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  1. I’m afraid I just keep up with the gateway station / silver line. is this actually happening? I know that phase of of the station is wrapping up, so I’d assume yes. However, from other discussions, it sounds as though the silver line is a completely tossup. but if the silver line might not happen… how does the gateway station exist? Am I missing something?
  2. Okay I’m glad I’m not the only person confused by the “Belk Freeway River” topic. also, how would you get into uptown… drive through southend? That sounds awful. I guess the point is, there should be less people driving.
  3. Genuine question. Don’t people want this to be a river or something?
  4. Has anybody seen this? Lots of interesting details on the below website. It says ‘conceptual’, but still. Any other insight into the status or even possibility of this happening? This website is a hidden gem if you ask me! http://www.developuptownclt.com/
  5. Shame… an Amazon tower would look awesome in uptown
  6. No wonder my badge didn’t work. Any idea who is now the tenant of the jukebox?
  7. Honestly, I think it’s a no brainer, and would be a massive win for the city. I work for Wells Fargo in uptown. The amount of empty space is mind boggling. No idea why they bought the Duke building. The juke box is vertically empty.
  8. Thanks. I’ve heard something to this effect before, I guess I just don’t understand. It feels as though smaller condo units would be popular amongst young folks looking own property in uptown rather than rent. If there’s such a huge demand to rent in south end / uptown / noda, why wouldn’t there be demand to buy smaller units? Idk
  9. Here’s a another question… how on earth has the below Parking lot not been developed yet? Looks like prime real estate if you ask me. I would personally love to see a “car free” condo/apartments high rise on this plot. Mon that topic, why aren’t there any new condos in Charlotte?
  10. What’s the status of the intercontinental hotel? There seems be be constriction of a glass structure below. What about the hotel?
  11. What is the status of the intercontinental hotel? I’m seeing glass structure at the base on Tryon. Is there going to be a hotel above?
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