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  1. The bitterness is probably as specific as the call out. Sounds like someone whose ex left them to move here or something similar that makes you want to complain to anyone who'll listen.
  2. I was under the impression that the game was sold out long ago. Are there still tickets available? I'm kicking myself for canceling my RR deposit.
  3. While I would love for them to hurry up and open, I would rather them get as much done as possible beforehand. Are we assuming or do we know for ure about Aix Rotisserie?
  4. Didn't know where to ask this, but does anyone know what is going to happen to the Tech Zone space on the College St. side of Bank of America Tower? One of the glass panes was broken a few weeks ago and now the store is slowly being packed up. The only information I could find is an Observer article about the store opening in 2016. I've been walking by every day and don't think I've ever seen anyone in there.
  5. Not sure of the rules, but I see and hear chickens everywhere.
  6. I remember this. I used to go with my coworkers after work. It really was a cool place to hang out and have a few drinks.
  7. Thank you. That is very cool. I had no idea what that was made of. Sounds expensive.
  8. When was this? I don't remember that at all.
  9. Charlotte, NC mentionedin this article about digital drive thrus. https://amp.businessinsider.com/chipotle-cava-drive-thru-compete-fast-food-2019-4
  10. Saw this on the way to work the other day. It had a North Carolina license plate. I guess they still wanted to show their Buffalo pride. Yes, my windshield was covered in pollen.
  11. But there's a perfectly good 90s design just waiting to be splashed all over that thing.
  12. Yes, please. Up or down. Who decided that placement was a good idea? Give me a ladder and I'll move it myself.
  13. I used to love Cosmos. They're literally tearing up the dance floor now. Big chunks of pavement ripped out.
  14. It seems to me like they're trying to establish a "scholarly" classic university look since most of the buildings were a bit bland/modern. .....Or am I thinking of CPCC?
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