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  1. The steel has started to go up on the Med School.
  2. Build it. Indoor/Outdoor Pool and all. I would much rather see it built than Moch's because it would be nice to infill Monroe before the secondary streets. This would be a great addition to the area.
  3. Yes they will. The column bases will eventually be covered with dirt when they remove the access drive and regrade the hill down to the highway.
  4. The Star on an elevator is the International Symbol for emergency services (Star Of Life). It designates an elevator that is on emergency power and able to fit an ambulance cot.
  5. Move your circle left to where the piers are. The piers are what you are seeing in the picture. FYI they have also started the piers on the north side of the building.
  6. Yes, that is a water feature. The water ends in a reflecting pool on the first level.
  7. Even the "level" portions slope to drains so there would still be the issue of trying to make it flat. The floor to floor heights on most levels are also too short to work for other functions. The clear height is about 8' on most levels throughout the deck.
  8. The tunnel is three parking levels below the Cancer Pavilion (about the midpoint of the building in the east/west direction) and will connect to the Children's Hospital. It will not be for public use.
  9. I will PM you my address for the $50. The louvers have a 50% or more openess factor which means that those levels to not need to be mechanically exhausted. The airshaft are for the lower levels. As someone stated, if glass was to replace the louvers more cost would be added to the mechanical system and the structural system to add airshafts and exhaust fans. It's never as simple as it seems. There needs to be positive air movement at every point in the structure. The small entry/exit openings would not provide enough area to accomplish that. Nope, it was always planned to be louver
  10. I don't have the code in front of me but doesn't it say that the parking needs to be screened? Look at the detaling on the Icon wall (or lack therof) and the RDV Michigan Street wall. Now you tell me who did the better job of breaking down the mass with relief and various materials. The Icon wall, except for the tiny planters, doesn't change plane an inch in its entire length. It even had the easier job because it had a flat site to work with. I don't think I am the only one that can see there is NO attention to detail on the Icon wall but the Michigan Street wall uses various materials
  11. I don't know where you're getting this 60% requirement for parking but you are way off. Please re-read the code to find out what it actually states for parking (it must be screened). There were no "passes" given. Geo would have no problem getting the 60% waived because it doesn't apply to parking. These projects as well as ICON didn't even need a vaiance to do what they did. It is allowed and almost required. So let me get this straight. You are advocating getting rid of the planters and detailing that help break down the scale of the building. The planters will greatly soften
  12. That is the correct place for the school. There is one more level of parking to be built and then the plaza/first floor level on top of that.
  13. Per code anyone can build a blank wall without a variance. Ground floor uses are "encouraged" but that's it. In fact, per the code, if you have parking you pretty much have to build a blank wall in order to screen it. The only way it's ever going to change is to change the code to "require" ground floor uses but then the developers will scream that they can't fill the spaces.
  14. Tower 25 There are actually 2300 spaces and still not enough.
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