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  1. Blue signs (DDRC) are up on the Kline site.
  2. IMO the one across from the post office looks better. The palmetto trees help, and there's just something very municipal-appearing about that parking garage.
  3. Surely he plans to turn the parking garage into more of an aesthetically pleasing part of the property. That thing has always been real hard on the eyes.
  4. Well, then I go back to peripheral construction and added pillars throughout the garages.
  5. All in the world it would take is peripheral construction and added interior pillars in the parking garages to hold the weight, if that's even needed. Surely they drove pilings way down to support all of the parking garages as they currently exist. Is there anything in particular about the way parking garages are built to support however many floors they have that is inferior to how 25-story buildings are built? If so, I guess people are parking in dangerous structures in which the bottom level could give way to the weight above it at any moment.
  6. The words "built on top of" don't mean "supported by" apparently.
  7. With the Gamecocks losing in baseball now, maybe baseball fans will flock to Spirit Stadium.
  8. I have visions of the developer dressing up the facades of most of the garages and implementing both peripheral and central reinforcement techniques to support the apartments.
  9. CorgiMatt


    Are you talking about the block where the mini-power plant sits close to Park Street? Renovations and infrastructure work are underway on the Palmetto Compress Warehouse. Palmetto Compress Warehouse under renovation in Columbia, South Carolina by Columbiadata, on Flickr Site of the future Congaree Waterfront Park that will connect Coble Plaza north of Gervais Street to Granby Park south of Blossom Street - part of the Innovista master plan. The site of the future Congaree Waterfront Park by the Congaree River in Columbia, South Carolina by Columbiadata, on Flickr
  10. I think shuttles, attractively marked crossings at intersections, and enticing landscaping along sidewalks will all come together to tie things together from Columbia Common to the river and from the North Main area to Rosewood Drive basically. But speaking of buses (no commuter trains here - yet), every Sunday morning, including this morning on the way out to breakfast and back, several buses crossed our path in several areas of downtown. On a couple of major thoroughfares, there were two buses up ahead and one behind us. I made mention of how it feels to see that on a Sunday morning no less, and how it helps give you the feeling that your city is a true city and not a backwater hell hole. For the record, an 81-year-old friend of ours moved to Charlotte last year to be closer to her daughter. She is still able to drive back to Columbia to visit, and on her last visit she said she couldn't believe all the construction going on here. Also for the record, I'm not comparing Columbia to Charlotte. I'm just saying.
  11. The more bodies I see walking across Assembly Street because of the critical mass that's occurring development by development, the more seamless it's getting all the while.
  12. CorgiMatt

    Five Points

    They have a chain-link fence around the property now.
  13. That's the back of it. The monument is supposed to recall the old World Trade Towers. I think the scale is nice, and I appreciate that a dog is part of it. And the bent metal beams are actually part of the old towers.
  14. Growing up in Swansea and going the back way to visit my grandparents in Newberry, I viewed Irmo as railroad tracks.
  15. CorgiMatt


    It's an engineering company. http://www.husseygaybell.com/
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