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  1. There's just so much momentum at the river right now. I don't think we see a high-rise north of Washington anytime soon unless it can be entirely office space (which is our least likely scenario for a tower at the moment). Otherwise, people want to live closer to the river, and (with the new conference center) hotels will continue to want to be closer to the river as well. Yes, we will see hotels and residential throughout downtown, but in order to fill large quantities of units or rooms, the river is going to hold the golden ticket.
  2. Parking lots surrounding Buncombe Street UMC, both along Richardson Street and North Street would be nice.
  3. Is it the same owner as the conference center site? I think it's kind of cool having it where it is. It's a really fascinating juxtaposition between old and new Greenville. Small old office & new modern museum/economy. Railroad past & current SRT/US Highway overpass. Would be neat to throw some tracks back on the ground as a part of the children's garden. I know there still some under the bridge.
  4. That's interesting. History of the railroad claims that it stopped operation in 1998. I wonder if they sold it and it was extensively renovated?
  5. Despite how the schematic views appear, I don't imagine that the house is actually in the way of the proposed project. It sits on a triangle of property by itself, and I sure hope it remains.
  6. You’re correct on the location— it’s going to be quite large.
  7. Conference center space is the long horizontal bar (Above the jewel box and runs the entire site back to front).
  8. We all know this is just preliminary right now, but that’s a lot of residential floors if those lines are a representation of floors.
  9. I like the small addition that they’ll be adding. This will be nice!
  10. The new retail and residential building makes a big impact while entering the city via Buncombe. It was really quite striking to see it in person this past weekend. I look forward to seeing it progress!
  11. I was in town over this past weekend. I found myself on Verdae at one point and was really struck by what a nice job the city did with the traffic circles, the medians, and the wide sidewalk. I look forward to seeing it all when they get the landscaping in.
  12. https://app.oxblue.com/open/cap/fallstower Oops -- wrong thread!
  13. The opportunity to redevelop a parcel of land this large (and connected) with the core of a city is incredibly rare. Generally, I think Greenville has made good decisions in this process, and is not going to squander this opportunity. That's something to be excited about! Despite some of the County's stumbles and hard-headedness, I will give them credit for envisioning this possibility and for having the will to pursue it.
  14. Things I'd love to see in Greenville: I'd love to see more public art, especially along the Swamp Rabbit Trail. Greenville does well with statues and approaching its public art funding in a sustainable manner. However, I'd love to see more murals, abstract sculptures, and textures integrated into the city's fabric. Atlanta has done a great job with public art, and can be a place to emulate when it comes to integrating art with the trail system. Richmond would be another model! I'd love to see a streetcar system developed. However, I've yet to experience a newer one on the east coast that has justified its existence. Atlanta and the District of Columbia have failed miserably on this front. Unfortunately, other locales' poor decision making in the development of routes may doom other cities' opportunities. In the meantime, I hope our trolley routes can convey people to meaningful destinations and help develop a mindset and support for an urban transportation network. Greenville has a great arts scene. The local community of makers, and the museums are on par or above with most peers. You're not going to find a greater collection of Baroque art in the United States. The new museum complex will help showcase all of this, and make it more accessible to the public. However, something I would love to see in Greenville is a contemporary art collection. Raleigh's contemporary art museum is small, but fantastic! I'd love to have that started up in Greenville as well. Perhaps in the Village?
  15. Shouldn't this be in the coffee house, as it's not development related? Or perhaps in the Charlotte forum, as the original post and discussion is not about Greenville at all? Asking for a friend.
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