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  1. THIS is the quality of reporting and writing we get from The Greenville News. NOTE: I also clicked on the article and read it to ensure that it was about shellfish. It's not. It's about charitable giving.
  2. Interesting choice, but I like it! Definitely helps add to the vibe of the Village.
  3. I'm very excited about this! I hope they have tables outside and generate activity in a way that the blues club has never really done.
  4. This is looking great! They have the signage up on the exterior, near the intersection of Camperdown/Falls.
  5. GvilleSC

    The West End

    I dislike that they're moving from one storefront (Main Street) to another (Augusta Street). Hopefully something more interactive replaces their former location.
  6. I cannot imagine that most people even know what it is. I wouldn’t trust that number.
  7. GvilleSC

    The West End

    That's a good call -- will be nice to maintain what exists.
  8. Let's be clear here: The City of Greenville has made serious efforts and taking big strides to ensure the preservation of affordable housing in the Southernside neighborhood. It wasn't free, and it wasn't without thought and effort. Secondly, it's quite presumptuous to assume that their efforts are now complete. I don't know where that notion comes from. As for the dramatic numbers that keep getting referenced regarding the racial makeup of West Greenville and Southernside: have you ever considered that more diverse population moving into a neighborhood is going to dilute the concentration of one single race? You're referencing percentages, not actual households. The neighborhoods are densifying and a lot of previously undeveloped land is being developed. Yes, existing housing is also turning over, but that's not the entire story.
  9. I don’t think I understand the repeated comments about Greenville not doing enough. Can someone explain what it is that they believe Greenville is limiting their action to? I think the city, and certainly the council members, understand this and continue working on it. This park is an 80 year promise realized. The city engaged the neighborhood to ensure they understood their vision for this green space. The city purchased all of the land south of the park, and was very strategic in their re-zoning and planning to protect the residents, and strategically direct investment.
  10. Yes, I wonder how the neighborhood faith and community leaders felt as the protesters shouted on their behalf during the invocation. Lillian Brock Fleming nailed the history of the park’s creation, and its symbolism to the community. No liberal in need of a project for the day is going to change what actual neighborhood residents feel.
  11. The Greenville News has embraced an outrage first approach toward the stories they choose to tell. It comes across, at least to me, as an amateur tryout for the parent company, USA Today. I've become much more satisfied reading the stories and investigative journalism from The Post and Courier.
  12. Those functions, plus the environmental ones that are less visible. This park's creation has a huge impact on flood management for the Reedy, storm water management, soil clean-up, and preserving open space for future generations. It's a great use for hospitality tax funds.
  13. Downtown skyline and Auro Bridge. We could use a couple of taller buildings to break above the tree line.. West End skyline from the bridge:
  14. Thanks, and good point on elections. At least in Greenville County, while conservative, there is a great trail system that can help serve as incentive.
  15. This looks very interesting. I couldn't find a better image off of a quick search, but does anyone know if the walkway folly contains chimes, or lighting, or what it is that hangs down? I'm rather impressed that Sealevel donated this sum. What a nice corporate citizen! ------- Today is THE DAY! Congratulations City of Greenville and Greenville community on the realization of this long range vision! The environment is better for it, as is the health of the City itself, and the citizens.
  16. ^^^ To that end, this is all just visioning. It would be nice if the City would adopt a plan and strictly enforce it in this area. We can all see how Verdae's initial masterplan devolved into the hodgepodge of development that we have today. Other than pretty pictures that I love for their "what if?" factor, I don't expect 25% of this to come to pass.
  17. Yea -- I don't have too much faith that County Council would pass such a proposal. Could it even be passed by council, or would it need to be on the ballot for the voting public?
  18. Didn't Michael's used to be in Verdae Village (or Marketfair or whatever it was called at the time), before taking over the former Circuit City space? That would be humorous little historical study of Laurens Road as a corridor through the decades.
  19. I really like the patina look. It matches the other bridges in the park, and the new rabbit sculpture.
  20. State legislature passed a bill allowing counties to tax for the purpose of creating and enhancing green spaces. Summary of the bill below: The County Green Space Sales Tax Act (S.152) – authorizes counties statewide to establish up to a 1% sales tax by referendum to purchase and enhance county green spaces. Counties could exercise “home rule” to protect critical natural areas in their communities or improve access to existing green spaces. I'm happy to see this pass. Hopefully this is embraced across the state to enhance our local communities. If not, then it doesn't really mean much, I guess!
  21. To be fair to yourself, all concepts of the play spaces were very limited in their scope. They certainly were not inspiring. This probably has to do with initial images being limited to initial imagination/scope versus the reality of successful fundraising enabling a great final product. To your other point -- I agree that the City generally knows what they're doing when implementing these long-studied and planned visions.
  22. Here’s a zoom of the mountains above the train in the larger photo.
  23. The park is looking great. Phase I will be exciting to see open tomorrow. I can't wait to see the final product completed! For the nay-sayers regarding the height of the observation tower: this is from standing at the corner of Mayberry and Hudson Streets. There are two places above the tree line where you can see the Blue Ridge. The observation tower's grade may be a couple of feet lower, but the fact that you can see the mountains from a height of 6' means that you'll be able to see a fair bit with additional constructed elevation. This image's quality will not do it justice, but I'll try to zoom in and post some snippets of this photo.
  24. Pleasantburg should be reduced to 5 lanes for the majority of its length, but particularly on South Pleasantburg.
  25. It would be fantastic if the geese would pick up after themselves, too. Pet waste being left along the trail in front of Riverplace is problematic. View near the intersection of Mayberry & Hudson. It is going to be exciting to watch the height limit maxed out to the south of the park (left of this photo).
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