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  1. I didn't even know there was such a flight, but BNA-BOS on Delta will be eliminated starting in early September.
  2. It's really sad that Frontier is basically receding back to focus solely on Denver ops. It seems as though they are trying to pay attention to competition from Southwest at DEN and hopefully overcome it. Unfortunately, this isn't good news for all of the cities that basically have had to see a reduction in service...
  3. Does anyone know when the Breda cars will be on the D line?
  4. Haha, whatever you want to believe. I do read what you write...you obviously don't read the paper. Check out today's Tennessean. Prior to JetBlue entering the Nashville market, the average BNA-NYC flight was $373...that went down to $177 for Delta...I think you'd call that Delta cutting its prices. I don't think New Orleans is too much of a high-profile destination these days after Katrina. It's recovering, so it really isn't much of a stretch to place New Orleans and Nashville into the same boat. The added fact that NYC is one of the top destinations from New Orleans is also an added similarity between the two. Furthermore, I keep hearing this blame that JetBlue didn
  5. Consider this...Delta is competing with JetBlue on the BNA-JFK route, so when B6 is charging $207.30 for the flight r/t (11/14-11/17), Delta charges the same thing...now, when JetBlue is gone and Delta has the route to itself, do you really think that is going to remain at the same price level? The B6 love goes beyond just its hubs and focus cities. As I mentioned before, they didn't become one of the highest-ranked American carriers on service through New York and Boston alone. My family in New Orleans loves flying on them, and the only destination offered is to JFK. Furthermore, the MSY flights are doing farely well and have been around for quite some time. Like I said, though, it's hit or miss in certain markets, and apparently BNA was a miss. Considering the low load factors from BNA, I really don't see where you're getting that B6 is going to be full of regret...obviously they've given BNA over a year to prove itself. Losing money is something many airlines were doing over the past few quarters...however, as you corrected yourself, JetBlue posted a profit for the 3Q...and even when it was posting losses, they paled in comparison to the legacies (i.e. JetBlue posted losses last year ranging from $500,000 in the third quarter to $32 million in the first when legacies were losing billions). Furthermore, how are you saying they are hardly doing anything right? They came up with an entirely new system of passenger rights after the Valentine's Day Massacre at JFK, they got a new CEO, they are getting rid of poor performing stations and moving into more lucrative markets (i.e. the Caribbean)...i don't think I'd call that a halt in growth...it's a change in plans.
  6. That's kinda harsh...they had a rough Valentine's Day, yet they are still ranked as the top American carrier, so they're apparently doing something right. They may not have worked in Nashville, and that's too bad. However, I don't think they should feel too bad if the MNAA board isn't begging them to come back. People here in Boston love B6, and there are plenty of other stations that do and other cities that want B6 to come. It just varies from place to place. However, once the legacies start jacking the prices up again, you may see the MNAA warming up to a LCC on the BNA-NYC routes.
  7. I saw that too...that stinks because I was going to fly B6 to BNA for a weekend at the end of January
  8. hey, I posted this on the MEM forum, but it pertains to Nashville too... BNA-EWR service on Continental is expected go all mainline as Continental drastically cuts its regional jet presence at EWR. It's nice that BNA and MEM will go mainline for at least some Continental flights...
  9. That's so weird...my dad's office used to be in the 23rd floor of Clark Tower before they moved out to Southwind
  10. True. While I'm not really holding my breath, I have heard that the 787 has been mentioned as ideal for international routes out of MEM on Northwest. Primarily because it would make longer runs while having a pax size suitable for the MEM hub. For instance, the long pursued MEM-Tokyo route has been mentioned as possible with this basically because it's the right size...a 747 from MEM to Toyko would be excessive. I certainly see most of the 787s going to DTW or MSP, but I'm kinda curious to see if this could be an aircraft that NW uses to expand international ops from MEM. While Frontier's around, it could happen just because Northwest is hotheaded like that hahaha. I'm surprised American doesn't add some international ops from BNA. RDU still has a subsidized LHR or LGW flight, I believe.
  11. ya never know...northwest has some ordered...maybe they'll be friendly and use one from MEM haha
  12. haha same. Does anyone know when work will begin at the Greyhound Station? I went to see Justin Timberlake @ the Forum last night, and on my way out, we all noticed that the Greyhound and the people who own the King's Court Hotel must be sitting on a gold mine because both are pretty much surrounded by great developments.
  13. Lexy, do you know why Frontier has suspended BNA-CUN service for four months? I find that VERY odd
  14. That's great, and I really hope Northwest does expand; however, I also hope people in Nashville begin to realize that it is much much much easier for them (if they have to connect) to fly Northwest because it's an extremely short flight if they go through MEM and it helps not just MEM but the entire state. However, as you have said, Northwest is a new airline (or trying to be) coming out of bankruptcy, but I wouldn't hold my breath as far as focus cities go just because they haven't worked entirely well for them in the past. The MKE focus city is basically gone and IND hasn't seen immense growth and people have been waiting for an IND-AMS flight for forever. I hope they do add point-to-point destinations, but I wouldn't count on it happening. The newest thing NW has for expansion right now is simply adding these E175s and CRJ190s to routes
  15. I certainly agree with you, but doesn't this contradict what you've said earlier about how people you've talked to claim that Northwest just isn't as popular with the BNA crowd as American or Southwest or US Airways? I would love to see growth from Northwest at BNA, but the only thing I've heard is that there will be additional service with these CRJ-900s and ERJ-175s
  16. OK, I know how this will come across, but i seriously think miscommunication on airliners.net is transferring over here. The guy on airliners.net who said BNA will be a focus city for the E-175 of Compass means that Nashville will be one of the first cities to see it and that it will play prominently in BNA-MSP ops. He did not mean that Northwest is sprouting a focus city in Nashville. Why would they when the MEM hub is down the road, and according to people on this board, people in Nashville simply prefer AA over Northwest? I'm not trying to be a skeptic, but there is no point in getting a rumor blown up. I certainly think this will be a good thing for Nashville, but I wouldn't expect a large focus city to grow from this.
  17. yeah, that would explain a lot b/c it just seems like Northwest is refitting a TON of its 757s for international service. Hartford, CT has gotten an AMS flight, and I don't think it'll be the last city to get one.
  18. I'm going to laugh if BNA gets the 757-200 people because I know the people at IND were so stoked and had to wait FOREVER to get a 757 flight out of there, and it's a focus city. I really hope this happens for you guys! I would think it'd go on the Detroit flight just because i know BNA-MSP will be served with mainline and added Compass service on the ERJs. Who knows...BNA-MEM would be cool on a 757 haha. I know those flights are always packed too
  19. It'd be neat to see FedEx open up something in Nashville. I'd much rather it be at BNA than in IND
  20. sounds good. I know Northwest execs were in town this week for a conference downtown about Japanese/TN relations...granted, there could have just been a lot of hot air floating around, but it would be nice to see a flight to Tokyo and then start 757s on NW running BNA-MEM haha...short flight, but o well. i know compass is operating the CRJ-900s at first, so I would guess they would fly BNA-MSP initially just because compass seems to be focused on MSP right now. I think the BNA-MEM routes are all mainline, so I hope that doesn't change. or, like you said, if anything, they just tack on another flight with a CRJ-900 or ERJ-175. ah, well...I've wanted to try the ERJs with JetBlue anyway. maybe i'll head up on a busy weekend when an A320 does a Nashville run haha
  21. agreed. A lot of people in the industry refer to Mesa as the Wal-Mart of airlines just because they undercut a lot of the other regionals. Nice pics, Lexy. When did JetBlue upgrade service to an A320? I think I'm going to fly from BNA to Boston on JetBlue (via JFK). I'm excited either way, tho. btw, i heard that BNA will be one of the airports Northwest will fly its new CRJ-900s into (from MSP). It won't get rid of all mainline, tho, so it's good news. In fact, the new CRJ is supposed to be incredibly nice, so that should be cool.
  22. ahh, gotcha. my bad...sorry, with WN and F9 thrown in the mix, i was like, "wait, those are LCCs too!" haha, sorry
  23. LCC stands for Low-Cost Carrier. The USAirways codename is simply US.
  24. The stock market drop is primarily the market simply correcting itself after a "honeymoon" phase. It's this coupled with Greenspan's remarks about a potential recession later this year as well as the fact that the Chinese government announced yesterday that it plans to regulate some of its business practices...which could slow down its economy as well as our own...but housing start numbers today were higher than expected...should be a pretty good sign.
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