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  1. I don't understand how they can claim this. I'm not sure how it's determined, but seems odd given that they forced their tenants out for a renovation, right?
  2. GvilleSC

    The West End

    WOW. They're sure maxing out this site. I like that they're connecting a lot of these streets together. From a broader look at things, I'm really happy to see so many projects along Academy Street. This corridor will be much improved when all is said and done.
  3. GvilleSC

    The West End

    That's a lot more than I expected them to be able to fit on that site. I'd take the density.
  4. The streetscaping look great, and the plaza look quite inviting! I'd love for the City to find the will to bury the power lines.
  5. Hadn't heard about this. I wish they would have located downtown, or taken space in an existing building.
  6. The plaza's shading and cable structure looks pretty cool in the video. It'll be great until birds decide to start hanging out on the wires... The restaurant and bar spaces in the new hotel look like they're going to be great additions to the downtown dining scene.
  7. Wow -- I'm a bit surprised that this ever took off, but I'm impressed and happy to see life coming to this site. Hopefully we see it under construction this year.
  8. GvilleSC

    The West End

    Makeover for the current West End Market will rebrand the building as 1 Augusta and add a mural. I think the mural will help with placemaking, and reenforcing the brand of the West End. Excited to see this re-do! https://www.instagram.com/p/CC9awv8lqnj/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  9. I've yet to experience it, but I think it's great that we are seeing so many activity "anchors" popping up around downtown. These spaces are proof to investors/speculators/general public that life exists and can be successful (I don't think that's premature to say) "off of Main." Sure, it takes the right mix of tenants, the right vision, and good execution. Gather GVL, Markley Station, and The Commons are three examples that come to mind at the moment. Side note: I still don't like (though, I get it) that they created surface parking across Markley for this. Is there any capacity to add generous amounts of street parking in the West End to help prevent land owners from opting for parking as the best use for land? I don't think there's THAT many streets without street parking, but Markely is one. It might not fully address the need, but would at least help. Parking on Markley Street would require additional ROW I imagine, but could be worth it to serve this venue, and baseball season.
  10. This is crazy! They've extended their current lease at least twice, and they've had notice to vacate since 2017. It's nice to see some actual reporting on local Greenville issues. Welcome to town, P&C!!
  11. Great to see Greer getting some good investment downtown!
  12. To each their own. It has no street activity, and is a cold facade due to the stone and reflective dark glass. It is certainly a relic of its time. Not my personal taste.
  13. That would be a major improvement. An entire re-cladding off the exterior would be nice. At minimum, adding restaurant and retail spaces on the bottom floor would be a phenomenal improvement.
  14. Glad to see that they'll move forward with this one. Hopefully the new bridge over 85 will be similar to the one near Hubbell.
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