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  1. Nice! That is a major focal point of the district! They can certainly turn that lot into something awesome. And no more obnoxious giant Subway sign on a stick making the area look cheap!
  2. Build 7 more of them all the way down Sheldon and LaGrave to Wealthy, and it can be a homely as it wants. It sure beats the parking lots and general emptiness they bring with them.
  3. Notice the "windows"? They are frosted over to well-above the height of an adult so you can't see in and people in cant see out. Like I said, these places do what they can to limit their exposure to the places they locate that they don't trust all that much. Just wait to see what trick they will pull to fulfill that criteria. The windows will either be opaque or they will be like the CVS in Eastown, which means they will be nothing more lighted display boxes. Basically worthless. Like why is there any expectation that these guys will chose this site to make something "nice"? They know it was a liquor store. Dont get your hopes up.
  4. I hate to be the wet blanket, but this is not going to be a win when you see the final product. Dollar General isnt interested in making sure this location fits the expectation that they will be some great outlet that will try to fly "above and beyond" with your usual dollar store is in terms of appearance in order to fit into a Heritage Hill aesthetic. Their locations in the GR area are simply horrid looking. Mostly hole-in-the-wall blank wall boxes that make Clark's look like a quaint shop in Saugatuck. And one only needs to look at the CVS in Eastown that completely closed off all the windows to the street, and the Family Dollar on Wealthy, with its huge barred windows, to know that these place try to limit their exposure to the outside neighborhood to such an extreme, that they become off-putting to even think of entering unless you know what you want and it's the only place to get it. I just dont see this developer doing much more than the bare minimum to meet Dollar General's corporate template of what they want. And as long as they sell junk food and soda, it wont be too different in the end than Clark's outside of not having any 40oz booze or cigs. The nice ones only go to the suburbs or large cities. I hope I'm wrong. I just get the feeling I'm wont be.
  5. Congrats, NIMBYs! Instead of a great residential mixed-use development to anchor State St, we've bumbled our way into a dollar store. Another blown opportunity in the uptown area. Just great... Did people think that these developers were going to stick around as they got jerked around?
  6. Only those or a Trader Joes, Fresh Tyme, and Whole Foods would make sense in a location like this. Any other mainstream grocer will just be competing for the D&W, Family Fare, and Meijer(s) shopper.
  7. It'd a fine building for what it is. In a larger city, you would not really notice it because they have so many more structures that are its size or larger. DT GR is seriously underdeveloped like that to the point where this building will dominate the scenery, even though it isnt stylistically the greatest design you could hope for. But I love how "weighty" it is. How much it just anchors everything around it and ties it together. Those black lower floors just look like they should house something really classy...I hope. It terms of urbanism, this is one of the most important buildings down there. It has seriously transformed how you look at everything near that intersection.
  8. Well what do you know! There was actually a building there!? i keep forgetting this is GR and in almost any direction you look DT there are at least 5 buildings that used to be there, and are now gone and forgotten. i guess this idea doesn't seem too weird after all.
  9. Frankly this has got to be one of the most bizarre proposals I've ever heard of. The city isnt going to allow these guys to build an eight story building here. Honestly I have no idea where it would even go. I suppose if it involves taking out that park (not an all bad thing) then MAYBE, but that is a big maybe. if it was 13 Cherry SE, which is a parking lot, I would be more optimistic.
  10. Just saw that the old stained glass makers building will have a new business in the form of Honest Eyes Optical out of Traverse City. I wish them luck. That will make two eyeglass places on this stretch of Cherry, and three in Uptown, so you aren't going to hurt for a good eye doctor over here! Now if only Cherry Republic and Cousin Jenny's will come over here from Traverse City to join Honest Eyes and Georgina's too!
  11. The laundromat on east Fulton looks like it is about to undergo a makeover. I didn't get too much of a look, but there is a sign out front with a drawing of the renovated building to try to entice a new tenant(s) as they are leasing for it. ok, here is a poor image of the sign at least.
  12. It's a cath-22. The more they expand, the more they make, and then that's more they pour (pun) back into GR. Maybe a real DT corporate HQ building? Maybe lots of donations for local projects like Amway and Meijer has? But the more they expand in other cities, it could mean they have less loyalty to GR. We have a number of big companies, with business all over the region and planet, whose corporate HQs are located in some out of the way suburban/rural place, and Founder's could easily do the same if they outgrow their DT location.
  13. That is simply absurd and obscene for the location. That much money for views of parking lots, mostly dead streets, and living next to a fire station? it would have been better to live on Belknap Hill or get in on the West Side for cheaper.
  14. Driving through DT yesterday evening, and seeing this mass of people on the corner of Michigan and Monroe for an event at DeVos, Prom kids going to dinner, and people hanging out at Atwater, this hotel is just going to supercharge that area. Just need to fix the Calder plaza side, and you can call that intersection good.
  15. I didnt say it can only have one, only that it did. That's just how it was for several years. Now investment is happening in multiple areas where they were not 4 yeas ago. Well, ok. But major attention is heading to Bridge thanks to Rockford's major push there including landing Meijer, which will lead to even more spin-off developments. No one said that these other areas have nothing going for them, but Bridge (which includes W. Fulton + GVSU) is obviously where the vast majority of the non-DT neighborhood development is heading the next few years. They have room and more options as to what they can build compared to Uptown. It will at best put a number of plans over here on the back burner for sure. Well now it is since home prices are now sky-high. Few Gen-Ys can afford to live over here these days. Hopefully developer's dollars, or some of the retail, dont leave the area to chase after them. I wouldn't blame them if they did though. The original plans for the Kregel building were scrapped because they refused the developers permission to put windows (they thankfully relented) in the blank upper 3rd of the building, the old Project Rehab property is still undeveloped because the HPC rejected the perfectly reasonable plans for both corners, leaving an empty field and 2 unused buildings. The Lee & Birch store were severly restricted on altering the exterior of a building that only a nut would call historic. The old D&G building is virtually stuck because redeveloping it to HPC standards is almost impossible without spending a fortune, and a number of buildings and homes along Wealthy that really should be torn down are "protected" and will likely languish for a long time because few developers will waste time or money just to rehab something that is little better than a windowless shack.