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  1. GvilleSC

    South Carolina's population growth

    It's pretty exciting to see Greenville nearing the 70,000 mark. For anyone who watched Greenville dip around 56,000 before beginning to rebound, it would certainly be a big mark to hit.
  2. GvilleSC

    The glut of available office space downtown

    They were sold to Jacobs. Not exactly just packing up and leaving... except to Mauldin. but your point of available space is true.
  3. GvilleSC

    New 160 Acre West End Park

    Greenville once again raises the bar for public space and parks in South Carolina.
  4. GvilleSC

    New 160 Acre West End Park

    I was excited about everything that had previously been presented about this park. Now, I'm blown away. This sounds very well thought out and I'm glad to see how diverse the uses will be. The observation tower sounds potentially really awesome! Hopefully its final design will be as iconic as envisioned and we'll have an awesome landmark. The smokestack-like gesture of the tower seems appropriate for Greenville's west side. Has the City done extensive rezoning and master planning for the land surrounding the park? I don't think I've seen anything significant on this end yet.
  5. GvilleSC

    Power Lines

    This is nice to see! This area of town is going to be interesting to watch as the new park moves forward. The new development and redevelopment in this area currently is barely scratching the surface.
  6. GvilleSC

    New downtown federal courthouse

    It's pretty remarkable! An entire block of asphalt soon to be GONE!
  7. GvilleSC

    Greenville County Square

    I’m surprised the FAR isn’t higher. I guess they want more open space, just hope it doesn’t feel too suburban.
  8. GvilleSC

    Greenville County Square

    That doesn't bother me. They can address the intersection with Augusta with other measures. The important thing to me is that they're routing the busiest/widest street further away, bringing more land area into a connected, pedestrian friendly zone.
  9. GvilleSC

    Greenville County Square

    WOW! That building is gorgeous. Secondly, I love the re-routing of University Ridge.
  10. GvilleSC

    Markley Station

    I like the mural!
  11. GvilleSC

    The West End

  12. GvilleSC

    Greenville Transit

    That's an interesting concept-- seems like a great idea for Charleston right now
  13. GvilleSC

    Camperdown (Greenville News Building Site)

    Bravo, Danielle! Thanks for the shoutout, gman!
  14. GvilleSC

    600 East Washington Street

    I thought they had done that a while back? Never mind.
  15. GvilleSC

    600 East Washington Street

    I assume this is like every other application that holds an informal review w the city and withdraws for design tweaks and resubmission? And, I agree-- I think these (both size of development and location) seem to make a lot of sense as condos.