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  1. Ground floor apartments...on Market? That would be a pass for myself! I remember seeing them in DT Seattle a few years back and thought it was the most bizarre thing, especially how the front doors opened right into your living room 5 feet from the sidewalk!
  2. So you close the pub part of it, because you need a bigger facility to make the beer? But you are keeping the other location open, that doesnt have any room to make anything on-site? And you do this after you went through this whole process with the Planning Commission to add all of these elaborate additions? Might as well make it a Chick-Fil-A at this point. Someplace that will actually have some staying power, I suppose.
  3. I mean, this is nice and all, but does it actually mean anything outside of sending out brochures to tech firms in California with big glossy stock photos of the area with boilerplate statistics boiling down to us being a place "where all women are strong, all men are good looking and all children are above average", like every city in the midwest is doing for years? And I thought something like this was done before already.
  4. The approval on this should almost be perfunctory.
  5. The crane on the hill has to be the hightest vantage point in west Michigan. Makes me wonder how far can the operator actually see from there and how far can the crane be seen. I know DT GR on a clear day is visible from Holland Twp., on the highway, so maybe this might get a glimpse of the lakeshore(?) From that high up.
  6. IDK, I really get the vibe that this is just some concept that is more for an investor pitch than a really serious idea...whatever that idea might be. The graphics shows someone seriously wanting to spend 124 million for a soccer stadium in GR? It doesnt matter how passionate the soccer community is in our city, they could not sustain the team they had, and this would be an absurd waste of resources for an open-air facility in a cold weather city, of a niche sport, in a 3-tier sports market. And all of the "future housing" and mixed-use labels just screams pandering sales job for tax breaks and credits. That and the implied connections to GVSU. It just seems all a little too "trying too hard".
  7. I had no idea how bad the damage was next door. I remember the roof and water damage, but the whole side had to almost be rebuilt it seems! But I'm excited to see how this spot will all develop!
  8. Seriously one of the must plug-ugly things GR has seen proposed yet. Is it a matter of GR just having mediocre architects, or really dumb clients with lots of money and no taste?
  9. I believe it's supposed to be lifted up onto the existing structure(?), unless I'm mistaken, and that will make it tall enough.
  10. 330 Ann St. NW (United Wholesale Grocery Co.) has an Orion Construction sign out front and appears to be undergoing renovations. Into what I cannot figure out.
  11. I just hope they dont get reckless and end up doing something stupid and then going bankrupt, or decide to relocate to like Toledo or Milwaukee.
  12. 900 Fuller Ave NE (large old farm property) has a long fence around the property. I do recall that there was some proposal for something education related there(?), but I cant turn up anything from searching.
  13. So that's what this must be that I barely got a photo of next to 634 Stocking?
  14. Work on the GRCC culinary school renovation is starting to really show now. Absolutely improved on that old bunker look.
  15. 946 Cherry looks to be undergoing some major interior renovations. And in order to not get ahead of myself again, I'm not speculating that the CPA/Tax preparer operation there has closed or moved! (but it would be nice to see a more active use for the spot!)
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