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  1. He did...which I read as R and not D
  2. Ha, if only....I would like to see the MSA number broken down by county....I think you will find WillCo, Rutherford, and Wilson providing more than a fair share...
  3. Last I heard, Baker Worthington Crossley Law firm was thinking of making the jump...that would be a good start.
  4. AJ Capital Partners paid $12.75 million cash for one acre of land at the intersection of West End Avenue and 20th Avenue North
  5. I will check online - that would be awesome if my taxes declined....still skeptical but will update - thanks
  6. A great development opportunity...wonder if they are fielding offers?
  7. The last-mile observation is valid, in fact I will post a picture later that demonstrates the chaos involved trying to improve the connectivity. I agree the article includes some opinion based on anecdotal evidence. For example, I wish he has footnoted or sourced the conclusion - I will try to track down these numbers. If they prove accurate, the facts buttress my existing misgivings regarding the wisdom Nashville's 6+ Billion dollar transit plan.
  8. I believe all points to be valid, but #6 speaks to the "will bankrupt Nashville" discussion... 9 Reasons Few Americans Use Transit
  9. Think of the Fed monies for LRT in the same manner as that of the Obama Care funding for Medicare expansion that was recently offered to the States. The Feds giveth and the Feds taketh away.....and the mandate remains. No federal money, yet the Nashville taxpayer will be on the hook for ever increasing operational, capital and expansion cost for the LRT system. That is where the author's bankruptcy headline originates.
  10. To be clear, are you advocating that the federal government step-in and legislate a prohibition against state and local governments offering incentives to private enterprises? I also believe that to be, not only unconstitutional, but unwise. I also believe it to be injudicious to build the Titans a new stadium on the backs of Metro taxpayers, but the politicians we vote in have the authority to enact such a plan.
  11. Bridgestone sign was mounted this weekend.
  12. pretty sure we actually said the same thing....
  13. I can cite chapter and verse of urban legislators doing the definition, government overreach is not limited to party or geographical labels. I will have to read the bill to see the justification of state authority over local autonomy. (Edit: if not then it is an overreach). However, I know you are not naive enough to believe the lobbyists for Nashville's hotels have not been been spending their 'time' influencing our local officials.
  14. Do we know when Zach Liff will start to develop the huge parking lot across from Cummins Station? That is so prime and would almost complete the development of that entire area from Demonbreun to 8th.
  15. I am so glad that David is involved. His goal is securing the MLS in Nashville, and the fact egos did not interfere with this deal speaks well for those leading the effort and the future of soccer in Nashville.