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  1. Good move. I hope they feel more inspired when they move forward.
  2. Progress update: 1. Over the past couple of days, they've planted trees on the north side of the SRT within the park. It's a substantial number of trees, and really help define the spaces that are to come. 2. Apparently the foundation for the Auro Bridge was insufficient . They spent yesterday jack hammering out the concrete and demolishing one of the footings on the south side of the Reedy. Question: are there plans to redo the trail between Unity Park and River Street? The rubberized portion needs replacement at a minimum, but it would be nice to have the look and feel
  3. This thing is a behemoth when viewed from outbound Academy Street. It will be nice to have the ARC property & Especially Auto redeveloped into something that will help visually block that long facade. Anyhow, it's going to be a great location for people looking to rent and the added population in the West End should help sustain businesses on that end of downtown.
  4. Exactly what it is -- it's tilt-up construction. They pour the concrete on the ground and will erect it in place.
  5. I appreciate their visioning exercise and ambitious goals. It looks like a very impressive development. However, I'm not convinced that this area of the county has the demand to see this built out anywhere close to the vision. I'd like to be proven wrong, as the trail holds so much potential as a catalyst for development. I struggle to take comments about Bridgeway Station seriously.
  6. I'm not sure I follow the simplifying down of a very complex program of spaces that will all support the function of this new facility. When someone is booking a convention, they are going to be looking at all of those spaces for their use. Maybe it's a welcome event the night before hosted in one of the art museum galleries, a pre-function space breakfast the next day, conference seminars in banquet halls, and a full afternoon gathering in the largest event space to close out the event. This is not a taxpayer-funded expansion of Embassy Suites. That's a simplification of the circumstanc
  7. Still looking fantastic:
  8. I took a detour on a run this week to check this place out. It certainly looks pretty nice and will place folks in great proximity to the SRT.
  9. Glad to hear you had a good experience. Is there a shuttle from the new economy lot, and do they provide a covered waiting shelter?
  10. It will fit in with the other townhouses nearby. The rear elevations are incredibly boring. I’m glad they must have had guidance on naming of streets. The tennis theme will not be missed, though Mayberry Village needs work. Why not use Gibbs or Westfield, instead of a street you don’t even touch?! The amateur aspect of their submissions make me wonder how successful it will be. It’s a fantastic location.
  11. Great - I like the sound of that! I’d love to know the locations they’re considering!
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