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  1. The best hope we have is that their new guidelines have been written strictly enough for them to actually have a say. They can't just block one's right to improve their property. There must be a legal framework in place for them to reject a proposal, and I don't think we've seen this challenged since the new guidelines were passed. Here's hoping a precedent is set in August and protects the aesthetics of our beloved downtown!
  2. To be forever known as the Where's Waldo Building. I hope the DRB can flex some muscle.
  3. As expected, this is a rather unfortunate change.
  4. I've always wondered why this had not been done before. Did the office tenant on that level leave? If possible, I'd love to see a restaurant with outdoor dining take one of these spaces.
  5. Basically, nothing of real substance will be happening.
  6. There's some redeeming characteristics like the front patios, which will be nice when people add furniture, etc. However, the roofline is absolutely terrible-- cheapens the entire project. I wish they had worked with Duke Power to have the lines buried, or at least relocated. Some legitimate street trees would go a long way towards curb appeal.
  7. The new parking lots along Markley are very unfortunate. That's way too much hardscape and vehicular emphasis when combined with the new QT. That would be my biggest reservation about the location of this development.
  8. Great vantage point! I love it!
  9. The ballpark is very nice looking. It's a shame that they created such a vast expanse of concrete out front with very few trees (and the ones they do have are merely palmettos). Where is the shade?!?! Famously Hot, I guess.
  10. This is nice to see! Are they in the former Windstream space for the time being?
  11. Off topic from what you guys are talking about, but for the record: The local jurisdiction issues the building permit. GSA does internal reviews of the drawings for compliance with their own adopted building standards, but they still have to issue the drawings to the local authority for building code compliance. Typically, this is not an issue because GSA enforces a more strict code upon themselves. However, if a local jurisdiction adopted an even more stringent code, GSA would be required to abide by those guidelines in order to receive a building permit and begin construction.
  12. I forget how many additional hotels are under construction right now. The Aloft and Embassy were a wave, and this wave represents 3 more (plus AC soon?).
  13. Both of those are fantastic shots! Great vantage points of downtown!
  14. Wow- I'm so used to Greenville hovering just above or below 60,000. It almost holds a shock factor to see it inching toward 70k. It's nice to see the City finally able to capture more growth within its boundaries. I assume this is mostly the result of downtown residential construction and the continued development in the greater Verdae/85 area.
  15. Very cool! I, for one, am quite excited about your new toy!