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  1. My daughter helped train and open that location of Sweetwaters (she works for the original one in AA when she’s in school at UofM), and she said that the location is beating their initial projections. It’s a pretty big space, dog friendly, and they source all there baked goods from Wealthy Street Bakery.
  2. Will be nice to have a seafood option downtown that isn’t high end and expensive (Leo’s, Charley’s Crab).
  3. Looks like it was inspired by the police station (old city center).
  4. I can vouch for this place. I’ve eaten at the ones in Chattanooga, Knoxville, and Greenville. The biscuits alone are worth the trip.
  5. The bottom line is downtown is about to lose a lot of employees, and have a lot of square feet going back on the market. And they missed out once again on landing a new corporate office. I really don’t see how this could be a positive for the downtown area.
  6. Not sure the importance of the traffic barriers in front. In all it’s existence, I have never heard of someone jumping the curb and mowing down concertgoers. Is that a real threat?
  7. Being a lifelong resident (50 years), this sums this area up perfectly.
  8. Having all income restricted housing does nothing for a building. Isn’t that what the high rise projects that were reviled and tore down in larger cities, to be replaced by mixed income developments, were?
  9. I would think that it would be too narrow in spots for any commercial shipping.
  10. They were not well received with their original shop in Detroit, so they moved out to California and became a success. They never seemed to forgive Detroit for the poor reception to their shop
  11. Keep in mind that Rockford Construction was the same company that touted a major corporate hq for Cherry Street Lansing back in the ‘90’s. It ended up being United Way.
  12. What is the announced opening date for the hotel?
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