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  1. Gonna pair that with a lights on shot! And it is much more vivid and bright than I expected in person. Must be on a simple light sensor because this was around 8am when it was still in shadow.
  2. While stuck in traffic, I got a nice view of Perrigo rising above the post office, at least.
  3. I think I recall a while back that they had always wanted that space if it ever opened-up. They will make a good fit there.
  4. Yup . I'm going west, facing south.
  5. Same building, from a different perspective.
  6. Progress on the Degege expansion. Obviously not expecting it to seamlessly blend the architecture of the two buildings it's going to connect, but I do like that it is going to create a nice even street wall, and is actually facing the street and isnt just some wall connecting two buildings together.
  7. The sheer amount of out-of-state plates you see in GR these days is astonishing! For those of us above 40, it was suprising years ago if you saw anyone with non-Michigan plates here. Feels like a real point of pride that people recognize how great a place this is to live, especially when it used to be the thing for people to want to get away ASAP as soon as they could.
  8. The old Goodwill on the SE corner of S. Division and Cherry is having some significant work going on inside. The big change is that the exterior windows have been really fixed up. There is also a for lease sign in the window.
  9. Some small observations today. First, the Rapid Central Station has some tarps over the northern part of the outdoor canopy area. Have no idea what that is about. Maybe just some repairs. 2. The Owen-Ames-Kimball Co. Building on Century SW is having some windows put in. Nice to see it opening to the street. 3. This massive thing was going down Byron Center Rd. @ 28th street in Wyoming. Obviously part of a road project, just not sure where.
  10. I wonder if it is a ventilation thing for the ramp?
  11. This was my gut feeling reading about the building they bought yesterday as well. Spectrum going on a buying spree in N. Monroe is a bad sign that they are just locking down properties that they will sit on for years, and use the buildings to either store stuff or to demolish them for a parking lot and/or a place to put company-owned utility vehicles, like what you see on the S. side of Michigan on the hill, and St. Mary's has done on Wealthy. I just dont know if the city is really being firm that N. Monroe is not supposed to become a glorified office park where 2/3rds of it behind Monroe
  12. Here is the site. I wonder if anything good will go there. Hopefully not just a strip mall or a car lot because it's S. Division. Meanwhile, the renovation to the Salvation Army building down the street looks to be complete. A very different building.!
  13. Two observations today. 1) the old Superior seafood shop outside signage is being powerwashed off as renovations continue, 2) the former antique store across the street looks to have some interior demo work taking place inside. Signage for the contractors is in. The windows, but I didnt get to really see who they were.
  14. The name is still not really catchy. Maybe even less. But the facility now has casino money backing it, so that makes it worth it. Put some nickel slots in and my mom would basically live there. LOL!
  15. The first was a former rehabilitation facility at the the SE corner of Cherry and Eastern, that was to be turned into Apartments, with I believe to be an extension behind it. Rejected because of "historical district reasons" The other was to be 1-3 (Maybe just 2) apartment buildings that was to occupy the empty space on the SW corner of Cherry and Eastern. The existing (still empty to this day) house on the corner was to be renovated . The first plans were rejected because they didnt look "old timey" enough. I cant remember what happened with the revised submission. But the outcome w
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