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  1. I ordered a paper from this company after reading some grademiners reddit reviews and they completed on two of the questions I paid for. I requested a refund and they only offered 50%. When I asked why they lied and said I didn't send the entire paper.
  2. They tend to be on the high end of medium when it comes to cost but have a quick turnaround. However, scribendi reddit users know the quality of their work. It seems to vary across the board. They were there a decade ago. I have not used them since. They were quite good. However, the anonymity of the editors makes it difficult to build a relationship with one editor. You are assigned someone randomly and have very little ability to communicate. Fiction was a mixed bag. The editors I received (which had assigned numbers) were not very helpful. Some editors got what I wanted, while others didn't. I decided to stop using them because I wanted to build a relationship with someone who understood the world, was willing to work alongside me, rather than just edit, giving me a vague response and then moving on.
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