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  1. I think we are just still considered a little too "out of the way" to a lot of people. Those cities are places you pass through on the way from, or on the way to, other big metropolitan areas. People going there still feel like they are connected to those places, I suppose. GR is the biggest city you will pass through if you were heading due north straight to the North Pole, and that means there arent many people to come from the other direction either. So we are the last stop, basically. That, and a lot of people see W. And N.W Michigan as the "rural wilderness". You come here, you
  2. I have to agree with the neighbors. Not so much that their should be nothing there at all, but they should try for something a bit more aesthetic and more integrated than this typical Wyoming/Grandville apartment complex with this generic apartment complex parking setup.
  3. I dont think the old ICCF has been bought. The For Sale sign is still very much out front. But WOW that is a nice renovation! The ICCF definitely got an upgrade.
  4. In Grand Rapids, it seems, do we end up with a "save a building" campaign started to keep a shabby building shabby for no other reason other than to enjoy some cheaper rent and lowed expectations when it comes to appearances on the part of the tenants. These guys are seriously trying to behave as if they are part-owners of this building, and should have veto power over this project, and are hiding behind IMO dishonest reasons. There is no "community" here. You are renting space for your stores, and have had years knowing that this building was development bait (at one point there
  5. I'm not sure when this happened, but the place we expected to be a laundromat, looks like it is going to become a restaurant with a bar instead. building looks nice, though. Wonder if this front area is going to have outdoor seeting of some sort.
  6. The parking lot part I'm not particularly thrilled with, and was precisely what I feared was going to happen. I want to think that the area, which we are told will be "future expansion", will take the same trajectory of facilities on Michigan and Monroe, and will develop quickly. This is what I hope, so I'm not terribly worried, unless you get the usual saplings, juniper shrubs, and metal fence put up around it, then you will know that Spectrum is planning on that being there for at least a decade. Then I'm going to sort of get the impression that this was more a project to create a sat
  7. I'm all for reimagining Plainfeild..... But this is straight Lord of the Rings level fantasy.
  8. Wow! I used to have storage space in that building years ago. Remember it being incredibly creepy. I think I can see it having that many units if they totally gutted the interior. Whatever they do, making it into a place to live is going to be a real effort, especially with a busy truck route outside your front door, no access to the river, and an active train track to your IMMEDIATE rear.
  9. The need for the housing, renovation, and development here far outweighs any of that. I mean, seriously. People complain about the lack of housing in the area and then you have people, almost certainly in the same circle, want to fight this because they may lose where they can (but rarely) buy high-priced antique clothes and knick-knacks? GRD is right that they may just actually have space for one or some of them to relocate. With upwards of over 1000 people tomorrow (compared to 0 today), living next to your store, they could actually stand to gain a massive amount of customers by being in a
  10. From today. They certainly arent wasting any time on this!
  11. It's been around for a little while. It really was a necessity for DT residents. Honestly, there needs to be at least 3 more, as this one is located too far away for a lot of people living there. I also hope this one can be developed into something more built-out so it can more attractive for people to just generally hangout at it.
  12. An aquarium seems like a natural (heh) expansion of the offerings we have at the zoo and Meijer Gardens. So it could make sense. Likely if nothing else fits for it, it will be added to the latter since the zoo has no space. I do agree that a dedicated soccer stadium is just really kind of out there right now. It's silly that nothing can be worked out with Houseman Feild that would be good for both sides so that can be the home of a team. Could Belknap Park do without the baseball diamonds behind the Griffins Icehouse, and one be developed there?
  13. I thought that it would be too small as well. But look at the overhead view of the area on Google Maps, there is potentially a ton of room for an aquarium of a respectable size in this part of N. Monroe. And it is just a far more appropriate location than at the zoo, being next to a wide part of the Grand River. Imagine red as the initial aquarium, with the old water works integrated as the grand entrance. Yellow being space for the parking structure, with a skywalk bridge over Monroe. The upper floors of the garage, where the bridge would be, could hold more display space or adminis
  14. Some photos from 2 weeks back showing the progress of the apartments on the old Studio 28 site. Far bigger project than I expected, with far more buildings. More than I could show properly.
  15. I like this location for a project of this size because I cringe at the fact that people coming to GR via the train are disembarking in an area that is a bit of a mess as it looks now. Basically a lifeless edge area of the central city. A really bad first impression. A 700 person (at least) residential building, with hopefully a standard ground floor with more activity and transparency will be a bit more welcoming and feel safer to be around at night. And this might result in those ugly utility poles in front being moved, and an actual sidewalk being put in. That side of Century despera
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