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  1. origin.clt

    Future Skyline Rendering

    The pinkish buildings are what I would consider rumors at this point, so none of those should be considered confirmed in size, shape or height. The ones shown in gold have either broken ground or gone through some portion of land development review process and/or show positive signs of movement. I'll look into adding what is currently shown in the Brooklyn Village proposal.
  2. origin.clt

    Future Skyline Rendering

    Miscellaneous views featuring all of the currently announced developments and massings of what is rumored at Legacy Union and Spirit Square (per RDF).
  3. Can't share the model, but I'll generate some images with the buildings you listed.
  4. Just a best guess based on the public rendering. To me it looks each side's pair of curtain wall elements continue past the flat roof and are supported by an exposed steel frame. This would leave the south facing side open, visually.
  5. Mocked up at roughly 646' in height.
  6. origin.clt

    Charlotte's Tree Canopy

    ^ Grabbed a couple of shots on the way to work. And there is an equally cleared area a short walk downstream for the other side of the billboard.
  7. origin.clt

    Charlotte Greenways and Trails

    I haven't been through there recently, but as of a week and a half ago it appeared that crews were in the process of pouring a 4 or 5 foot wide walkway underneath the existing Morehead Bridge. Not an ideal situation by any means as it was pretty much at the same elevation as the creek and will probably be covered in silt after heavy rains.
  8. origin.clt

    UNC-Charlotte Construction

    I can agree with the harsh and brutal aspect of those new buildings. Again, an issue of scale - large sections of precast concrete facades and simple commercial windows. Careful landscaping and vegetation could go and long way in helping mask and or compensate for this. The buildings at the CRI are the worst offenders, however, the bad classical design tag can be applied all over campus. The filling in of additional buildings and/or a football stadium really aren't going to fix the problems rooted in bad architecture. Even when it is fully built out, Toby Creek will prevent it from being truly connected to the main campus. It's too bad because it really could have been a special place along the future light rail line.
  9. origin.clt

    UNC-Charlotte Construction

    I think you could say the same thing about some of the original 1960s Odell stuff on Charlotte's Campus. It looks obsolete these days. I don't mean to insinuate that we were advocating cutting edge architecture, because we weren't at all. In fact, we were pushing for more sustainable buildings and a concern for scale and connectivity around campus. I don't have any problems with classical architecture when it's done correctly. I think one would have a hard time finding many places more "collegiate" than some of the schools Woodward was emulating - Columbia in NYC comes to mind among others. The difference there though, is they didn't just plop poorly-scaled buildings in a grassy field and run 8' wide sidewalks to the doors with almost no concern for any exterior space.
  10. origin.clt

    UNC-Charlotte Construction

    From my experience as a student, the university's more recent administration seemed to hold resentment towards the architecture school and it collection of assets. Any time we would reach out and try to influence growth, it was met with much resistance. They were far more interested in creating a campus full of a buildings designed in an almost cartoonish classical style. I could go on and on. Too concerned with image and keeping the good 'ol boys happy... (from my point of view)
  11. I think you have it right JayGee. If you look at this construction photo below, that siding is actually over a 3 story void behind the slanted section of window wall facing Tryon Street (opposite side of the 4 evaporators). All they would need to do is wheel the machine over there and lower it 12-15 feet for it to be hidden.
  12. origin.clt

    NASCAR Hall of Fame

    handheld photos just aren't able to capture the lights very well. while i was watching they were running through static color spectrum shifts as well as occasionally racing various colors around the ring.
  13. origin.clt

    Charlotte Photo of the Day

    awesome pics initiald. taken this past thursday.
  14. As of 7:30, lights were being tested on the chamfered corner of the tower that faces The Green. It consisted of about 3 floors of color changing LED fixtures quickly scrolling through the entire color spectrum in unison. The system looks to be made up of two evenly spaced fixtures mounted at each floor line, casting light up against the curtain wall and adjacent faces of the white corner massing. There are mounting brackets on every floor so it looks like each of the 4 chamfered corners will be lit this way from bottom to top. Should look nice.
  15. origin.clt

    SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    while there this morning, those louvers appeared to be there to ensure the parking deck had enough open wall space to meet the code requirement for naturally ventilated parking structures.