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  1. I seriously miss that thing so much!
  2. Hey, they looks pretty nice! Seems like they really are going to make maxium use of the space. Speaking of sushi and takeout, I hear Maru is getting tons of business (because you know), and they actually have to have people on a short waiting list. Really glad to hear this!
  3. I wonder if it is safe to assume it is still going to be a car wash? Or maybe a place you can run through to wash your hands while still in your car?
  4. It's wild now to remember just 30 years ago when seeing an out-of-state plate was like seeing a UFO. We were really this modest outpost that no one showed up to unless you HAD to come here. When I used to watch the weather report on the old 10pm news on WKBD, GR didnt even appear on their weather map, nor did their news ever mention us. That's how little we registered. Now, I can drive all over the area and see cars from all over the nation every single day! East Hills alone is full of cars from Colorado, Ohio, Texas, Virginia, New Jersey and a slew of other. Nice for the area's image, but I'll admit I still miss the anonymity sometimes. The city that is 10 minutes away from working farms.
  5. Look in most picture books about Michigan. Grand Rapids doesn't even really appear in any of them. Most of the photos are mediocre, any mentions are short, and poorly descriptive. Drove me nuts for years.
  6. EGR will not go for this as shown. No way! It looks too much like these are part of a Davenport University expansion, or a place to get a biopsy. The scale alone is completely out of whack! The Lakeside Dr. frontage has too much of a setback, and the facade, as much as one can reasonably derive right now, is terrible. Almost tone-deaf. EGR is a really picky place, and prefer a more modest classiness. Jade Pig ought to know this, shouldn't they?
  7. Oh yikes! We just had a problem with two wine shops, now two sushi? Great to see that space being used none the less. Maybe they will be a strictly takeout place? That would at least keep both from cannibalizing each other.
  8. That makes me a bit nervous. The city needs to be insistent early that Spectrum isnt going to get approval for surface lots in N. Monroe.
  9. I dont know if this was talked about, but what is that monument in the top-left, and what ever happened to it?
  10. Driving in 131 today I noticed the buildings to the west of Bhrams Steakhouse are now a couple piles of rubble.
  11. I'm seeing more places going up for sale between College and Diamond lately. The car wash across the street from 7 Monks Brewery is the newest. Seems like a really nice establishment whenever I drove past compared to other places. Guess they are going to go for a big payday while the market is hot? Not sure what could ever go there. The building is in really good shape, but the environmental cleanup cost, if any, might keep it sitting for a minute.
  12. Ok, now I'm hooked-in too! My original guess was here @ 470 Market since it just went through renovations and was plenty big enough to house a place like this: https://www.google.com/maps/@42.9548514,-85.6819994,3a,75y,143.32h,99.34t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s7wkqfGbY4rPckzjLP7oHxA!2e0!7i16384!8i8192 This building has the wrong color brick and no trees. I'm still leaning towards the near SW side because this is an existing building, obviously older than 40 years, and IN Grand Rapids (assuming they dont mean "GR area"). Also I'm thinking they want to be as close to DT as possible(?). The pine trees obviously were planted for screening, so what could have been the thing to screen? There also appears to be no sidewalk. I've found nothing in the area of Market, south of Wealthy, so I'm thinking maybe something along 131 between Hall and the DT Market. That would explain the screening evergreens and lack of sidewalks + old building.
  13. My guess is that it is the large, recently renovated, building just south of Wealthy on Market. I used to have storage space there, and the spaces in the video look very much like the creepy, winding corridors that were inside.
  14. It's easy to forget that President Ford and his wife are kind of buried right there, so it's unlikely they would ever agree to anything but museum expansion even though they kind of just stuck them next to the staff parking lot, so I cant imagine that the parts right next to Bridge being developed should be that unreasonable.
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