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  1. Can you share if it will have anything with some height to it?
  2. That is assuming that it will be open to the public and not having some sort of fence around it.
  3. My guess would be Wahlburger. He was in town a couple of years ago touting how he was going to put a couple of locations in the area.
  4. It seems that WoodTV has taken over with better reporting on downtown that MLive used to.
  5. I don’t doubt you, but where did you see that? Did they give a revised timeline to start?
  6. My point about the direct access was for passengers. You already have a decent amount of semi’s clogging the intersections at the lights, especially at 36th and Patterson. If you double or triple that semi count, it will slow down traffic to a snails pace.
  7. I would think that if they are planning on making this a major commercial hub, they are eventually going to need to build direct access to I-96.
  8. Maybe it’s just the angles of the pics, but it looks to be very sparsely stocked for such a large space.
  9. Not sure how a Hampton Inn could pull off a “high-end resort feel”, but this will be a nice addition to that area. The beach and surrounding park always feels desolate and run down every time we go there.
  10. Never understood what it was about our demographics that prevented WF from putting stores in our metro area. I’ve been to a lot of area with smaller metro areas that had multiple locations. oh well, better late than never.
  11. Are there any airports in Florida that we don’t have a direct flight to?
  12. Does anyone know if there will be any exterior lighting on the tower?
  13. Not a surprise, but too bad none the less.
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