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  1. To clarify: I intended to say *help* prop up. Tourists heading into downtown Charleston from the airport would help be a sustaining portion of the ridership; a portion that no other metro in the state readily has available to rely upon.
  2. The difference being that tourists alone could prop up a rail line in Charleston and help make it viable. York County has people living in it because they have certain commitments to and desires for their vehicles. IMO, running a street car down Assembly would go nowhere meaningful for users. Running a line the opposite direction could at least connect entertainment areas and hot spots for the city. Appearance is a terrible justification for routing a line.
  3. Glad to see someone taking that spot.
  4. No kidding -- It's almost hard to fathom what this area could look like in 5-10 years. It's a welcome investment!
  5. I like the Rhett Street end much more than the Academy Street end. However, I do look forward to this project's construction.
  6. Ahh, thanks! The out-of-town folks appreciate the insight!
  7. I'm surprised we haven't seen movement (physical progress or otherwise) on this senior living facility. Has anyone heard an update?
  8. The end result of this mural looks pretty awesome in pictures I’ve seen on Instagram. Nice work!
  9. We don’t know that this is all separate buyers, do we? I wouldn’t be surprised if one entity purchased all of the shell spaces to build out and sell. Seem possible?
  10. I’ve experienced that often. Locations ranging from Asheville proper, Hendersonville, and other Western NC towns all flying in and out of GSP.
  11. Seems like coincidence and reinforcing of a historical brand, but who knows. Is the artist the same?
  12. What are you getting at here? It seems to be a nod to Greenville's history as it was once known as such...
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