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  1. I appreciate the 8 story height and definitely the mixture of uses. Well done.
  2. When will we see the design of this go before the DRB?
  3. Remember: this is going to be walkable. Especially that plaza with zero trees. The glamorizing of this development is hilarious. At least it IS mixed-use, but the final mixture of uses will determine how sustainable it will be in reality, and that remains to be seen for most of us. Traffic will be terrible.
  4. I knew that would get a rise. One would argue that with the Carolina capital at Charleston, the colony was centered in what would become South Carolina, and thus North Carolina was carved out of Carolina to become its own entity.
  5. Interesting thought. I think the preference would be for it to be "Carolina" and "North Carolina".
  6. I guess you all missed Lindsey’s comments blowing smoke up Mauldin Leaders’ skirts regarding Greenville as being next to Mauldin (something about this was going to put Mauldin on the map). Come on. We all see this as what it is, and nobody is concerned about Mauldin overtaking Greenville as the activity center of the upstate. What we are concerned about is this being a flop.
  7. The inspirational images pulled straight out of Italy are beautiful. What we are seeing in those are layers and layers of textures. It's a very tactile experience to walk, sit, and experience those spaces with all 5 senses. What WILL get built in Mauldin is going to lack that depth. We don't build things with the same outdated construction methods (a 24" thick wall to hold up a structure, for example). Those splintering wooden window frames with peeling paint and OPERABLE shutters that actually get opened and closed DAILY are going to be translated into a very flat facade made out of stucco, applied veneer stone, smooth aluminum clad windows/storefront systems, fixed-in-place vinyl shutters, and smooth pavers/ stamped concrete/ asphalt in lieu of cobbled stones. At the end of the day, these apartments are not going to be charging DECA prices, and their pro forma (and thus their building materials) is absolutely going to match that reality. It is one thing to build beautiful buildings like 121 Rhett Street and Grand Bohemian Hotel in Downtown Greenville where prices will permit a higher return on your investment. The images that the excited ones are conjuring up in their heads are not consistent with reality (or even the actual renderings we have been provided). This is STILL the suburbs, directly adjacent to the interstate. Let us revisit this exact topic in 24 months.
  8. Well, yes -- he is the master developer and planner for this site. I'm sure he has a developer for the apartment portion (if not his company) and an operator lined up for what I'm assuming to be senior living. That could easily cover what his press release is stating. I wouldn't get too enthused about semantics on a piece of paper that is meant to build hype and attract money. Just keep things in perspective.
  9. That has to be true. I can't imagine them constructing new office space right now. The first phase will rely heavily on apartments, and probably senior living (as the "Institutional Development"). And that's it for the immediate future.
  10. They're building fake ruins. It will be Disney World on a MUCH smaller budget.
  11. HQ2 did indeed go to NoVa. I just had to look this up, but they also jointly announced for some Operations center in Nashville to employ 5,000 people.
  12. But, we have seen exactly this sort of departure from downtown. The most recent example is BB&T's move from what is now "Canvas". The point being that the Greenville office market as a whole can only absorb "X" amount of space in a given timeframe. If you start to have substantial office inventory being introduced simultaneously in several sub-sectors of the market, they WILL affect one another. I will say this: the pedestrian bridge across 385 is going to be very important, and it looks like they're putting it to good use as a place-maker and establishing an identity for the development. Money well spent. Hopefully, Mauldin can use the tax dollars generated by this new productive use of land to help clean up its image as a truck stop and pump energy into their execution of a downtown. Unless, of course, they just kissed those visions goodbye with this Greenfield development.
  13. This is a big shift in design. I know some on here will rejoice at this, but I'm not sure how we've gotten to the old world / obnoxiously faux-Florida appearance. It will be all of this, plus the Charter building and whatever building they recently constructed. Ehhhhh Edit to clarify: This has potential to be done well, but that remains to be seen. The uses and scale seems right, but I'm not convinced we need a "theme" architecture.
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