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  1. I thought that it would be too small as well. But look at the overhead view of the area on Google Maps, there is potentially a ton of room for an aquarium of a respectable size in this part of N. Monroe. And it is just a far more appropriate location than at the zoo, being next to a wide part of the Grand River. Imagine red as the initial aquarium, with the old water works integrated as the grand entrance. Yellow being space for the parking structure, with a skywalk bridge over Monroe. The upper floors of the garage, where the bridge would be, could hold more display space or administrative offices. This idea leaves the firehouse along Leonard as-is, although it can easily extend into that space by building a new station.
  2. Some photos from 2 weeks back showing the progress of the apartments on the old Studio 28 site. Far bigger project than I expected, with far more buildings. More than I could show properly.
  3. I like this location for a project of this size because I cringe at the fact that people coming to GR via the train are disembarking in an area that is a bit of a mess as it looks now. Basically a lifeless edge area of the central city. A really bad first impression. A 700 person (at least) residential building, with hopefully a standard ground floor with more activity and transparency will be a bit more welcoming and feel safer to be around at night. And this might result in those ugly utility poles in front being moved, and an actual sidewalk being put in. That side of Century desperately needs the facelift.
  4. But is there anywhere on Wealthy SW even remotely fitting as a place for 700 residential units? Everything west of Division is active industrial or adjacent to the old Butterworth landfill
  5. I'm happy to see them talking, but I would be more excited if the end date wasn't 2041 with no firm start date or concrete plans. It may not be fair comparison to make, but is this really much different than the original Mystery Project™ at this point (other than having actual money involved)? Lots of envisioning and wish lists, not a lot of certain, and the news articles are showing stuff that we know isnt actually in the works like zip lines and aquariums instead of monorails and hydrogen power plants. LOL! But the city did agree to sell it, so that's more than nothing. Maybe I'm still a bit jaded from the whole thing a few years back (and the fact that the amazing concept from 2017 have apparently been scrapped). So at this point I dont have a lot of confidence in anything involving that area.
  6. Now this is the type of news I missed hearing last year! It must be the Kregel building, and the adjacent empty lot along Eastern. Maybe the church across the street and its parking lot? 700 units is definitely going to take Wealthy to another level in terms of energy and additional businesses coming in, though.
  7. 956 Cherry St SE, the antique store that never looked open (ever) has had part of its storefront covered with paper for a few weeks. Today the entire storefront looks completely empty, with nothing in the display windows. Does anyone know if it has closed? As secretive as it always seemed, I think most people likely never really noticed. It will be an incredible space for a new business if it is going to be up for sale.
  8. So is anything big happening at 345 Summer NW (old Service Repro shop)? Really this was the only evidence of something, but it's right off of Bridge so could be exciting...or not much.
  9. To piggyback a little myself, I would like to know what was on the land that 196 runs through from roughly north of that intersection, and straight east to Fuller. It obviously must have been some physical natural space, businesses or homes that connected the two areas that are now separated by the highway. It's really just the buildings on the north side of Michigan, east of Monroe, that you only ever see identified.
  10. After demolishing an entire neighborhood for parking lots...they put the neighborhood back! The one guy that held out must be like "told you so". That whole episode is why I got into this topic years ago because I thought it was so shortsighted, but if a real nice series of buildings springs on these lots, I will totally forgive them! It really is a no-brainer with Bridge St. on one side, the YMCA at the back and GVSU on the south end + easy highway access. Not one unit will be empty and tons of business will benefit. Really what is there to explore? I would just get moving.
  11. Sigh..... Can we just stop renaming this place every few years? Just call it Old Kent Park permanently for the grounds, as it has no connection to any business anymore and just means "old Kent" to most people, and call the stadium by whatever bank finances it.
  12. Kinda of a "hey, what's that" post as well, but it appears the corner of Wealthy and Fuller has sprouted a "Cubi". I just got a brief snow-filled glimpse at the red light, so I'm not sure what it does, but it looks nice all the same as opposed to the empty lot ot is in front of.
  13. That looks like the first class lounge for a high-end airline!
  14. For what I remember, they were supposed to expand the dining area and add more beds for their women's shelter. Here are some photos from today of the progress:
  15. The building behind Degage that was talked about being demolished back in 2019 (for expansion) is in the process of coming down. Yesterday it was about 1/2 demolished.
  16. I'm going to pretend like I never made any last time around. For 2021 I think there will be a growth in local micro-businesses. Everything from household goods, and refurbished electronics, to clothes , urban farms and upcycling of anything that can be repaired and reused. All done from homes and garages and sold in local stores or online. Food carts and trucks are going to see their best year ever. Street cafes will become the hot new thing, and delivery drivers for almost anything will be all over the roads here. GR parks and trails will see major new interest, and the public will clamor for more public outdoor spaces, especially from people with now permanently altered work schedules that will want a place to walk to from their home office. I also expect the bio medical industry here will expand rapidly on Michigan st.
  17. Maybe not huge news, but I saw that the 5 and 10 in Wyoming on 36th street has closed it appears a few weeks back by how completely empty the interior looked. The last in W. Michigan. A real classic retailer that I had lots of memories of as a kid. That, and the one on Michigan St.
  18. I suppose all of the chemical run-off from the car wash doesnt make it a great redevelopment option for much more. I will be facinated as to how they turn a car wash into one. I always had fantasized about starting a laundromat that had arcade games, study tables, wi-fi, food vending machines, and TVs with movies or sports, for students that need a place to wash clothes, but not the boredom and otherwise unproductive time waiting. Likely this one will just be a more stereotypical one. LOL!
  19. I'm hoping that is just some sort of primer paint job, otherwise I'm not feeling the cold new Steak-n-Shake look.
  20. Some action coming to the old Catrib....uh, Kingfisher space. If you are a Asian food connoisseur, E. Hills is definitely going to be the place to be soon!
  21. Here is a nice suprise. Good to see our DT is still seeing places coming in!
  22. The Mrs. already commented on them going a bit too fast on the sidewalk, but genuinely wants to try them out.
  23. Good timing on this. Here is a photo I took on Saturday.
  24. Michigan St. (Monroe to the top of the hill) is a street with a steep incline that serves as a major off/on ramp for the highway at two points. It simply should never have been seen as a possible pedestrian corridor with street-level retail. Even if these building did have that, you still have the Federal and state buildings that are going to be there with no activity, then you have an unbuildable zone of the street that bridges over Division, and then you have a church + the Michigan State medical school building. This is a complex that will house a lot of people on a critical junction between Bridge St. N. Monroe, and Monroe heading south. Far more important of an area to have those workers utilize what can be done there. Plus, just having such an institution there is a massive economic stabilizing mechanism, and that gives at least some continuity between the hill and Monroe. The old GR press building didn't come close to this potential.
  25. Two observations from today: 1) The new sushi restaurant in the old Gaia space is really coming along! You can now see inside from the street, and it really is looking nice. 2) The old Richard App Gallery space is going through some significant exterior repair or restoration. I wonder what is in store there?
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