype machines and presses and should be a doozy to take down.
  4. I don't think that there is any doubt that the rank and file (or what is left of it) at the Press knew that the building ultimately would be sold. MLive has already announced its new quarters, and given the tremendous staff reductions, there was no need for the old Press building, which was built in 1965 when the Press probably employed 400-500 people (pressmen, linotype operators, copy editors, classified staff, display staff, photogs, librarians and reporters). Good point about the price -- hopefully, MSU will use it for something good. One commenter on the MLive blog thought that it might be student housing. Not sure about that; and there must be plenty of apartments available in Heritage Hill. MSU Medical School is not known as a big research med school (more focused on clinical training) but with some additional facilities, who knows? That would be very good for GR.
  5. Don't see U-M following suit. Michigan has forged some links with GVSU (in the kinesiology department) and a Regents' meeting was held in GR last year. Still, the U-M Medical Center and Med School are closely linked and unified at Ann Arbor. And, those are huge facilities. For example, the total square footage of the MSU medical school and the new DeVos hospital, and I believe some other projects on Pill Hill was no greater than the new Women's and Children's hospital in Ann Arbor -- about 1 million square feet. MSU, with a younger and more clinically based medical school, needed GR and its large hospitals much more than U-M does. While it is good that MSU might be using the GR Press lot for a new building, it would be irritating if instead it just became a parking lot (and one, presumably off the tax rolls).
  6. What market at IAD? Dulles is a joke. I speak as one who, because of geography, cannot board a plane at LAX that will land at DCA. If you are connecting to a transatlantic flight, JFK or BOS are better options. For that matter, ORD or DTW are even better. I think Walker nailed it -- the loss of the daily Delta flight is big. On the other hand, I remember having to connect at DTW in the past, so I guess Frontier's 3 a week is still a better option.
  7. Yes, the Press does seem to have moved quite a ways right. Years ago, it was a very middle of the road paper, endorsing Democrats and moderate Republicans. When the Press endorse McCain and Palin in 2008 (one of only a handful of papers in the country to do so), I was amazed.
  8. Unfortunately, I think a lot of long-time readers will make the same choice. The Ann Arbor experiment has not been terribly successful, though apparently the Flint paper is now being delivered four or five days a week. It baffles me that a paper that was a money machine for decades could fall so far, so fast.
  9. There will probably be a string of these "final columns." The new MLive operation wants cheap, young reporters, not experienced journalists.
  10. He is reportedly going into PR; probably not. Also, the blog is an M-Live product, isn't it? Unlikely that they would allow a former employee to continue blogging on it.
  11. Chris Knape is reportedly leaving the GR Press. A blog, freefromeditors, written by a former Flint Journal reporter, says that "Chris K," the business editor of the Press, is leaving to take a PR job.
  12. Well, it was said by someone smarter than I that good taste is only in the mouth. The Michigan Avenue front on the post office is not "retro" -- it is classic 1962. Like it or not, there is a Madmen integrity to that front that I would not like to lose. As for the Press and federal buildings, well, the architects should have known better. There is absolutely no excuse for the latter, which was finished in 1972 but looks like 1965.
  13. I, for one, don't hate the Post Office building as much as some on this site do. Yes, it hogs a chunk of the riverfront, but when it was built, it was the first "new" building downtown since the opening of Herps in 1949. It is really the first "Vandenberg Center" building, and IMHO, much better looking than either the federal building or the Press building. The Press will definitely try to sell/rent this building, as it is completely superfluous to its needs. Sort of like the Press is increasingly superfluous to its own city.
  14. No idea, Dad. I know that much of that staff is being laid off, so it is possible.
  15. The WARN notice for the Press indicates a total of 15 reporters and three copy editors, plus a number of "editorial clerks" are being laid off. Also, three photographers and a videographer. the total number of laid off employees is 146. In Kalamazoo, the casualties include the editor and publisher, plus a number of others. Supposedly about 550 Booth Newspapers employees are being terminated, though some employees may get their jobs back through M-Live. But probably not most. In terms of the number of folks who used to be employed at the Press building, I don't have an exact number. But I can tell you it was in the hundreds. There was a full half floor of reporters, editors (two or three copy editors at the City desk, about seven or eight editors at the news desk (which covered national and international news), a reporting staff of probably around 30 to 40, a features staff (remember West Michigan magazine?) a photography staff of about 5 or 6 excellent photogs, a sports staff, including editors, that probably numbered about 15. These are just my memories from the 1970s. Before that time, when the paper was linotyped, there was a huge linotypist/press room staff. I don't even know about the business side (they were always separate) but probably a few hundred there, including classified clerks, circulation people, display ad folks, etc. Times change, and Michigan is ground zero for the death of the daily newspaper. By next February, I think that daily papers will be only published in Lansing and Battle Creek among the larger Michigan cities.