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  1. GR_Urbanist:

    Thank you for adding your sane commentary to the voices that have been pointing out over the years how immature and irritating certain folks' snarkiness is; it has tainted what is otherwise a great online forum  <insert sad sigh effect here>


    1. metrogrkid


      BTW: you have pointed this matter out with far more diplomacy than I can muster for those involved; THANK YOU, again.

    2. GR_Urbanist


      You're very welcome, metrokid! That really made my day!

      I get very disappointed about that stuff as well. Having been here for over 10 years, I've noticed that this stuff seems to become, on occasions, a bit too pronounced in recent years, but I don't shy away from speaking my mind since I love the back and forth, which is what an online forum of people passionate about this subject is supposed to be about.

      I just let it roll of my back. ;)

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