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  1. The cultural corridor improvements are a sort of in-kind incentive for this project.
  2. Actually, the Church Street timeline was updated a while back to say winter, and they have removed the existing street lights from the bridge.
  3. Carmella’s outdoor space got defined and planted this weekend.
  4. Well, it is. My point is that the large trees, light poles, etc. are all obstacles that the driver will hit before the pedestrian. Impaired drivers can be anywhere. But, a busy street is more safe with the kind of infrastructure previously mentioned.
  5. I don’t know, but that may very well allow them to be adequately staffed with a slim crew to make it work well. Better than being understaffed and not cutting it. Who knows?!
  6. I hear what you’re saying and agree, but as a counterpoint: Church Street between Augusta and Camperdown actually feels rather safe with the lighting, trees, and grass between the wide sidewalk and the street. It’s all about the infrastructure and details. Reasons I only want to live within the City limits where these corridors exist.
  7. Absolutely. I'm proud of our city and its residents. Yesterday was record turnout for a local election.
  8. It’s Election Day! If you live in the City, your voice is critical in this race. Please go vote!
  9. Grand Opening is this coming Saturday.
  10. Some big numbers in there. I hope one of them is downtown.
  11. Hmmm - Southern Tide just announced that they were relocating their corporate HQ to the former Borden building development by Unity Park.
  12. Agreed! I think this is a testament to the evolution of McBee Avenue and generally of the development of activity on streets not named "Main". Hopefully they're able to land some quality tenants with staying power.
  13. I appreciate the large "Spartanburg" signage. The whole thing is going to look fantastic.
  14. I find it interesting that no one else felt compelled to submit a bid for this site. How does this number compare to similar sized land purchases, or break down in comparison on a $/SF basis?
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