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  1. GR_Urbanist

    Diamond Place at the Proos Site

    Reminds me of the grocery store I visited in Seattle called "Kress IGA Supermarket". Not a D&W sized grocery, but more than a Martha's Vinyard. It isnt going to appeal to Meijer fans nor current residents in the single-family homes on either side of Michigan. So maybe Gordon's is banking on more dense development on Michigan in the future to the tune of a few thousand more units? Right now the area isnt a heavily pedestrian corridor like the grocery in Seattle enjoys, so I hope they are in for the long-haul, and dont close after one year.
  2. GR_Urbanist

    Division / Wealthy and ICCF

    From another Mlive story on the project. So far, It at least occupies the site well enough. No massive surface lot either facing Division or helping to relegate Sheldon to a back service alley status. The street wall on Wealthy and Division gets the most love, which is good. And 7 stories is a nice height for the area. Senior housing may land a CVS or Walgreens there. At least a Rite Aid, hopefully.
  3. GR_Urbanist

    Diamond Place at the Proos Site

    Looking at the photos of their store's interior, it looks decent enough. They seem to carry the right products people will generally want, and have clean and bright interiors. If they make a good appearance (tap back a bit on the spartan food supplier warehouse look), they could totally be a welcome middle addition to the Family Fare to the East and Meijer to the west
  4. GR_Urbanist

    That weird retail space at the base of Plaza Towers

    Maybe it just needs to be a Chick-fil-A?
  5. GR_Urbanist

    Wealthy Street Needed Renovations

    Ah but the catch is that the place was a boarded-up wreck that was overlooking a dingy strip mall tacked onto the back of an abandoned McDonalds back then. I'm sure 40K(?) had to go into this at least.
  6. GR_Urbanist

    New projects in Monroe North

    I can only imagine that they will likely truck in a bunch of turf and roll it over a modest portion of the parking lot on some platform made of wood. Like something made of pallets, or whatever. They dont really have any time to do anything else. Honestly, it is a tremendous waste of money to even do that when you have a perfectly good plot of actual natural grass by the museum. If they really needed to "activate" this space as part of a contractual agreement, then why didnt they just build a skateboard park there?
  7. GR_Urbanist

    Cable cars in GR?

    From what I understand is that this is going to be the first project powered by the Duane Faust Hydrogen Power Facility on Wealthy.
  8. GR_Urbanist

    New projects in Monroe North

    I've never been to this, but just driving through DT the past hour, the weather and warmth would have made laying in the grass next to the river, and watching a movie after dinner on Bridge St., seem like the perfect activity. This spot? I just dont know. You are sandwiched between (almost under) highway construction with a power substation to your back, and a parking lot across the street.
  9. I'm more of a bricked plaza with a fountain in the middle person, rather than grass, but that's is a nice looking complex all the same!
  10. GR_Urbanist

    Transit Updates for Greater Grand Rapids

    I read that earlier today. Frankly it is the Rapid admitting what some of us were saying back when the promise for TOD with being floated as a big reason to vote for it. That it was an irresponsible promise, and that nothing along S. Division would be made a development hotspot because a new bus would be running down the same route that an already existing bus already services. The only thing built along the route that came after the Silverline that I know of was a Popeye's. This part is really face-palmy: So in short, they want people to build high-class developments (or at least not cheaply made), aimed at people with little to no money to pay for the rent, or in hopes that property values wont increase one cent, nor will anyone other than really poor people will want to live there if it ever actually improved? She is happy that developers currently see no real value along S. Division, despite the promises that the SL would reel them in. Developers will likely now REALLY see no value along S. Division because developments must cater to a set of standards that will make it impossible to make back the money they put forward without tax subsidies! And all of these is still predicated on that there will all be people living there to ride the SL, or that yet another goofy time-waiting initiative (Corridor Improvement Authority ) will do anything other than provide some busywork for some mid-level city hall workers to produce a report full of ignorable recommendations. This stuff isn't rocket science, City Hall. I will say it again. If the SL was this: You would have had a far better reception in terms of corridor development. For whatever the reason, these make TOD far more likely than a regular bus route with a fancy moniker.
  11. Hey now! This is pretty good! Buildings at the street. Parking in the back! And a plaza that is placed by someone that actually knows what the definition of the word is.
  12. GR_Urbanist

    Division / Wealthy and ICCF

    Is it safe to assume that we are looking at the future home of St. Mary's newest parking lot or place to store their old office furniture and other assorted junk?
  13. I dont think enough people are remotely prepared for this. I also dont think Meijer is doing enough to define this store and its purpose so that a bunch of people, like the lower-income people that still live on the west side, dont show up looking for normal Meijer goods, only to find out they are shopping at a Whole Foods, with a fraction of the selection that a normal Meijer store has. Even higher-income people will go as a novelty at first, but even then they aren't always going to be looking for free-range fair trade cereal, and would sometimes like a box of Fruit Loops on sale. We already had this problem with the Downtown Market.
  14. GR_Urbanist

    People talking about Grand Rapids

    It needs to be Calder Orange.
  15. GR_Urbanist

    Diamond Place at the Proos Site

    With a Meijer just "down the road", I wouldn't be shocked if it was a Walmart. Considering the alternatives, I hope that it is at least something from an upper-tier retailer and not a Save-A-Lot or an Aldi. A bonus if it is a major player is that it may just light a fire under the Family Fare on E. Fulton to do a major rebuild or renovation of their store.