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  1. “Grocery store”…ah yes, the ambiguous promise that all developers make, but rarely produce.
  2. Glad to see this finally get the green light. My daughter worked on the design, and they were having a helluva time designing it around the power generator.
  3. I agree with you. But unfortunately, in regards to most commodities, the supply chain issues will take years to get corrected.
  4. Good God, every time someone mentions that the preservationists lose their minds over losing the Calder painting on top of the county building that no one can see.
  5. https://www.tommysgrandrapids.com/map-hours-directions-boats-dealership--locations Tommy’s Grand Rapids, a boat dealership
  6. I remember going shopping there with my mom when it was Atlantic Mills.
  7. When have we ever seen anything move quickly in this town? For good or bad, the city leaders have always been a deliberate and cautious bunch of folks.
  8. Not being political, but West Michigan is not a UAW stronghold.
  9. In absence of fact, we speculate. And with the group we have on this site, it is usually pretty accurate.
  10. Whatever the use may be, it sounds like they will run it like the McKay Tower, which they also own. When they bought it a few years ago, they said that they were trying to diversify their holdings and investments away from just gambling. Not sure what the final product will be for the BOB, but it will probably be used as a similar investment.
  11. It will be interesting to see if it gets value engineered down to the 12 story height that so many of it’s predecessors did.
  12. What iteration are they on now? Seems like they built and are re-building Rosa Parks Circle in the time it is taking to start building Lyon Square.
  13. not sure how having a parking lot is good for the area.
  14. For us with bad memories, where is this parking lot?
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