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  1. Of course! It's called credit cards.
  2. It's funny how the streets didn't always line up, which explains the name changes we see today, as well as how they shift (i.e. Townes/Richardson/River Streets & Falls/Spring streets).
  3. Nice read in the WSJ about Greenville: The Breakout Cities on the Forefront of America’s Economic Recovery - WSJ
  4. This can only be good news following the terrible news from Five Points recently. Ultimately, the city has to deal with the underlying issues.
  5. Seems pretty solid. 133 units, and 5 stories up on Academy. I like that they're including a community-focused commercial space along Calhoun. I look forward to a more detailed look at the designs.
  6. Covid relief removed the work requirement from unemployment benefits and then that has been extended by subsequent bills until the fall I believe.
  7. The problem is some people think the recreation of ruins in Mauldin is beautiful. Some people don’t. That would be a rather swampy game to play with developers.
  8. I thought the same thing. Very poorly written.
  9. I think it's actually fairly interesting in design, and fits with the emerging vibe of this stretch of Lauren Rd -- thinking murals/artsy, breweries and swamp rabbit trail-oriented development that has emerged in the last couple of years between Washington and Pleasantburg.
  10. I thought the site layout was actually fairly decent, but the designs of the actual buildings are awful looking.
  11. It seems that the Agfa site on Academy Street is 4.78 acres. They're proposing various uses on that site, including 230 apartments, a hotel and office space. Still difficult to compare and understand how they may be laying out this site. I'm afraid we may be getting a layout similar to the backside of Southridge.
  12. Agenda says it's 5.27 acres for 179 apartments. I'm not sure how that compares to other developments in terms of size.
  13. Well, we know that South Carolina has officially jumped Alabama to become the 23rd most-populous state. Look forward to additional numbers and statistics coming out soon.
  14. The McClaren is showing up nicely from Unity Park.
  15. We don’t actually know if they are preserving the Church street side of their lot for future expansion, or if there is a planning reason for their siting of the building. Maybe their future application will address this, or maybe the DRB will push back on them. This is very true.
  16. LOL -- agreed, the peacock to 98 E McBee is for sure worse IMO.
  17. These are all fair points for everyone to consider. It will be more interesting to see the lighting scheme and material selections when they actually submit their design plans to the DRB. One thing is for sure, they're going to have great signage opportunities to be seen from both directions on Church Street.
  18. I've not seen Asheville's airport plans, but their airport currently sucks. Old GSP was by far nicer, more spacious, and a better experience. They have a long way to go to match and surpass the renovated GSP.
  19. Funny that you guys are talking Asheville. The last two times I have booked flights into Greenville through Expedia, their emails will use “flight to Asheville (GSP)” in their correspondence with me. It’s really confusing and strange.
  20. This is really nice, and will be quite a dynamic property offering so much for the neighborhood.
  21. I appreciate the 8 story height and definitely the mixture of uses. Well done.
  22. When will we see the design of this go before the DRB?
  23. Remember: this is going to be walkable. Especially that plaza with zero trees. The glamorizing of this development is hilarious. At least it IS mixed-use, but the final mixture of uses will determine how sustainable it will be in reality, and that remains to be seen for most of us. Traffic will be terrible.
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