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    Homewood Suites - Main and Markley

    Just went by there just a few minutes ago and it appears that they are assembling the crane today.


    Well they can't muck it up any worse than they already have. We will just have to see.

    Grand Bohemian Hotel

    It's the change in the roofline. I don't know if I'm really feeling the flat roofs. Felt like they are forcing things to get this thing through. Just my opinion.

    Greenville County Square redevelopment

    Everyone is basically rehashing the same points. But essentially the market will determine what's going to be built and where, with maybe a couple of exceptions. Like with the city of Greenville buying property around downtown for the main purpose of affordable and work force housing. So just because people don't hear about those kinds of things, please don't assume they aren't happening. And by the way everyone isn't going to want to be in downtown proper. Being a mile or even two away is more than close enough. That's where public transportation comes in. Being honest that is where the focus should be. Normally land cost justify that kind of development. And that puts at least 95% of people who want to live close to downtown someplace to live.

    Greenville County Square redevelopment

    Look for all who are thinking that this site will ever have a low income or an affordable home option need to keep dreaming. The price of this property will make it prohibitively unobtainable. Every development in and around downtown shouldn't be aimed at the upper to middle class. And I think we all can agree with that. But there are/will be other areas that affordable housing will work.

    New Greenville developments

    I would have to assume that alot of this stems from the Pendleton St. Church project and the neighboring community. I get it. Most development is spreading out so fast that surrounding neighborhoods want assurances that they won't be next. And there will be a next one. Think County Square, areas along Church, Main, and of course Pendleton Streets. There are countless number of other examples and you all get the jest. Planning is important.

    Grand Bohemian Hotel

    Well, with that many rooms and accompanying space. Height is to be expected. So we would have to imagine the first floor would have administrative office, restaurant, and museum space. Then account for minimum 10 to 15, maybe more, rooms per floor. Being in that tight a space. Well you do the math.

    Stone Avenue/North End

    Now I can say this. If they hadn't built those cottage home directly behind there. And then plan to construct a driveway from townes to wilton then I could possibly see something like that. But that is a would of, should of, could of kind of thing.

    Stone Avenue/North End

    Long of short of it is this. I went back in and talked to the guy who I got the initial info from about the potential buyers. He told me that a developer had approached them about building a multistory apartment building stretching from their property over to the property next door. Maybe a couple hundred units. He kind of said it in passing, the first time we spoke. But I think when this person came back he knew he was seriously considering it. But I said then that something like that happening there was slim to none. Traffic would've been crazy trying to get that many vehicles in and out of there. Unless you constructed a back road onto wilton. But I know the folks in the Heritage Historic District and Viola Street were not gonna have that. So Im figuring they scrapped that idea.

    Stone Avenue/North End

    I knew that there was alot of intereste in this property. Kind of glad this one materialized. The others I had heard about were going to get alot of push back from the folks in the neighborhood. Especially the apartments mentioned in the article.

    Office Building - Japanese Dogwood Ln.

    Well everybody should've seen this coming. With all but a few spots in or near the river downtown. Developers are going to get in where they fit in. In regards to this one though. They are definitely going to have to make some changes. Good spot bad design.

    The Rumor Mill

    I gotcha.

    The Rumor Mill

    I believe the mystery over the signs is over. If you were watching the Olympics last night, I don't remember when, you saw a commercial with two animated cars. Well it was the latest drunk driving deals and in it the drunk driver mentions the signs to the officer. Edit: may be a coincidence, but the commercial was about something else. The plot thickens.....

    The West End

    It doesn't look like the church building itself. But the community center building. They never really used it. Letting another church use it on Sundays and New Horizon did have space there, but not any more. Since there new building went up across from Memorial, they have not been there. So like Pendleton Street Church they started to see the dollar signs. Good location. It shouldn't take long before they get some very good offers. Next to Pendleton and Greenlink , you don't see that kind of acreage in the neighborhood. I'm not talking County Square. That's something totally different.

    Poinsett Highway

    Well it didn't surprise me at all that they would have done something like this. The manager in its present location says the company doesn't usually build there own stand alone buildings, since the city basically are pushing them and all that type of business out of the city limits, are now being forced to make some unusual decisions. There is one on South Pleasantburg drive, down from Mcalister Square, that is being forced to do the same thing, There building a new store on Mauldin Road across form BI-LO. Matter of fact, they said it anger the owner so much, they intentionally chose this site. Saying the Poinsett location was a symbolic stand by the owners. A thumb in the eye of the city, so to speak. Basically saying we're literally in eye sight of our old building and look at what we are doing and there is nothing you can do about it. But they probably could have been a little premature and should have done there homework. The city has had its sights set on annexing that area. That's whether people want to believe it or not. So sad it went down that way. But we will to see what happens........