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  1. Blurry 708 Wealthy frontage. These guys got that done quick!
  2. I wonder if they have a makeover planned for the clock tower at some point? Never much of a beloved landmark and more of a consolation prize for losing the old city hall tower, it would be a shame for it to ever get taken down. It just really needs to have its 70s ugliness removed, and maybe an actual audible chime?
  3. Well we do have "Innovation Central High School ". Are they just assuming that if you tack "innovation" onto the name of your place, that people will assume that it has like Menlo Park level stuff happening there?
  4. The new center median out in front of the DT post office has created a bit of an issue that I noticed this morning. Driving east across the bridge (on Michigan/Bridge), if your destination is the post office, you used to be able to get into a center turning lane, right after you got across the river, and make an easy turn when opposing traffic has cleared while not blocking the eaisly congested eastbound lanes. Now that center median runs too close to the bridge. That center turn lane is blocked before it gets to the entrance to the PO. In order to make a left turn from the eastbound side, you have to drive a short distance into the westbound lanes, and then make the turn! Something that will be insanely dangerous, and impossible to do especially during the peak traffic times. You can drive down to the second entrance driveway a few yards away, but then you have to drive the wrong way into the front parking area and do weird turns to park because the spaces are angled only for the cars coming through the entrance that you had to pass up because you cant actually safely use it! I'm hoping that I'm missing something because of all of the traffic cones made it look confusing, but if I got this right, then the traffic people really goofed badly here.
  5. From what I understand, Alpine Twp. took a very hard line when it came to commercial development years back, and has some tight laws that confines all of the the retail very close to Alpine, and only a short distance into the Twp. That is why when you go past Menards virtually all of the big box/strip development just stops, or when you go a short distance west of Alpine, you are in the country! Honestly cant blame them. Alpine is just a worse version of 28th street, and if they didn't control this, All of it would end up looking like Kentwood.
  6. Oh good grief. That is the big reason why I hate that the city never leaned on these guys with at least stricter aesthetic standards years ago. They buy these buildings decades back, board them up, store junk in them, just do the minimum upkeep, and then push on the market when they are ready to flee to Florida for an absurd amount. This building doesnt really even have off-street parking, and will obviously require a lot of work on the outside, likely inside too. He may find out soon that it isnt going to be that big of a retirement windfall as he planned when someone tells him that this cost is going to have to come down a little. If this is really worth that much, then the Tatum building must be worth almost 2 million!
  7. https://www.google.com/maps/@42.9555749,-85.6488989,3a,75y,212.51h,89.38t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s-RT9jvDuEb8G-326GtNmnQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656 I have no idea if this is something that has been known for a while, but this building looks like it is finally up for sale! I'm thinking it will go quickly as it is the last of the smaller boarded-up buildings on Wealthy that has yet to be renovated, and will basically cap-off an almost 15 year effort of renovating the street when it is finally done. I'm also excited to see what can be done with it. Just taking off those ugly ground floor additions, and restoring the windows, will be worth it alone!
  8. Bumping this because it appears that a poke restaurant is going to open on the ground floor, at least according to a sign on the door facing Sheldon. No real indication if this is to occupy the entire ground floor retail. Probably likely.
  9. I'm not expecting it to be any higher than the hotel. The site is simply too big to warrant a tall structure. I also think the architecture will be fairly pedestrian. I am hoping more that the first two floors (of 5) are transparent and has entrances and on at least 3 sides. Maybe even have some sort of retail component along one street.
  10. I dont think this is a matter of greed. Sure, I think Brann is a bit of an eccentric sometimes, and any idea of his invites some skepticism, but this plan of his does include finally redoing the exterior of his restaurant too, and he seems sincere in his want to really spruce up a part of the west side that hasn't received a lot of the spotlight that Bridge St. has. Right now the area is still a bit on the shabby and underdeveloped side, and Leonard can always use a big project like this considering how massive the length of the street is, and how much of it really needs some TLC.
  11. West Leonard still has a lot of that old west side grittiness that one cant tell if it is a deliberate look or just because the area is still very "low rent", not that I say that disparagingly, it just has a look of being someplace you wont want to walk down at night as opposed to what you see on Bridge St.. There are several buildings with ugly wood planks still on the old windows, a totally out of place strip mall, lots of unkempt structures, and fairly large building that have bricked-up street frontages. There are also some really good rehabs that have taken place that dont get a lot of press too. Leonard is definitely a clash of cultures! I think the project proposed there will be good in the long run for the street even though I'm too a bit ambivalent over the buildings that will be demolished to do it. There are many parcels that are almost empty lots, so I dont know why this is the spot they aimed for other than it's in that part of W. Leonard nearest to the highway.
  12. Progress on 708: Height compared to Elk Brewing.
  13. Hopefully with the Spectrum staff moving to N. Monroe, that may create enough business with a hotel next door + existing residential, adding more than enough foot traffic to sustain one over there.
  14. Parking itself is totally fine, just hopefully some sort of ramp. If they dont, then really what is the point of being down there when they can do that for far cheaper along any suburban strip?
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