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  1. Seriously one of the must plug-ugly things GR has seen proposed yet. Is it a matter of GR just having mediocre architects, or really dumb clients with lots of money and no taste?
  2. I believe it's supposed to be lifted up onto the existing structure(?), unless I'm mistaken, and that will make it tall enough.
  3. 330 Ann St. NW (United Wholesale Grocery Co.) has an Orion Construction sign out front and appears to be undergoing renovations. Into what I cannot figure out.
  4. I just hope they dont get reckless and end up doing something stupid and then going bankrupt, or decide to relocate to like Toledo or Milwaukee.
  5. 900 Fuller Ave NE (large old farm property) has a long fence around the property. I do recall that there was some proposal for something education related there(?), but I cant turn up anything from searching.
  6. So that's what this must be that I barely got a photo of next to 634 Stocking?
  7. Work on the GRCC culinary school renovation is starting to really show now. Absolutely improved on that old bunker look.
  8. 946 Cherry looks to be undergoing some major interior renovations. And in order to not get ahead of myself again, I'm not speculating that the CPA/Tax preparer operation there has closed or moved! (but it would be nice to see a more active use for the spot!)
  9. That is going to turbocharge Creston Heights for sure! It's already a mini downtown over there, they are just missing a lot of residential like this. But you may want to get some offers going on the neighbors across the street.
  10. J&H Auto has closed and is up for sale. Whether or not it is bought, it may take a lot to redevelop as it will likely need special attention paid to all of the old gas station infrastructure in order to clean it up. It's a long time key spot that needs something great to really bring that intersection together. I hope whomever buys it doesn't try to pretty up the existing old gas station, and try to shove something into it. It needs to be demolished so it stops sticking out like a shabby rust nail.
  11. I hope someone can understand that weird post of theirs, because it just sounds like slo-mo "going out of business" announcement. Like why close down for the summer to "retool" or whatever, when this is the time of year to really take advantage of the type of space you have? You neighbors across the street have so much business they have to expand the place, but you are shutting down "temporarily" to do *something* they really dont explain clearly. Maybe I'm reading too deep into it? Anyway, this is something Wealthy St. Didnt need right now with some places on the street closing or closed like Elk Brewing, and the old Tatum building still a fenced-off pile of debris.
  12. Amazingly...I dont think it is going to be a parking lot! I just drove by and saw one of those event tents up for what looks to be some sort of ceremonial "first shovel" gatherings, and even I dont think St. Mary's will do that for a new lot. Not saying whatever building is going up is going to look good (this is still St. Mary's), but it's better than another one of their used car lots.
  13. This morning I saw that a new place is set to open at the former Rinaldis Pizza (966 E. Fulton St). The name is "Black Napkin", and I have no idea what the food will be (info is a bit hard to find), but it looks to be a takeout only establishment. I do love their logo, though! I just wish the landlord had made an effort to get rid of, or greatly improve, that boarded-up facade that it will be in.
  14. So there is this structure going up on the White Pine Trail near the ballpark... This is looking east at the corner of West River Dr. and Division in Comstock Park. It looks like some sort of platform(?) As I didnt get the impression that it is a proper building. I suppose it isnt part of any ballpark property, so I have no idea what it could be for. Orion looks to be the folks building it.
  15. Just move the project over here to E. Hills/Uptown. Why waste time and money being someplace where they dont want you?
  16. Honestly it's pretty pathetic that we have this dispute regarding a property this close to DT. That one side wants to build a likely suburban style gas station and liquor store and the other wants to preserve a suburban style restaurant, with GVSU being in opposition because of congestion (ironic due to all of the cars they attract) and noise, when the location is next to a freeway on and off ramp that services thousands of cars per day. Nevermind that the area is still a pedestrian unfriendly mess due to the clear-cutting of the residential neighborhood for parking lots, and the auto-centric nature of GVSU, BK, and the YMCA. Would be nice if the controversy was over whether the new 6 story mixed-use development there should house a liquor store in one of its 4 retail spaces, but this is Grand Rapids, I guess.
  17. I may be the only one to see this as an absurd pipedream. There is no way to pull this off without massive multi-year disruptions to 131, that will cost hundreds of millions of dollars at a minimum, all just to make one street a little less of a PITA?
  18. There appears to be something about to take place with the home @715 Michigan St. NE and 709 (I think I got that address right). There is a singular fence around both buildings (One home and one storefront), and the sign out front is Orion Construction.
  19. The video is very beautiful! I just hope there are some plans to get some sort of airport to DT transportation option back into service. It's always that one thing that bugs me about our airport. Having all of these people arrive in that wonderful space, and the only way into the city is either a car or a loooooooooong walk through Kentwood.
  20. Someone will snap it up fast. That place brings in massive numbers for events that the VAA is simply just overkill (and too expensive) to be used for. Maybe the new owners will actually follow-through on the renovations that never materialized from years ago?
  21. I'll wait and see how this fits into its site. The Meijer and Mobil stations near there seem to fit nice and compactly into small spaces, so a gas station like this has a chance to impress if they remember where it is going and not just dump a suburban mess on the site. The last thing we need is another version of the Shell station on S. Division or another Circle K like on Michigan St. If they really want to impress, put some Tesla Superchargers there, put the main building along Pearl, and TRY to use good materials and aesthetics on the exterior.
  22. Outdoor climbing wall coming to Grand Rapids - YouTube The location is in Highland Park. Looks like just south of College. The completion date should be just before the end of May.
  23. I'm referring to as far back as the infamous "mystery project tm " as well. This plot of land has been an on again/off again topic for a long time. We've had multiple renderings, start and stops, lots of sometimes confusing statements from people involved. I cant even tell if the actual amphitheater is going to be north or south of the S-curve at this point. Will it have a residential/retail component, or will it just be part amphitheater, part surface parking lot. And goodness knows if we get a rendering and go through the process of value engineering and scale-backs like other famous developments in DT have gone through for whatever reason. This is a lot of money into this, but we all are kind of in the dark. And honestly, an amphitheater alone isnt worth 116 million dollars, and arent that big a draw, so I'm hoping that there is FAR MORE to this that really blows us away. I'm certainly not one of these Facebook types that likely are going on about fictitious concerns like "How many people are going to get displaced by this?" or "Parking is too scarce and they do this!!?!?!" or "Why not spend the money on homeless people?" boilerplate. LOL! [EDIT: Nevermind. I looked, they are] I'm just hoping for another Studio Park homerun, but fearful slightly for another Icon on Bond level fumble, where we get super hyped, and then look at it and say "that's it?".
  24. Well I did say "If after almost 20 years of this property being touted in grandiose plans, the only thing we get...". We all are really just in the speculation phase, and this whole saga has been rife with big plans, fall-throughs, scale-ups and scale-backs, so at this point I'm cautiously optimistic that the big plans come through, but acutely aware that this is Grand Rapids, and we could just end up with a pavilion and a parking lot.
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