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  1. I have to agree. The Michigan St. facing side it a total failure. Not that I expect a pedestrian public entrance there. I just think there should at least be some outdoor seating accessible from the inside of the building fronting there so that it doesnt become dead space. What is pictured is definitely out of the 1960s school of building/street interactions. I absolutely love the other side. It will make for a very striking entrance. When building 3 goes up, it will create an amazing inner courtyard. I just hope by then they will have re-opened that old railway tunnel between this site and N. Monroe by then.
  2. On Eastern, just slightly south of Wealthy, starting at Logan. I live near it and even I forgot it was there!
  3. Progress on the mixed-use development just south of Wealthy. The mass of this is incredible along the street. Much more so in person. Two more of these going down to Franklin will really transform the area profoundly!
  4. Oh I could rant for days on Spectrum buying these properties and proceeding to use them for nothing more than to park and store stuff. I was driving by there yesterday and wondering how the city is just allowing them to keep this boarded-up service station(?) on this corner with no outline as to any concrete plans for redevelopment. I know they just recently bought it, but there needs to be some movement here on something. My fear is that the parking lot behind it is going to just be extended to the street if the city starts to ask too many questions. Also, the intersection of College and Michigan is just a disaster, and I have no idea how that will ever be fixed for at least another decade to 15 years. All four corners, are occupied by auto-centric and pedestrian-phobic developments, most of them have gone through renovations recently, and are as good as there for at least 10 more years at least.
  5. The site is obviously out-of-step with the direction of the street, but yeah, back in the day Michigan St. past College was a sleepy residential area right at the edge of the country, it seemed, so the overt suburban look was completely normal and is still reflected by various other places going east, like the Goodwill (former Walgreens), KFC, Taco Bell, Wendy's, and the small Thai place (former Hot-n-Now?). I'm honestly amazed the old BK just a little west of there didnt hold out too, but they received a huge payout to leave, and they still had their Lk. Mich. Dr. location (and I think the Mich/Fuller one) to fall back on. I honestly think if anything, a future project will likely be built over this location, with the drive-thru still intact and the dining area just extended to the street if we have a thing in GR where these place can sell the "air rights" above the building like they have in NYC.
  6. I think that is a far far thing off in GR. Just down the street from this area is still the single largest parking lot complex in DT at the corner of Market and W. Fulton and at Grandville and Market.
  7. If I was to go out on a limb, I would think it was due to a lot of them makes them the priority. The city isnt solving that by trying to make it even more of a pain to drive thinking that people are going to hop on buses or take a bike for a trip DT. The place simply is not that important to most people's lives to make that effort. Since the parking issues alone are hurting the district in terms of attracting stuff like retail, no need to add to that right now.
  8. Wasnt there some project sort of like this like on 44th street by Shaffer(?) a few years back. I recall that it didnt really get past the first phase.
  9. I would trade some of the space for just one good old-fashioned fountain. No one seems to make fountains anymore.
  10. It looks like a BEAST! Totally making a real statement! With this at one end, and the theater complex at the other, the businesses on Ionia must be loving life right now.
  11. I liked the fact that the police station is at the main crossroads of GR, but it is a bit out-of-place now, and it looks too fortress-like. If it did move, I would like to see it somewhere between Wealthy and Franklin, along S. Division. That would make it a major catalyst for redevelopment if for no other reasons than having lots of hungry officers to frequent the DT Market, easier access for squad cars to get in and out, and as a major safety presence in the area. If the project at Wealthy and Division falls through, that would be an excellent spot!
  12. The problem with most of the traffic lights DT is that they arent there to actually effectively move traffic, but to just give each direction a "turn" to see a green light every X seconds. No thought is put into how everything is so gridlocked after 5pm, that the lights are basically useless just running through a pre-programmed timer. Major cities have actual traffic control rooms that have CCD cams on the major intersections, and a person at a terminal to manually control the lights to prevent unnecessary backups.
  13. I've come to realize that these institutions only see the whole "urbanism" thing and being downtown as just a PR tool to gloss up their image or present some sort of cringy "woke" vibe. They are still very much oriented towards whatever suburban plots they can quickly and cheaply expand onto like if this was any year from 1955-2000. When it comes down to it, if they can plow under 200 acres for a 900 space parking lot with a tiny office park style building in the middle of it, out by the E. Beltline, they will do it in a heartbeat. Doesn't matter if it is Amway, Meijer, Steelcase, Spectrum Health, or whomever. None of these guys want to be downtown, at least not their coporate HQs or anything department that doesn't need to be. It is expensive, and a PITA when their older workforce doesnt have a cheap place to store their car reliably. We see DT as the place to be, and someplace that these entities ought to be staking a spot in. They will say they agree, to sound like they are "hip" and aware of work trends because they *really* want to attract fresh young talent that want to be in the city, but that is all just gloss for the magazines and news outlets or for the DDA and CoC to put in their literature. However, Spectrum made it clear what they are most concerned with: Hey, that's real money for them. Employees will just have to drive up to Knapp for a burger, or enjoy a wonderful view of the highway or some retaining pond. I'm more than sure they will try to soften the location by touting themselves being "near" the Meijer Gardens as some sort of plus, despite the fact that the only way to it is to drive as well. Besides it is likely most of the people working here are going to be people with kids (and have two cars) or middle-aged managers that have been with Spectrum for like 20-30 years (and dont want to walk more than 20 yards in any direction), not childless twenty-somethings with "active lifestyles". This is about Spectrum wanting a cheap building on cheap land to fill with cheap cubicles. That's a hard thing to argue against when dollars count.
  14. This is great news! So not only do we have the detoured traffic from 196 turning Michigan and Bridge into a parking lot, but we can have all of the traffic from N. Division routed onto Monroe so that they will turn that into one as well! The Michigan/Monroe intersection will be an absolute disaster, especially at 5pm or when there are events at DeVos Place. But what can you do.
  15. "noise, traffic, crime....blah blah blah". HPC nit-picks stupid things until the developers run out of money. Maybe I'm being a bit too cynical, but this is a really great looking project and honestly cant see a reason why it cant be done.
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