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  1. Garris: Cotuit is pretty right on about Nova Scotia being beautiful. I spent a week circling the southern part of the peninsula. It sounds as if Cotuit did the Southeast coast, which is awesome in its own right. But if you have time, do the Southwest coast as well. I did a circuit where I stayed in Maine one night, hit the CAT the next morning to Yarmouth (so-so, as far as towns go), then started driving west. These were the places I stayed/hung out: Digby- picturesque, but tough scalloping / fishing town with some local flavor. The southwest coast is dotted with VERY out of the way Acadian towns. http://www.townofdigby.ns.ca/gallery.html Annapolis Royal- has a few shops in town, some historic buildings, but an awesome botanical garden just outside of town http://www.historicgardens.com/tourpic/victorian.htm Wolfville (actually stayed at a B&B in Grand Pre that had a vinyard next door to walk around in)- Acadia University is there, along with a main street with some good restaurants. While in or near Wolfville, you HAVE to give yourself several hours to drive up to Lower Blomidon, where there is a park on a cliff overlooking the Minas basin which is the head of Bay of Fundy (40 foot tides). You can walk down to the beack and literally watch the tide go out or come in about a horizontal foot a minute. It's definitely one of the most beautiful places on earth. http://www.holmpage.com/blomidon/pages/blomidon10.htm Halifax- dowtown near the port is very hang-outable, there's good vegan, steak places and nightclubs, shops, and definitely check out the NovaScotia College of Art and Design (like RISD North)- good museum Lunenburg- cool shops and eateries, nice Germanic architecture Peggy's Cove- Lighthouse on huge rocks on the shores of the Atlantic complete with fishing village houses and boats a la old time Block Island. And the clearest water in the coves I've ever seen. http://www.tourcanada.com/pegcove.htm Liverpool- very friendly town with several grassroots museums (photography, local culture, craftmanship) That's one week!
  2. Hello all: I finally decided to sign up after reading a series of very insider posts (especially the whole Providence V2.0). I've been reading the postings in between trolling for an apartment to rent. So, greetings to all fellow Provi-dites from Millboy!
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