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  1. University corners is making progress. Maui teriyaki, a local establishment that had previously been giving the project some trouble, has closed down its location on the building site. I have heard nothing else (not much talk of that sort of thing in this town, i'm from Jacksonville) but I am guessing that the closing of the restaurant bodes well for the developers.
  2. Agreed Delta. I hope to be able to see some pictures of the construction of this enormous structure. After all, it dwarfs anything ever previously constructed in terms of height.
  3. After this, I doubt there will be many people left who haven't heard of dubai. Is there any sort of limit to what the people in Dubai can do?? I mean, the number of "world's largest, world's greatest" projects is bordering on ridiculous.
  4. I enjoy tracking the developement of Dubai. it is quickly becoming one of the great cities in the world.
  5. Hmm, kinda makes Jacksonville's whole "7 Bridges" claim to fame seem pretty weak sauce. Great photos of some extremely impressive bridges.
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