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  1. If this station east project gets built it would be a small business district on the east bank and expand nashvlle's skyline. Also, this project would help increase the vehicle traffic to east bank. Oracle is the centerpiece of the east bank, because it's going to be thousands of people working at oracle and that's going to bring alot of vehicle traffic, so it's going to be a need for housing, restaurants, grocery stores, hotels, and retail stores on the east bank because of all the people working for oracle. If this station east project gets built it would be good for the east bank it would make the east bank better
  2. Both stadiums look good, Buffalo is going to build a nice modern uncovered stadium which I think their fans will enjoy. Nashville is going to build a domed stadium that offers great views for fans watching the game and that can host the super bowl, ncaa final four and other events !!!
  3. I look forward to seeing these proposals getting built 14th and hynes, 1401 church street, reed district, and albion music row these are all interesting projects that is going to grow the midtown skyline and make it taller
  4. I look forward to seeing the renderings for this building. With this proposal being across from the nashvlle rescue mission and all the development that's happening near it I think the mission should be moved so the site can be redeveloped. That would lead to more towers, restaurants and retail stores being built.
  5. A domed stadium is good for the titans players and the fans, if it's cold outside or raining outside while there's a game players and fans don't have to worry about the cold or getting wet up in the rain because they are in a domed stadium. Also, am ok with the new stadium having less seats if it gives fans a better experience of watching the game. The new stadium design is different , it's not round it's a big square domed stadium and there's not another nlf team playing in a stadium similar to it. So that's why I like the tennessee titans new domed stadium design.
  6. I like the tennessee titans new stadium design, it's nice. Also, I watched a video on it, and I seen several tall buildings near the titans new stadium and the whole area was just amazing!!!
  7. Am excited that the tennessee titans are going to build a domed stadium. I think that the domed stadiums and stadiums with retractable roofs are the best looking stadiums. So, with this staduim costing $2.1 billion I expect this stadium to have a very nice design and be one of the best looking stadium's in the nfl.
  8. 1,350 apartments and 75,000 sq ft of restaurant and retail space is good for this project. Which is going to lead to alot of people living there and alot of pedestrian traffic and vehicle traffic in this area in midtown. Also, with a building at 575 ft that will be the tallest building in midtown and outside of downtown period. I just wish the design of the residential buildings were better.
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