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  1. Is this the first/only place in SouthPark with lights?
  2. I think adding something like this closer to the core of the city gives the area a more "family friendly" (for lack of a better term) feel. While the style may not be great architecturally, it will, prices permitting, attract more "regular folk". It's the regular folk that bring in those neighborhood, lived-in atmospheres we want in these areas. As much as today's youths drive me bananas, seeing them walking around these core neighborhoods means we have reached new levels of the places people call "home". I see them trickling in to uptown and Noda and this will increase them to Belmont as well. They'll go out with their crappy music, ridiculous slang, unoriginal outfits, dad's money, and signify that this is a good place to live and invest. As long as the whole area doesn't turn into this, a little drop here and there is good yeast.
  3. I've been getting ads for luxury assisted living for months now. I'm 41 and super broke. It's not appreciated in the slightest.
  4. These pictures are great, but nothing does justice to how it looks in person. I drove through the other day trying to avoid the President's traffic jam. It is like a whole new city out there. I have only been down Barkley Downs to Fairview or Fairview to Park. I knew this construction was happening, but it is SO DIFFERENT. If you have the time, take a drive through the area. And take me with you so I can look without having to watch the traffic.
  5. Does that mean I'm addition to the mill itself?
  6. I really hope they keep the colors they are using here, that Panther blue and the mint green. Looks good, different, won't clash with the black, not too far off from hornets teal (if that matters), and actually has something to do with the city.
  7. Wait...what?? I wasn't aware that alcohol there was a thing. These kids today.... Sometimes it's OK to be old fashioned and not let people get all schwasty at work.
  8. I confess to not knowing much about college conference sports, but there is another university in town with a basketball team if you just want to go watch college basketball.
  9. They really are, and the black trim on them is a nice touch.
  10. That does seem like a long time to not have finished the outside since the last update. I don't know how much the owner of the building has to do with it if anything at all, but I know there was a family issue that may have thrown him off his game.
  11. It's weird up there. There really is a lot of land available, but it's just....weird. I stated how much I love the look of those Verde apartments (I hope they can replicate them in another part of town), but they face a Shomars and a plasma donation center. Some other new apartments down the street have a nice view of a Waffle House. Not necessarily suburban, but not necessarily desirable. It's not sexy up there, and that's something I don't see changing. It would take decades, but I could definitely see that area being more developed than Southend if they start jamming stuff in and being smart with the space. Some of the new developments have way too much parking. If you factor in all the worthless buildings that no one would miss (Famous Mart) there's nothing but room for growth. I'm interested in seeing what happens.
  12. I tried to quote him to say exactly this, but your post popped up. Glad I'm not the only one.
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