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  1. I could not read it all..... What I did read sounded like East Nashville list serve /message board.FB..... ha
  2. River North Combined CBD Properties Ovation - Franklin Century Farms - Antioch
  3. Nashville International Airport

    Ouch! A peak into how the sausage is made... " Airport board fires CEO Rob Wigington Rob Wigington, the CEO of Nashville International Airport, is out. The Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority, which oversees the airport, voted unanimously Wednesday to remove Wigington from his position. Wigington had been on medical leave since July 22. Wigington will be replaced by Doug Kreulen, the airport's interim CEO. It was not immediately clear if Wigington will receive any severance payments, similar to the payments which helped put the ousted CEO in the crosshairs of his board. Wigington is the fourth executive to depart the airport within the past year and a half, with Chief Legal Officer Bob Watson, Chief Financial Officer Stan Van Ostran and Amy Armstrong, senior vice president and chief people officer for workforce strategy and development, also leaving. A document from the airport's management committee meeting, shared on Twitter by a Tennessean reporter, outlined several reasons for Wingington's termination. The first bullet point cited his failure to disclose $2.6 million in incentives over two years for the recently announced British Airways flight to London. It also accuses Wigington of "putting [the Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority in the] position of announcing and beginning a $1.2 billion BNA Vision plan with no chief financial officer, no chief legal officer and no chief people officer with immediate plan for filling those positions." Wigington's departure and Kreulen's tenure come during a critical time for the airport, with the $1.2 billion BNA Vision expansion underway and the new direct flight to London set to launch in May. Furthermore, the airport continues to break its own records, with a surge in tourists and business travelers coming to the city through BNA. Airport leaders recently said they expect to eclipse 14 million annual travelers by the end of this year, and are aiming to hit 17 million by the time the expansion is complete six years from now. Come 2041, the annual figure may reach 23 million, according to the airport's projections. Wigington's time on top has not been without controversy, including a consultant's report which described the airport's management as "paternalistic, dictatorial and centralized." In early-October, The Tennessean reported Wigington was in talks to leave the airport, having hired Nashville attorney Kevin Sharp to represent him in negotiations. Those talks began shortly after Wigington and his board were at odds over nearly $400,000 in severance packages Wigington approved for departing airport executives."
  4. Amazon will be a boon to any city lucky enough to land HQ2. As with any change there will be winners and losers....
  5. The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    I have been quiet on this plan (boondoggle?) waiting to see the final price details...wowzer. The only part of the plan I love is the referendum. If the people of Davidson Co. want plan, then my objections are really irrelevant. An earlier comment hit it on the head.....if passed, Barry has no ownership of a less than ideal outcome. on the other hand, the corporate community does seem to be driving the agenda...illustrated by the addition of a golden tunnel....long considered unworkable.
  6. Nashville Bits and Pieces

    Film doc of West Nashville Silo mural...very cool
  7. Margaritaville Hotel,12 stories, 145 ft., 215 rooms

    Article said Nashville location of XM station Margaritaville in lobby ^^^ forgot to quote question
  8. Margaritaville Hotel,12 stories, 145 ft., 215 rooms

    Not many details...just adding 52 timeshare condos. Repeats the Starbucks, JWB steakhouse and XM Station in the 1st floor.
  9. Federal Courthouse

    2 weeks left for parking. Nov. 01 demo of parking garage is scheduled...will prevent all parking except maybe on the extreme SW corner. Demo scheduled for 2 months and then they going the rubble to use as backfill. Blasting to commence as soon as building has been pulverized.
  10. Federal Courthouse

    Not 100% about this info...been disappointed before ... fencing going up....large garage to come done ASAP....think days or weeks not months to start...after that blasting starts to dig off 4 level underground garage...
  11. Upcoming events....lifeway out by nov. 06 demo of tall building on 9th will commence directly after
  12. This definite ups Nashville's profile... Amazon to sell prescription drugs
  13. Grand is as Grand does....maybe that is the lesson. Regardless I do like the rendering and the location....