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  1. the stone exterior on the first floor is cool, is that what is beneath the second-floor facade?
  2. Article about the proposed development at Plainfield and Quimby: Developer plans 72-unit mixed-use apartment project in GR’s Creston neighborhood (mibiz.com)
  3. Interesting that GR Business Journal just did a puff piece on Jonathan Jelks and didn't mention that he was an owner of Ambiance.... Inside Track: He won’t stop … maybe ever - Grand Rapids Business Journal (grbj.com) didn't we already establish that the city gave Ambiance $45,000 to cover rent?
  4. Grand Rapids amphitheater proposal remains on track | WOODTV.com “As the city starts to move off that site, we can really be intentional about the portion of the site we’re moving off from. But I think we’ll see active development happening end of 2023, 2024.” - Mayor Bliss
  5. I'd be interested to read the agreement they signed in order to receive these funds. I don't know anything about this kind of agreement, but I wonder if there are any conditions where they would have to pay the money back (e.g., mismanagement of the funds). That could explain why they are so hellbent on blaming their failures on the "safety" of downtown.
  6. I think that in this instance, it reflects more poorly on the operators of this business than the state of downtown. They cite the lack of covid relief and the riots as major reasons for their closing, but the business didn't even open until December 31, 2021....sounds like they are just making up a bunch of excuses for a poorly run business. I've never felt unsafe in downtown Grand Rapids, but I have also lived in bigger cities, so that may affect my expectations for a downtown area.
  7. Very cool. I found some picture of it...looks like a neat building, i wish it was still around!
  8. The Break Room is no more! I drove by this morning and it's just a pile of rubble now. You know which property I think would be amazing for redevelopment? the Burger King on Plainfield. I would love to see it replaced with a mixed-use building. it's right across from a grocery store, walkable to local businesses, and located on a bus route. I know it probably isn't realistic, but I can dream, can't I?
  9. Looks like they have submitted an application to the planning department for this project. Some additional info from the application:
  10. Eh, that is just something that happens in cities. The big mistake would be if the trash cans were not constructed with materials that would be easy to clean. I guess we will find out!
  11. Small bit of housing news for Creston: 2 vacant Grand Rapids properties to be redeveloped into family homes under city proposal - mlive.com I like that the city is eying vacant lots for opportunities like this.
  12. lol good question. I didn't and still don't know what you would call that area. v Either way, I found my asnwer with a little research. It's a 2.35-acre solar installation partnership between Spectrum Health ( or Corelife or whatever) and CMS energy. https://mibiz.com/sections/energy/consumers-spectrum-health-partnering-on-solar-array-to-help-power-gr-rehabilitation-facility
  13. anyone know anything about what looks like a solar farm being installed near the I-96/I-96 split?
  14. You make some good points. The size of the Autocam (or Autodie?) facility is jarring from an aerial perspective. I think the city's continued plans to develop parkland along the perimeter of the district will continue to bring growth, just not at the pace we would like.
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