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  1. Proposal: 708 S. Main

    I doubt it would be stick. Wow- I'm impressed. Those were expensive.
  2. Proposal: 708 S. Main

    Agreed! Happy to have the ground level activation to fill in remaining gaps in the street wall. Hiding the Link building is certainly a plus! It will be very interesting to see how quickly they can sell units at these price points. I think the small new condo building at Riverplace would be an interesting comparison-- how is that building's sales going? I like the continuity of midrises extending from Riverplace to Main/River. Hopefully we'll see further midrise densification on the Riverwalk surface parking and the open parcel at Rhett/River next to 121 Rhett.
  3. Proposal: 708 S. Main

    ^^^Same project we've all seen before. If that's true, then so much for hoping to see those historic facades rebuilt.
  4. Proposal: 708 S. Main

    “Big” seems like a weird adjective that they have chosen to utilize, unless they’re talking price tag. They certainly seem to be spending a fair amount of money on this launch/announcement.
  5. Proposal: 708 S. Main

    Probably a Christmas market or something temporary...
  6. 121 Rhett Street

    It'd be great to have the foreground parking lot, as well as the second phase of Riverwalk developed to round out these two blocks. I think River Street could be a legitimate retail location if these two parcels were developed well.
  7. The State of Downtown Retail

    The City had some fun commenting on this one. Quote: "Staff believes this renovations is a "yuge" improvement". http://sc-greenville.civicplus.com/AgendaCenter/ViewFile/Item/4464?fileID=17441
  8. Camperdown (Greenville News Building Site)

    Comments are now posted online: http://sc-greenville.civicplus.com/AgendaCenter/ViewFile/Item/4465?fileID=17442 There's concerns over the massing, more brick, and some other revisions to be considered. It'll be interesting to see how this is revised.
  9. The State of Downtown Retail

    The final product is somewhat similar, but wasn't the original design for the Husk location similar in nature to this? The DRB scaled it back pretty far stating that it was out of character for Greenville. I wonder what they'll have to say about this proposal? Nonetheless, it will be a vast improvement. The current façade (with its fake windows, awful yellow, and stone) is even worse than City Tavern, IMO. Happy to see new life and a new face come to this location!
  10. Camperdown (Greenville News Building Site)

    I'm not crazy about the actual design, but I think the massing and layout manages the site pretty well. There's lots of points for ground level engagement that they've addressed. Thumbs up on that! I am at least happy to see that it's not brick. I guarantee we'll see comments about the visual impacts on Falls Park.
  11. Homewood Suites - Main and Markley

    That statement should have ended with "...said nobody ever." To be fair though, the architect and developer did themselves no favors with the rendering. It has horrendous coloring and the representation of the glass is unfortunate.
  12. Camperdown (Greenville News Building Site)

    That does not appear to be the case from this view. Looks like 9 over 3 for a total of 12:
  13. Greenville Transit

    Good upgrade! Annunciators help take a lot of stress out of first time rides and figuring out the system. That's really nice to see!
  14. West Greenville Village

    I think the City has a very fine line to walk here. The Village is great because it's organic, a bit raw, and supports creativity. Infrastructure improvements reward/support existing revitalization, and will also sustain future private investment. This is great AND necessary. However, theoretically speaking: the tricky part is going to be balancing the artistic vibe that makes the area vibrant and authentic, and not scrubbing away the character, i.e. Charlotte. How do we balance the past (historic poor, hard working mill community) with eccentric artist enclave AND success? We don't want dirt road accuracy I don't think, but brick paving would never have historically been used in the area-- it's rich, right? I think there's a way to keep this in check, in much the same way that the current uses are not original, but are authentic: Artists are not original occupiers of these buildings or the overall community, BUT there is something true in their hardwork and production (that's mill life, right?) that is authentic to the Village. Ideally there's a balance that showcases the past life with the present. I think this is an interesting discussion to have. What are y'all's thoughts?
  15. Homewood Suites - Main and Markley

    Please, no.