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  1. The City almost went to no-party elections a few years ago before outcry among some minority groups prevented it. If that had been the case, we wouldn't be having this conversation. Ultimately, I am confident that we are not going to see any substantial change in how the city is run or in its policies.
  2. Just received an email stating that the Flat Iron building has been sold, and the studios are moving out. This is sad to see, and makes me a little worried that artists are going to be pushed out of the Village before long. I'm really glad that the area is being successfully revitalized, but I hope we see the unique studio spaces preserved.
  3. I think the point is this: politics is a spectrum. From my experience, democrats in Greenville are vastly different from those who run the far left cities. I see this first hand in the leadership of the District of Columbia, where you are correct: they cater to a very specific group of people and lack general regard for the entire tax paying population's needs and safety.
  4. Don't be foolish. Local and national politics are completely different languages.
  5. Greenville has really turned a corner in recent years regarding retail and restaurants opening beyond the immediate environs of Main Street. The push of hotel and apartments to all corners of downtown certainly helps!
  6. I think you’re confusing the year..? It will be topped out by January, right?
  7. Well, it's election day. Go vote! Is anyone nervous about the candidates and their odds to win?
  8. I suppose you're right: competition in SC is stiff. Top 10 would probably be a safe bet. State owned land/greenspace in Columbia definitely benefits the city. What's interesting is that Charleston claims to have "120 parks which consist of approximately 1,809 acres of parks and open space".
  9. Top 5 is probably a safe bet, yes.
  10. Nice publicity for sure, despite how poorly researched. There's false statements like this: To clarify: the Congaree National Park is not in the city limits. This was a study of cities over 100,000 people. The only cities to compete with in SC for this "study" are Charleston and North Charleston.
  11. Are you complimenting TR's transformation around the Swamp Rabbit, or saying they are in danger of not managing their growth?
  12. Mauldin very much needs this. I worry about it not feeling organic/ authentic. Maudlin really needs to adopt a much broader zoning ordinance and master plan that would encompass land in all directions of this site. And maybe they have in some form(?), but like their much heralded streetscaping plan for Main Street a few years back, I’m not overly confident in their ability to execute well.
  13. I agree— it’s an unfortunate thing, but when zoning and planning lags behind, you lose your ability to help direct some of this. This is something the city really needs to keep up with as the urban core grows. Currently, greater downtown is evolving at a speed that is outpacing regulations on the books.
  14. I know nothing of the deal relating to this. If anything was set aside, it would have been upfront. However, I don’t think you’re going to find a private developer, who had to be lured and incentivized to develop this site, sharing their earnings down the road. Nor should they, IMO.
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