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  1. HighRiseHillbilly

    Charlotte area population statistics

    I'm just telling you what I know firsthand.
  2. HighRiseHillbilly

    Charlotte area population statistics

    I can't speak for Garringer, but most everyone I know who went to the other two schools went to top tier universities and are now doctors, pharmacists with their own pharmacies, and other medical professionals, as well as other enviable professions in New York, D.C. and Chicago. Even the parents who do the stay at home thing went to Chapel Hill and ran businesses for a while. There are good programs there that turn out some very smart, successful adults. I did, however, just read a bunch of comments from students that attend Ardrey Kell flat out tell adults to stop putting their school on a pedestal as it is filled with drugs and alcohol. And everybody knows Providence kids will meet you in the Arboretum parking lot to sell you whatever drugs you're looking for. Wasn't this discussed here a while ago? Point: Both areas have their positives & negatives. Public school is public school be it in town or in the suburbs.
  3. HighRiseHillbilly

    Perception of Charlotte Nationwide

    They're on the chicken mini yeast bread instead of a bun. And they're good.
  4. HighRiseHillbilly

    FNB Tower 401 S Graham St

    Side note: I wish Gov. Cooper would push a little harder to bring film back. I enjoyed our little boon a few decades ago.
  5. HighRiseHillbilly

    Good New Restaurants

    I still miss Spaghetti Warehouse. I thought that trolley was so cool when I was a kid.
  6. HighRiseHillbilly

    1000 Room Convention Center Hotel

    Almost everything I read about what's wanted and what's coming sounds like it's geared to that demographic. I took my 4 year old nephew uptown twice and now he always wants to go. ALWAYS. In a few years he and his obnoxious teenage friends will want things to do up there. My parents are both in multiple, large social organizations that get together frequently. Those old people have a lot of time and money on the hands. They like to do things as well. And I know that when I'm even more old & decrepit than I am now that I'd love to wait for death on my daily stroll through a fancy aquarium.
  7. HighRiseHillbilly

    Charlotte Tech News

    There's nothing more active and exciting than a small cluster of restaurants that regularly goes black after 8:30 PM.
  8. HighRiseHillbilly

    Atherton Mill Redevelopment

    Do you happen to know how much a station costs?
  9. HighRiseHillbilly

    Good New Restaurants

    Don't recall seeing this update here... Breaking: Charlotte's newest uptown restaurant to have superstar French connection http://www.charlotteobserver.com/living/food-drink/article211159754.html
  10. HighRiseHillbilly

    Faison Development, 7th & Caswell

    Maybe don't clear a big swath if land next time without ensuring that you can do what you said you were going to do. I understand that there will be fluctuations, but that's a mighty big reduction in promised goods. Please let us know how that meeting goes & if anyone throws a shoe at that guy.
  11. HighRiseHillbilly

    Charlotte Tech News

    If it's not directly in the city limits my interest goes down & my pettiness goes up.
  12. HighRiseHillbilly

    Republican National Convention in Charlotte

    My point has already been stated & uttered over various news platforms & government decision meetings. If you choose to ignore that for the sake of....whatever, then that is your choice.
  13. HighRiseHillbilly

    Republican National Convention in Charlotte

    OK. It's not at all the same situation, but OK. It's hard for them to find willing hosts, but OK. OK....
  14. HighRiseHillbilly

    Republican National Convention in Charlotte

    Because they don't. I may be in the minority here, but my viewpoint is understood by many municipalities around the country. Article: Nobody Wants to Host the GOP Convention in 2020 https://www.sacurrent.com/the-daily/archives/2018/05/02/nobody-wants-to-host-the-gop-convention-in-2020-brad-parscale "Such intangibles can outweigh the potential financial benefit of rented hotel rooms and big-spending delegates, observers said. Especially when the long-term economic impact of a four-day convention may be negligible."... "That embarrassment would come as it strives to attract high-tech investment and reposition itself as a location friendly to young professionals."... "What’s more, there’s a considerable chance whatever city plays 2020 host is looking at an instant replay of the ’68 Democratic convention. Those bloody riots squarely landed a black eye on the city of Chicago and Mayor Richard Daley."... This was just the first article Google spat out. There are plenty more. I've voted Republican, I've voted Democrat, I've even voted for various 3rd parties. This isn't about personal political affiliation as someone alluded to. This is about the welfare of the city, it's citizens & guests.
  15. HighRiseHillbilly

    SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    There's no appropriate reaction button, so....