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  1. Attempted to model the building based on the initial rendering and the description a couple of pages back. No clue how close this is, but a tower of this scale will definitely make an impact. Very curious about what the Carson side of the site looks like given that it faces townhomes.
  2. Yesterday's evening skyline from the 36R approach
  3. 8/30 Update - 2 partial levels of steel on the west tower.
  4. Hawk update. Almost halfway up now.
  5. Dusk from a busy Romare Bearden Park.
  6. View from Bryant Park on a clear and hot afternoon.
  7. Most likely elevator components about to be hoisted up to the roof.
  8. Deep foundations subcontractor looks to be mobilizing on site
  9. The pinkish buildings are what I would consider rumors at this point, so none of those should be considered confirmed in size, shape or height. The ones shown in gold have either broken ground or gone through some portion of land development review process and/or show positive signs of movement. I'll look into adding what is currently shown in the Brooklyn Village proposal.
  10. Miscellaneous views featuring all of the currently announced developments and massings of what is rumored at Legacy Union and Spirit Square (per RDF).
  11. Can't share the model, but I'll generate some images with the buildings you listed.
  12. Just a best guess based on the public rendering. To me it looks each side's pair of curtain wall elements continue past the flat roof and are supported by an exposed steel frame. This would leave the south facing side open, visually.
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