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  1. Delta will add 3x daily MEM-LUV (Dallas-Love) service starting in July. This complements additional service Delta has added between Memphis and Texas cities to make up for loss of service once the Continental codeshare ceases to exist once Continental moves to Star Alliance and out of SkyTeam. Kudos, MEM!
  2. I didn't even know there was such a flight, but BNA-BOS on Delta will be eliminated starting in early September.
  3. Before jumping into the hot topic, I must say that I'm very impressed with the look of the new parking garage. This is a very attractive "front door" for MEM, and I think it shows that MEM is moving in the right aesthetic direction. Now let's find some new designs for terminal improvements!! OK, on to the NW/DL merger. If/when it is approved by the DOJ, I honestly would not jump to the conclusion that MEM is out the door. I'm not going to be ignorantly optimistic like some officials in the CA who spoke of how MEM is safe and is guaranteed to see growth with the merger; however, I'd ask everyone to be slightly realistic. ATL is approaching max capacity (contrary to what some earlier poster seems to believe). Further, while MEM and ATL slightly overlap, ATL is definitely entrenched in the Southeast whereas MEM is further to the west. This could enable MEM to capture westbound traffic rather than cause travelers to backtrack through ATL. At the same time, MEM is the most marginally profitable NW hub due to extremely low costs. IMO, it is not a question of MEM against ATL; it is one of MEM against CVG (Cincinnati). In this duel, you have to compare a SLIGHTLY higher O&D market at CVG as opposed to better weather and much lower operating costs at MEM. Furthermore, you have CVG, DTW, MSP, an IND focus city, and one could even say JFK all overlapping each other with the "new" Delta as opposed to just ATL and MEM overlapping. Further, DTW, MSP, and JFK could easily absorb CVG traffic. ATL can't exactly do this with MEM. I personally don't feel 100% secure in the MEM hub status, but at the same time, I feel a lot more comfortable with this merger than some residents in Ohio should be feeling.
  4. MEM retains its status as the world's busiest cargo airport for the 16th year in a row...growth was at 4%, a decent improvement from the 2.6% seen in 2006. Experts still expect Hong Kong to overtake MEM in the next few years; however, it's good that the MEM growth is over the US average of 2-3% cited in this article: MEM Retains Lofty Title for Cargo
  5. It's really sad that Frontier is basically receding back to focus solely on Denver ops. It seems as though they are trying to pay attention to competition from Southwest at DEN and hopefully overcome it. Unfortunately, this isn't good news for all of the cities that basically have had to see a reduction in service...
  6. ORF (Norfolk, VA) COS (Colorado Springs, CO) BDL (Hartford, CT)
  7. Pretty good news on the Northwest front for new service to MEM: MEM-ORF MEM-SAN MEM-COS MEM-BDL What's interesting is that the MEM-SAN flight was supposed to be served by a Compass E175; however, it has been upgraded to an A319 before service even begins on this route. MEM-ORF and MEM-COS are both restored routes; however, the MEM-BDL route is new and a very exciting addition to the MEM hub.
  8. Cohen Ready to Defend Hub It's nice that some leadership in Memphis knows how to handle an issue pertaining to the city (sorry...still reeling from Bass Pro). Cohen makes a good argument against all the naysayers who are for closing the hub and allowing Southwest to come in.
  9. What's great about it is how it's not your typical RJ...it's very roomy. I flew on it from Memphis to Boston (a 2.5 hour flight), and I was quite comfortable. 6-8 of them will be based in MEM, so it should fuel some growth and add capacity to some routes. It'd be a nice way to expand MEM Caribbean service.
  10. Does anyone know when the Breda cars will be on the D line?
  11. I actually just checked it out and the San Diego flight is a returning destination, so it was offered at one point, but due to slot restriction/crowding (both have been mentioned) the flight went away...very odd b/c apparently it was an excellent performer. As far as SLC and Hartford...um, neither is really all that important. MEM actually just lost its SLC flights on Delta, but that was due to a reduction in capacity at the airport from Delta. MEM was one of many cities that were cut. However, with those cuts came additions on MEM-ATL flights (nothing special, but it compensates for the void to the SLC hub). Yeah, Hartford is part of the Boswash megalopolis, is a fairly important business destination, and provides an alternative to flying to NYC...however, not having service to Hartford is not an indicator of MEM being a weak hub. We have ample service on three airlines to the NYC airports, so I don't think MEM has anything to be worried about. I'm not trying to be rude, but I think you need to reevaluate the MEM hub. It is a very strong hub for Northwest. Articles in the past week show that it has a higher profit margin that the DTW hub, without it Northwest wouldn't have nearly the presence in the South that it currently has, and it serves a purpose as the growing Caribbean hub for NW. Even going into merger talks, Steenland recently announced basing some of the 787 fleet here for MEM-NRT flights. I don't think that would be mentioned for a place where "anyway you look at it, it isn't a strong hub." I wouldn't be so quick to write off the MEM opps for NW.
  12. Starting May 2, Northwest will be adding a long-awaited MEM-San Diego flight. It will be operated on the Embraer 175...it's a REALLY nice plane. Flew on one back here to Boston from MEM.
  13. Cohen Hearing on Possible DL/NW Merger This should be interesting...
  14. It may be far too expensive, but it is a bit more advantageous to have a legacy hub here than be a Southwest station. Business class, international flights, and more non-stop flights are better for attracting businesses to the city. Also, to echo what others have said on here, I'm certainly not going to fully support a NW/DL merger, but at the same time, don't completely go against it or listen to what other folks from the TN forums may have stated on threads. I have a feeling CVG would close before MEM due to the fact that it will conflict with the DTW and MSP hubs that can easily take more capacity as well as an IND focus city (though I can imagine it closing in a merger). MEM simply has overlap with ATL, which doesn't exactly have space for all of the MEM capacity. Plus, it's still debatable over whether DL will pursue NW or UA.
  15. The Embraer 175 on Northwest subsidiary Compass began flights from Memphis and Detroit this week. I flew the MEM-BOS flight tonight, and it certainly is a beautiful plane! Nice to see the B concourse atrium is very nice...though, it was extremely tight with the evening bank and the narrow corridors.
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