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  1. Blue signs (DDRC) are up on the Kline site.
  2. IMO the one across from the post office looks better. The palmetto trees help, and there's just something very municipal-appearing about that parking garage.
  3. Surely he plans to turn the parking garage into more of an aesthetically pleasing part of the property. That thing has always been real hard on the eyes.
  4. From an objective perspective, if Charleston overtakes Columbia as the state's largest city next year or by the 2020 census, it will be because of some of the following or a combination of the following: 1) many of the 6,000 students moving into Columbia's downtown-area apartments already live in the city limits 2) Columbia annexes fewer people than Charleston 3) many of the young professional and empty-nesters moving into downtown Columbia apartments (and any condos built by then) already live inside the city limits 3) more people move outside of Columbia's city limits than move outside of Charleston's 4) fewer births take place in Columbia's city limits than in Charleston's 5) more deaths take place in Columbia's city limits than in Charleston's 6) fewer people move to the Columbia area in general than move to the Charleston area, since some of the people moving the "areas" will just happen to end up living inside the city limits of each city 7) Columbia loses more millennials to other places than Charleston does, including millennials moving from Columbia to Charleston 8) the houses that become empty because of USC students moving into downtown apartments, remain empty ....... and other factors, I'm sure.
  5. Well, then I go back to peripheral construction and added pillars throughout the garages.
  6. All in the world it would take is peripheral construction and added interior pillars in the parking garages to hold the weight, if that's even needed. Surely they drove pilings way down to support all of the parking garages as they currently exist. Is there anything in particular about the way parking garages are built to support however many floors they have that is inferior to how 25-story buildings are built? If so, I guess people are parking in dangerous structures in which the bottom level could give way to the weight above it at any moment.
  7. The words "built on top of" don't mean "supported by" apparently.
  8. After the Mercedes announcement in the Charleston area, I emailed the governor and congratulated her on all of her jobs announcements. "But," I asked, "what is Columbia - chopped liver?" A woman from her office called me within an hour and said they, too, found it frustrating to see so many jobs announcements but nothing significant for the Columbia area. She said they want to see the whole state prosper and do well, but that they live in the Columbia area and especially want to see it do as well as anywhere else in the state with new jobs and growth. She said they are working hard to attract companies, including jobs for the Columbia area, and to stay positive and let them know anytime I have anything I want to suggest. In the meantime I accepted a job in Charleston and will be relocating there in July. I want to see Columbia do well, though, and actually it is doing well, but a big jobs announcement it can boast about and feel validation over would be great for the city and area.
  9. The annual metro growth rate perspective is basically Charleston's 2% to Columbia's 1%. The numeric gains released in late March were 15,000+ to 8,000+ Charleston. The metros' sizes are 800,000 to 727,000 Columbia.
  10. With the Gamecocks losing in baseball now, maybe baseball fans will flock to Spirit Stadium.
  11. And those bragging rights go a long way. Some might not realize that, but they do go a long way.
  12. Actually Columbia has not been annexing very much at all. The doughnut hole annexation effort hasn't filled in a lot of doughnut holes. The mayor and the city council person who emailed me back indicated that the city's annexation efforts from here on out will save the day. We'll see. A new "grassroots" (as the mayor called it) push to coax people to be annexed in is the plan, I guess. Unlike Charleston, Columbia has to build the density downtown first, then cram the people in, and there is a LOT of infill to be done - A LOT - with the ability to build much higher than in Charleston. Charleston obviously can't annex and build in the harbor or ocean, but I don't agree that it is limited by water enough to keep it from getting and keeping a larger population than Columbia from here on out. New York is limited by water, but it just gained more than any other U.S. city and is approaching 9 million people, and the newcomers aren't settling in vertical Manhattan as much as in the outer boroughs that are in the city limits.
  13. I emailed my thoughts on this to the mayor and my city council reps. One rep replied that they saw the report and are working on strategic annexation. The mayor replied with the following: Thanks Matt, but between a much more grassroots approach to annexations and aggressively getting more market rate housing downtown, we’ll keep ahead. Charleston is limited by height restrictions and water…we are not. Also, see this excerpt from an article in Governing. Data Limitations Several states and local jurisdictions publish their own population estimates that differ from the Census data. The Census Bureau computes population estimates by applying a distributive housing unit method to county-level household populations. Numbers of housing units in cities were estimated using building permits, mobile home shipments and calculations of housing unit loss. The Census Bureau does not collect vital statistics at the subcounty level as those figures are instead distributed down from counties. One of the limitations of the Census methodology is that it generally doesn’t incorporate housing conversions from commercial to residential units or vice versa because most states don’t report this data to the Census Bureau. All the best.
  14. I have visions of the developer dressing up the facades of most of the garages and implementing both peripheral and central reinforcement techniques to support the apartments.
  15. CorgiMatt


    Are you talking about the block where the mini-power plant sits close to Park Street? Renovations and infrastructure work are underway on the Palmetto Compress Warehouse. Palmetto Compress Warehouse under renovation in Columbia, South Carolina by Columbiadata, on Flickr Site of the future Congaree Waterfront Park that will connect Coble Plaza north of Gervais Street to Granby Park south of Blossom Street - part of the Innovista master plan. The site of the future Congaree Waterfront Park by the Congaree River in Columbia, South Carolina by Columbiadata, on Flickr
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