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  1. HPC + letting some "Neighbor" have that much control and input, despite having not one cent involved = disaster. How many more examples of sabotaged developments do we need in this area before this stuff stops?
  2. One way or another, it is coming down. The HPC cant stop a building from rotting and falling in on itself. No one wants this thing, and it will continue to be an eyesore until logic takes hold and it is given a dignified send off for something new, because no rich guy is going to show up and save it.
  3. I'll bet Elk Brewery is already on this. Likely knew ahead of time. Buying this space at some point would have to have been considered crucial for their future growth in their long-range outlook.
  4. Looking at the list of properties, I can only say that this has got to happen! Wow! Rockford will be legend if they can both revitalize the W. side and this area too.
  5. Something that would be really sweet is if a series of suspension cables were put on the span of the S-Curve bridge from E. Fulton to Wealthy....or maybe just the part that goes over the river. Purely decorative, it would at least make it look less like a highway going through DT, and over the river.
  6. I think this just needs to be a complete and solid extension of the rest of DT. It needs buildings with ground floor activity, along the street, and maybe a new street carved-out of the interior of the property to fit even more. Something "intense" enough that it will spur spin-off development all around that will grow back towards Fulton. Dedicating the bulk of the property to plazas, parks or event spaces/sporting venues makes me nervous. If those places dont "take", like Calder Plaza, and Monroe Mall didn't, then it is a major opportunity blown. Connecting to the river is nice, but we have to remember that the river at this location is several meters below and isnt like what you have north of the Fish Ladder. So on most days you are going to be staring at a ditch with concrete walls.
  7. It's one of the reasons I've developed an "ignore them" attitude over the years when it has come to NIMBYS and BANANAs. The fears some have are wholly unfounded and are a tad bit selfish. These guys have a right to buy property, and either fix it up or put in something new and great. No more discussion needed. Developers are showing a courtesy by having these meetings to get feedback because they want to be good neighbors, but too often people get the idea that they have been hired as co-CEOs, and that they have a veto over whatever happens. So just build and renovate. People that want a nicer neighborhood will be happy with the results in the long run.
  8. There is now a fence around the dry cleaning store at the base of the Kingsley building! At first I was excited thinking it will finally be demolished. But when I went by the building a 2nd time I saw that the building is going to have an exterior renovation (there was a drawing of the finished project on the existing building), and it will not be demolished...or maybe it will, but just rebuilt.
  9. There really isnt anything they can do honestly. What is being presented amounts to basic exterior maintenance in any other context. They are merely cleaning up the existing exterior. A new paint job, replacing the roof shingles, replacing some lights, and tacking on a new sign is all that I see.
  10. I cant help but laugh because the whole farce has come to its sad, and predictable conclusion. No magical opening of closed off windows. ZERO street transparency. No restoration of any original aspect of the building. Even the crappy roof is going to remain as-is! No fancy exterior sign like you find for a shop on Cherry or Wealthy in order to present an "upscale" appearance. Just the standard corporate-issued Dollar General in big lemon yellow letters. Not even a planter box... I hope this serves as a lesson. When you have a chance to have something great (but not perfect) done to a place that is an eyesore, HELP IT ALONG, or else you will end up with total mediocrity. Enjoy!
  11. My guess is that it is a 2-story garage. The thing in the middle looks like that is where the actually inclined ramp is, and what you are looking at is actually the lower deck, because I cant identify an exit/entrance anywhere else. The building itself is going to be built technically into the side of a hill, which makes the lower-right part of the image the part that is actually against the side of the hill so a straight surface lot wouldn't make any sense.
  12. This isnt Wealthy related, but close. I just got a flyer about a new ICCF project at 501 Eastern. I see that this was announced a few months ago, but honestly this is the first I've heard of it. Now this isn't that other project that was proposed further down the street (and likely fell-through). This one is directly across the street from the Eastern Ave. CRC, which is all now just abandoned buildings. This looks pretty exciting! It seems development is finally spilling down Eastern from Wealthy.
  13. Well you never know, GVSU might toss on a few extra stories when they renovate the place. If they are expanding their engineering program into this, they are going to go full-out into making the place look top-notch to attract the best talent from around the world. Companies are begging for more engineering grads, so this will be a major focus as their medial assets have become.
  14. I really do like those benches. Seriously, skateboarders, dont mess those up! I would give the corner a little more time, the whole of the site hasn't been fully developed yet.
  15. They could have at least not had an electrical pole sticking right in the middle of it! Stay classy, GR.