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  1. Prankster

    Grand Rapids Then and Now

    As someone who rode it back in the 70’s at Herp’s, I remember it being quite small and cramped. Don’t think anyone over the age of 12 would be able to fit in it.
  2. Prankster

    THE Downtown Market updates

    Spectrum will continue to operate out of this location. It is not affected by the work being moved out of state.
  3. Prankster

    Transit Updates for Greater Grand Rapids

    Old station on Wealthy is in very bad shape, and would probably need to be leveled an rebuilt.
  4. Prankster

    People talking about Grand Rapids

    Seems like there has been a fair amount of bashing other cities on this forum over the years, namely Detroit. People who live in glass houses...
  5. Prankster

    East Beltline Developments

  6. Maybe it’s just my perception, but it seems like CWD has bitten off a lot more than they can handle. They have done some great work downtown over the years dating back to theie Second Story Properties days, but there was no movement on this or the Fifth Third campus for quite a while now. And the 50 Monroe Place is taking a very long time. Again, not judging them by the quality of their work or what they’ve done for downtown in the past, but their new projects are at best moving at a snail’s pace, and at worst dead in the water.
  7. Wow, very underwhelming.
  8. Prankster

    New projects on the West Side

    Sorry, not familiar with who Brady is. What are those pics of?
  9. Prankster

    What are Grand Rapids' best assets?

    One thing to keep in mind when bringing up the lower cost of living is the wage scale is lower too. So whatever money is saved from lower costs may be offset by smaller paychecks.
  10. Prankster

    Blue 35 - 35 Oakes - Heartside Manor/Merten Hotel

    We’ve eaten there several times, and enjoyed it every time. Not your usual meat and potatoes menu, but something different if you enjoy being a little adventurous with your dinner. Also, the decor very much reminded us of a French cafe. They did a very good job keeping it authentic.
  11. Prankster

    Hinman project - new 13 story hotel at 10 Ionia

    Seems like it would be kind of small for a flagship Marriott it Hilton. Hilton Garden Inn would be perfect for that size, because I am sure they are not going to have all the amenities that go with a flagship brand.
  12. Prankster

    Warner Tower - Lyon and Ottawa

    Was wondering why they would put glass over a parking garage. Seems like it would become a gas chamber with all that carbon monoxide being trapped.
  13. Prankster

    Grandville Castle Apartments

    Except for the turrets not being as tall on top, looks pretty true to the drawing.
  14. Prankster

    RFP - 201 Market

    From the preliminary drawings, it reminds me of a smaller scaled version of Portland’s South Waterfront development:
  15. Prankster

    New projects in Monroe North

    It seems like they are reading from a manual on how to make a “cool city”, and are forcing it to happen. But what they are failing to understand is by doing that, it comes across as contrived and cheap.