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  1. An official public toilet appears in Heatside! Likely not open to the public yet?
  2. Bit of a suprise development at the Salvation Army store+ rehabilitation building just south of Hall!
  3. So what exactly is the story of this now neglected fountain at Roosevelt Park? I dont have any info of when it was designed, or whom was the designer. Honestly I dont think I've seen it fuctional since the late 80s. Sad to see something that was pretty iconic locally just crumble.
  4. Just in case you've been confused for the past 40 years about exactly what this place was!
  5. Their 4th move in almost 20 years. Sadly I see the UICA becoming little more than a department at Kendall with a web page and a letterhead. You just cant go from this building custom made for your organization to some cubicles inside of Kendall. What will become of the current space? That is going to be a real difficult question to answer. It at least has on-site parking, so it will make it far eaiser to move.
  6. Honestly take the time off and retool it into something that will fit in DeVos place for indoor stuff and along the river for outdoor pieces. Bring it back in 2021. Skip the Project One stuff. No one really liked it.
  7. They should maybe make a move to the uptown area in some form, Idk. I would hate to see them just vanish. The old Richard App Gallery space can use something like a deli.
  8. I'm sorry to say I've never been there despite it being there since I was like 3 , but I really hated the horridly outdated suburban footprint of the place from the S-curve for a long time. It took up a ton of space on an important plot of land right in the heart of DT along the river! Fine for the time when that was literally the far southern part of the mostly dead DT area, but today it just stuck out badly. But I think when you see the bulldozers pushing dirt, then you will know stuff is picking up again.
  9. Purple East had basically become obsolete with the rise of legal pot. I always saw it as being on borrowed time since it wasn't as edgy as it once was. Hate to see the name go, though. It's up there with Four Friends, Kava, and Discussions as a name from the old days.
  10. Yikes....That is seriously bad. Doesnt even try to match the existing building, and really wastes all the natural light they could use. Having not left home in 2 months, I'm not missing much.
  11. I seriously miss that thing so much!
  12. Hey, they looks pretty nice! Seems like they really are going to make maxium use of the space. Speaking of sushi and takeout, I hear Maru is getting tons of business (because you know), and they actually have to have people on a short waiting list. Really glad to hear this!
  13. I wonder if it is safe to assume it is still going to be a car wash? Or maybe a place you can run through to wash your hands while still in your car?
  14. It's wild now to remember just 30 years ago when seeing an out-of-state plate was like seeing a UFO. We were really this modest outpost that no one showed up to unless you HAD to come here. When I used to watch the weather report on the old 10pm news on WKBD, GR didnt even appear on their weather map, nor did their news ever mention us. That's how little we registered. Now, I can drive all over the area and see cars from all over the nation every single day! East Hills alone is full of cars from Colorado, Ohio, Texas, Virginia, New Jersey and a slew of other. Nice for the area's image, but I'll admit I still miss the anonymity sometimes. The city that is 10 minutes away from working farms.
  15. Look in most picture books about Michigan. Grand Rapids doesn't even really appear in any of them. Most of the photos are mediocre, any mentions are short, and poorly descriptive. Drove me nuts for years.
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