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  1. What iteration are they on now? Seems like they built and are re-building Rosa Parks Circle in the time it is taking to start building Lyon Square.
  2. not sure how having a parking lot is good for the area.
  3. For us with bad memories, where is this parking lot?
  4. They were opposed because downtown was just starting to gain traction as an entertainment district, and they feared a new casino in the metro area would siphon off the people going downtown.
  5. I may be mistaken, but I thought the Van Andel arena is too small to host NCAA tournaments. At least it was when it first open.
  6. Looks like Gazelle Sports will be opening next May at 52 Monroe Center.
  7. Seems like the new Brann’s building set the bar low for this stretch of Leonard, and this is just following suit.
  8. For the GRCC fieldhouse, they have put a lot of money into renovating the interior. My daughter plays basketball for them and she said that everything is new with the court, etc.
  9. A diner would be a good addition to that stretch of road. It adds some more variety.
  10. Ah yes, the increase traffic and decrease home value pushback. A time honored and golden standard of NIMBY arguments.
  11. That’s a shame. Texas de Brazil would have added another option to downtown dining. Plus, they have really good food.
  12. Would sure be nice if this and the Sligh Furniture development both happened. That would leave only 1 old factory left to redevelop - the old Baker Furniture building on North Monroe. Wonder if this could happen if the Sligh block is done, or if that will be too much availability for the demand. If so, it would be a matter of who could get their shovels in the dirt first.
  13. They love those Texas suburbs, don’t they?
  14. Can you share if it will have anything with some height to it?
  15. That is assuming that it will be open to the public and not having some sort of fence around it.
  16. My guess would be Wahlburger. He was in town a couple of years ago touting how he was going to put a couple of locations in the area.
  17. It seems that WoodTV has taken over with better reporting on downtown that MLive used to.
  18. I don’t doubt you, but where did you see that? Did they give a revised timeline to start?
  19. My point about the direct access was for passengers. You already have a decent amount of semi’s clogging the intersections at the lights, especially at 36th and Patterson. If you double or triple that semi count, it will slow down traffic to a snails pace.
  20. I would think that if they are planning on making this a major commercial hub, they are eventually going to need to build direct access to I-96.
  21. Maybe it’s just the angles of the pics, but it looks to be very sparsely stocked for such a large space.
  22. Not sure how a Hampton Inn could pull off a “high-end resort feel”, but this will be a nice addition to that area. The beach and surrounding park always feels desolate and run down every time we go there.
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