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  1. Did anyone attend or have a sense of the community feedback?
  2. They’re currently installing a project sign for Honor Tower at the end of the Auro Bridge.
  3. ^^Indeed -- that's going to be awesome. Totally not necessary, but would be cool to have the City fund new/more interesting steps from Main Street down to the Reedy adjacent to this building. Use of rock and interesting lighting would all play nicely with this renovation.
  4. Indeed. If there's evidence to share that something is no longer in the works, then please share it with the group. Construction is not expected to start for MONTHS from now. Why would one start rumors our of impatience? If we reach summer 2023 without dirt being moved, then I think one can question what's going on. Let the developers and designers do their work.
  5. Is this b******* just based on silence?
  6. Exactly. Great points, and takes available space off the market. It’s a win if they can make the financials work, which they apparently believe they can do.
  7. They've also got an old version of the McLaren in there. I think they just included what they could and may not be aware of project status. I wouldn't read too much into it.
  8. Sounds pretty solid from the initial figures. This is quite a significant project.
  9. The vegetation that is intended to prevent erosion, and serve as a habitat?
  10. I assume this will also include the gap that has Main Street frontage? I like the overall numbers thus far for hotel rooms and residences. Looking forward to hearing more!
  11. GvilleSC

    The West End

    Looks like it would be right at home at Perimeter in metro Atlanta.
  12. This sign is on I-85 southbound in Spartanburg county. Instead of an “I”, they used a “1”
  13. Went for drinks tonight and I set the bar very high for this place. They knocked the details out of the park. This is definitely the equivalent of the Grove Park for Asheville. It provides views of Falls Park that no one has ever seen (without trespassing on a private lot that was still obstructed by trees). They will do very well.
  14. Unless the reduction in scope means even less money for architecture. You’ll be even more unhappy with cheaper materials on a “box” shape. Or no?
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