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  1. GvilleSC

    The West End

    This is awesome, but a little weird that such a cool business would go into such a run of the mill, non-descript building: https://upstatebusinessjournal.com/ashevilles-popular-the-whale-bottle-shop-and-bar-signs-lease-in-greenvilles-west-end/
  2. GvilleSC

    Charlotte / Atlanta High Speed Rail

    They'd be crazy not to tap into a 1,000,000+ population center. And, local/state officials would be crazy not to do their part to tap into the line.
  3. GvilleSC

    Laurens Road Corridor

    This should be nice. It would be a better experience for the trail if the brewery or restaurant were along it, though I understand that there's value in street frontage. We'll see how they ultimately develop the rest of the lot.
  4. GvilleSC

    Augusta Road

    It's a shame that they can't force it to be kept longer, IMO.
  5. GvilleSC

    110 Markley Street: 24 unit condominium

    It's encouraging how well condos have done recently. This project in particular has a great location! I hope we'll see a steady stream of condo projects proposed/constructed throughout downtown in the coming years.
  6. GvilleSC

    Greenville Photo of the Day

    This certainly brought a lot of people downtown today! I happened to stumble upon it, myself! Great to see Mayor White riding along
  7. GvilleSC

    New downtown federal courthouse

    I don’t love Nashville’s. It reminds me of the old Greenville Mall with its glass and shapes. Looks more like it belongs in Florida, not Tennessee. It’s probably the rendering, but still. Meh.
  8. GvilleSC

    Master Plan Results

    I agree-- downtown is developing quite nicely. It was a treat to be in town a month ago to check things out. I look forward to returning this week! I think we can generally be proud of how Greenville is managing its downtown development. Of course, nothing is ever perfect, but I'm glad to see the master plan being updated to hopefully yield some good guidelines moving forward, and assist in creating a livable community we can all enjoy!
  9. GvilleSC

    Scott Towers highrise to be demolished?

    The design hasn't improved has it?
  10. GvilleSC

    200 E. Broad Street Parking Garage

    It's really nice to see that they're proposing reuse of a portion of the ground floor of 200 East Broad to be retail. It would be nice to see more office buildings do this off of Main Street (SunTrust/GHS building, whatever the NBSC building is called now, Regions Bank building, etc).
  11. GvilleSC

    Camperdown (Greenville News Building Site)

    Thanks for a new vantage point of the construction! I wonder how the rental rates for these apartments will compare to other units downtown? The location is prime and it's not wood framed, so I would think that it would be substantial.
  12. GvilleSC

    Camperdown (Greenville News Building Site)

    I wasn’t crazy about the brick when it was first added, but I had not seen this angle. What I DO appreciate about the way the brick has been done, is that it gives the impression of an existing warehouse-like building at the base.
  13. GvilleSC

    CU-ICAR/Millennium Campus

    ^^That would be awesome!
  14. GvilleSC

    Camperdown (Greenville News Building Site)

    Thanks for the update pics! It's nice to see this from different vantage points.
  15. GvilleSC

    Stone Avenue/North End

    My point is more that we need less. Regardless of it existing, if the city can eliminate one, they should.