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  1. So they’re getting the band back together...wonder what other projects they are alluding to besides the convention hotel.
  2. “A later phase of the project will include revamping the service alley on the west side of Van Andel Arena, including replacing the parking lot adjacent to HopCat with a green space.“ they’re going to turn the parking lot into green space?!?! If that happens, there goes one of the most developable spaces in downtown.
  3. At 32 rooms, can’t be a major brand.
  4. Unless there is something historic underneath, like there was with the AC Hotel, I wouldn’t think that the facade would be worth saving.
  5. I work in automotive supply chain, and that is not unusual at all. Depending on on how long the part is in production (anywhere from 3 - 7 years), plus you are also required to provide another 15 years for any service requirements. And the customer could add another 5 years service on top of it, so a part could have requirements up to 27 years.
  6. Being a national insurance hub and corporate hq for some of the larger insurance companies helps too.
  7. Not sure why this article and the GRBJ article both say 706 and 725 Bond Ave. NW. there are going to be 2 buildings?
  8. Thanks for the pics, they bring back a lot of memories. My grandparents, uncle, mom, brother, and I all graduated from St. Adalbert’s. A lot of family history at that church, school, and 5th Street Hall.
  9. Someone who works for Spectrum can correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought Spectrum already has a good system of having employees part in remote lots and bussing them in.
  10. How about the new building at 20 E Fulton? It’s been empty since it was built, so the space should be pretty much white boxed for any tenant that would move in there.
  11. The other part to having a full on pharmacy is they offer the convenience items such as hair brush, birthday card, or a bag of chips. They fill that niche when people are in a rush and don’t want to commit to a run to the grocery store.
  12. Back in the early 2000’s when it was talked about “what does a successful downtown need”, the 4 things that were held up as a sign of a success was a movie theater, grocery store, bookstore, and pharmacy. We now have the movie theater and grocery store, and a bookstore is now an antiquated business model. That just leaves a pharmacy for prescriptions and quick get items. I wonder if that is still being pursued?
  13. Anything on the level of Little Goat would be a big win for GR.
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