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  1. nashville_bound

    The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    I guess at least some Metro Councilmen and the 2nd leading candidate for mayor (Gilmore) disagree with your characterization.... " "We've got significant problems with this budget, and it's only going to get worse next year," Mendes said, arguing that spending cuts wouldn't change the outlook. "There's definitely no way to cut our way to prosperity on this," Mendes said. "There's no way to cut enough money to fund the pay plan, actually have a rainy-day fund at 5 percent (of the budget), and fund the schools budget." "The proposal, led by At-large Councilman Bob Mendes, with early backing from At-large Councilwoman Sharon Hurt and Councilman Bill Pridemore, would increase the city's combined property tax rate in the Urban Services District from $3.155 to $3.655 per $100 of assessed value, a 15.9-percent hike."
  2. nashville_bound

    Nashville Bits and Pieces

    ^^ This will not go down well!
  3. nashville_bound

    The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    OH MY GOSH, we do not have sidewalks in most of the county, we have a huge Metro budget deficit , but yes why not spend money we do not have to build protected bike lanes. How many Nashvillians commute to work and back on a bike? How often? How many bike riders are injured each year in Metro? How many of those injuries were the fault of drivers/pedestrians? How many the fault of bikers? How much money is spent (per rider) on bike infrastructure in Nashville? My point is how many cars are actually taken off the road in Nashville with bike riders? Is this a cost effective way to relieve traffic? Not in theory (please to not show the inane graphic of a car takes up this much space, a bus takes up this much space, a bike takes up this much space......) I mean actual numbers. As a downtown resident who has lived and is continuing to live through the failed bike lanes on the Church Street viaduct for 5-6 years let me say, whatever it was projected to accomplish has failed. These lanes are most used for the sightseeing busses, package delivery services, those moving into and out of the Gossett, and those picking up delivery from Sicilian Pizza. Ans the lanes on the Demonbreun viaduct are used bu the pedal taverns, and tour busses. Ha, I took this just 5 min ago...
  4. nashville_bound

    Soccer in Nashville

    The big endorsements - David Fox, Townes Duncan have gone to Carr. I am more interested in Swain, but doubt she has legs.
  5. nashville_bound

    Soccer in Nashville

    I think Carr has a shot at a slot for a runoff ... he is the buzz candidate at this time
  6. nashville_bound

    The "Nashville UrbanPlanet Solves Transit" Thread

    I jaywalk constantly .... literally dozens of times each day. I have yet to have a close encounter with a vehicle jaywalking. However, Crossing legally (with the pedestrian light or with well-marked crosswalks) has resulted in countless close calls...and even a few timed where jerks try and teach you a lesson when in a crosswalk. Never really sure what they are thinking....they must not read the yellow stop for pedestrians signs nor the yellow blinking lights...ha.
  7. nashville_bound

    Nashville Bits and Pieces

    ^ Germantown/Salemtown
  8. ^^ all the ‘consciousness’ in the world will not make that turkey of an idea fly. The complaint is illogical...
  9. nashville_bound

    Nashville Bits and Pieces

    I agree they must ask and must accept the incentives, all other things being equal. I will quibble that the federal government has any authority over the matter.
  10. nashville_bound

    Nashville Bits and Pieces

    The move was contingent on the incentives. All economic incentive packages are confidential until after the fact. The details were just released.
  11. nashville_bound

    The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    I feel I must be mis-reading your question because the answer is self-evident in the context of my previous post. If one's goal is to avoid the MCCentral then there is no substantial difference between an origin/terminus and a transfer occurring within the MCCentral. To reiterate my point, my boy's are not allowed to get on, get off, or transfer at the MCCentral due to the concentrated number of unsavory, and at times criminal elements.
  12. nashville_bound

    The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    Since we live downtown that eventuality never really occurs..they just walk to the first or second stop on a bus route post departure or get off of the bus a stop or two prior to reaching the MCCentral and walk home.
  13. nashville_bound

    The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    ^^ Obviously, the outlier opinion of Old Hickory is not mainstream....urban, suburban, or rural. But we should not conflate criminal behavior with "There's a decent chance you're going to be around people of a different tax bracket, social standing, education level, etc. " These are completely different animals. Travel is valuable to sharpen perspective and tolerance, yet criminal is criminal is criminal and should never be tolerated. In fact, one of the cliches of urban living is the complete indifference residents have when witnessing criminal behavior ...either against property or another person. In my view there is such a thing as too much tolerance if the outcome is indifference to crime. As a personal example my sons have utilized the MTA busses for several years together and alone...they can go where they want, when they want with the only stipulation being they are banned from any origin/termination at the Music City Central.