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  1. GR_Urbanist

    New projects on the West Side

    Yeah, it's a wasted opportunity to add to the streetscape by leaving this as basically the same cold dead and featureless industrial box that it is now. Honestly how enjoyable will it be to be there if you cant even see outside?
  2. GR_Urbanist

    Grandville Castle Apartments

    I here that Grandville is holding a contest for an official city anthem to celebrate the coming grand opening. Here are the two entries in the final.
  3. GR_Urbanist

    THE Downtown Market updates

    This represents a massive opportunity for that district. It's a property begging for a renovation. I hope everyone around them help work to land an exciting buyer, because this will seriously be a very big deal! I just wished this didnt happen after they paved over the dirt lot they owned. Part of me hopes that future plans will have the ill-conceived parking lot dug up for a ramp + liner building, but that may be asking for the moon.
  4. GR_Urbanist

    Wealthy Street Mega Thread

    We really do need a real local grocery. The Wealthy Market is still too much of a "party store" to ever fill the need. Would be nice to see a buy-out there, demolish the existing building, and a credible grocery built there. I'm actually surprised that a gym never appeared on the street. I would suspect that if ever the parking lot at the church at the corner of Wealthy and Eastern is built on, The new building on the Wild Bunch property houses one, or the Kregel building ever gets going, that such a facility will likely emerge soon. Same with a pharmacy, although CVS and Family Fare seems to fill that need for most despite being a bit of a walk.
  5. GR_Urbanist

    People talking about Grand Rapids

    I just wish those that hate this city so much would just move already, and seriously just stay there. And the rest just dont visit. I usually hate most non-UP online discussions about GR because it is just people trashing the place because of petty stuff.
  6. GR_Urbanist

    Hinman project - new 13 story hotel at 10 Ionia

    In defense of those more boring developments, they actually get built in a reasonable amount of time, and fill in real holes. Most of them have good ground-floor transparency, zero set-backs, and retail. Stuff like this drag on for years (this is already 2 years and counting), gets watered-down (check), and then around 2021 the land is quietly sold-off to someone else and we never hear from the developer again.
  7. GR_Urbanist

    Wealthy Street Mega Thread

    It's another building that needs to come down and be replaced (or be seriously renovated) instead of being a place where the owner just leaves it boarded-up and stores crap in it like this is still 1990s era Wealthy St. Just sell it for what it is worth, and stop being in love with the notion that you "own a building" or thinking you are going to get 2 million for it. People with some vision can do far more with these places.
  8. GR_Urbanist

    People talking about Grand Rapids

    Maybe someone should first tell them that Kentwood is mostly subdivisions, unconnected roads, non-walkable, and full of ranch houses that haven't been renovated since the 80s? But I suppose if you need to live in the GR area, and cant afford GR, you go for what you can get.
  9. GR_Urbanist

    Wealthy Street Mega Thread

    Just please no parking lot, or Elk Brewery buying it and turning it into an big outdoor patio or beer garden.
  10. GR_Urbanist

    New projects in East Hills

    I dont understand! How is this happening?! Well can someone else take over the operations? Dont just let this part of her vanish. It really meant a lot to people here. First Georgina's, and now this? It feels like a major gut-punch to East Hills.
  11. GR_Urbanist

    Highway and Road Construction Updates

    I had that same question when you could not get on 131 at Wealthy, could not get down Century Ave, and also could not get down Grandville a few weeks back. But I asked it in far more colorful language. I dont think those guys remotely thinks about traffic management at all.
  12. OMG! We did it! Holy cow! This is incredible! And I swear Mlive posters are some of the most....sigh. Bless their little hearts.
  13. GR_Urbanist

    50 Monroe to get de-skinned?

    I was hoping they would have kept the atrium as a nod to that part of the building's history. Or at least keep some sort of atrium intact. What is the use of having a gap between these building anyway?
  14. I lived in an apartment on College years ago with no off-street parking. While I was always happy to park near my door, it wasnt something I assumed was an expectation, nor would I have supported having to pay to filter down the number of people to compete against. Because if everyone that lives there has to pay to park, then in the end you are possibly paying to park and still having to walk. This is going to end up charging a stealth tax to people that cant really afford it . I mean, if you want to live in the city, this is part of the deal.
  15. Can we ditched the whole muffin top supported by massive pylons frontage look? It never looks right. Just make it an enclosed lobby. Also ditch the yellow and white if that's what they are going for.