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  1. Can we actually mention a Federal Courthouse on a non Coffee House thread. Because the #1 talking point is government incompetence ; )
  2. Good idea, but they must have been high as a kite to set their prices so high. We shall see if there is a market in that price range.
  3. Never once thought it was your job. How about we put a pin in this and circle back when the 'new rate' has been decided. With history as a guide I will place a marker that my new rate will be closer to a 45% percent increase that a 20% increase...we shall see.
  4. not angry at all, but thanks for checking... I strive to learn new things everyday. So, instead of twice letting me know "that is not how it works" why don't you explain how 'it' works? Thanks
  5. I did not claim that a 50% increase in assessed value equals a 50% increase in my taxes so I can only assume you quoted me by mistake... I looked-up the new assessed valuation for my property and then took the .25 factor and then applied the tax rate and THEN noted the increase in my taxes. So....
  6. Mine were already bumped up several years ago 2013 or 2014 I think. And honestly, I do not mind the taxes (this is a lie) if I felt the funds were spent wisely...
  7. WOW! Almost 50% increase in my taxes...glad we have such great school and roads, ohhhh wait a second.....
  8. DF Chase has been winning an extraordinary number of these recent hotel projects...
  9. Here is a simple, but effective thought.... Do not buy/acquire/condemn property for which you do not have any allocated funds on which to build. The feds have kept this block derelict for an outrageous amount of time when you consider the development boom taking place in Nashville. And before you bring regurgitate the old twaddle that private developers also suck (Palmer) least a private entity is not only paying property taxes but is also not using my own tax dollars to flip the bird at my window for 15+ years.
  10. word....Government! : ( - Striping the recently paved lot for parking - now looking to demo the still standing parking garage in August.... Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin' Into the future Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin' Into the future
  11. That stinks...loved that place...
  12. Update from the Downtown Partnership - The parking garage's demolition is the next step. However, the contract for the job has not yet been awarded. As of now they expect the demolition to start July or August....obviously no one is in a hurry to get this project moving....{sigh} They had not heard of any parking lot being planned in the meantime.
  13. The JW will look pretty when complete, but this project is moving at a snail's pace.
  14. I think they were having runoff problems from all the rainfall. I do not think it will be a parking lot as the demo on the parking garage should start any time....
  15. Chao and Sen. McConnell, her husband inherited from between 5 and 25 million when her mother died...the horror. Money made by her immigrant father who started a successful global enterprise after fleeing a communist civil war.