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  1. 2015 CNN story on Virgin Hotels...mentions Nashville and possibly bringing Virgin America to Nashville once the hotel is up and operating. Virgin Hotels and Virgin Airlines in Nashville
  2. I doubt Haslam's legislation makes it through without some major changes (even with the road builders applying pressure). It will be interesting to see the outcome of the referendums... Davidson County has the best chance to pass but some of the ring counties will be hard pressed to pass approve the increase taxes, IMO. What then happens to the Regional Transportation Plan? The interesting thing about this legislation is the revenue neutral aspect...approx $200 million in new taxes, but approx, $200 million in tax no complaints from me.
  3. Who cares if everyone owns an AV? I am sure many will and of course the larger the proportion of AVs to non-AVs the more efficient the traffic. The larger efficiencies are to be found when AVs are used fractionally so that I do not have to 'own' a single vehicle but maintain a fractional ownership interest in a fleet that I can use when needed. I do not have to worry about parking or even maintaining the vehicle. It is clear to me that this gives the ultimate flexibility since it allows for the point-to-point and in-and-out features of an individually owned vehicle with a very minimal downside. Additionally, the cost is reduced so that 'yes' if you can rent a car you can own (fractionally) an AV. And finally, enough with the passive - aggressive posts....I am a big boy and I do not expect many (if any) to agree with me, but sheesh just be man (or women, hard to tell) enough to be direct. We all make cost-benefit calcs on where we live and the benefit or liability of those choices. I love Nashville, but honestly if its negatives ever out-weight its positives (taxes raised above the worth of living here) I and many others will simply move on to other domiciles. Currently it is about right and I hope it continues that pattern in the future.
  4. I will help you out and reiterate that I am not advocating ANY of the technologies that I and others have posted in this thread. What I am saying is that there are emerging technologies and new modes of transportation that need to be investigated BEFORE this city decides to spend 6BIL (if history is a guide 7-8BIL) and 10-15 years implementing a transportation solution that is potentially less than optimal. Additionally, it is not just the initial capital outlay to be considered. The ongoing operational costs for the 6-8BIL plan are exorbitant and will be constantly rising. With many of these newer modes of transit there are limited labor intensive drivers and/or operators to fund.
  5. Never said evil and never said theft, but just short of it... And, while I would love to pursue a debate on political philosophy and government overreach, I have been shut-down enough by the mods to not waste my time. Now, to build on my earlier point about emerging technologies perhaps eclipsing the need for the 6BIL mass-transit plan...I think we can all agree that if we could effectively double our road capacity it might impact our need for the mass-transit plan as proposed. Amazon Self Driving Roads Patent
  6. We're #1...we're #1.....we're #1... Nashville was the Windiest City in the Nation for 2016
  7. Totally disagree with the viewpoint that there are not any fact just browsing the last several pages in this thread brings several potential options to least options that need to be considered. As far as the assertion that those opposed to Nashville mass-transit (aka those who want to properly spend their money confiscated by the government as taxes) will cease to vote as the die-off (no worries I am Gen X and have many.many more years to vote) ....I think this election proves the old paraphrased Burke adage - " He who is not a liberal at twenty compels one to doubt the generosity of his heart; but, he who, after thirty, persists, compels one to doubt the soundness of his mind." But to restate my point for the umpteenth time... just saying that spending 6BIL is the only option and taxes are going to go up anyway is the reason our nation in $20,000,000,000,000 in debt.
  8. Here is yet another example of technology lessoning the urgency for old-fashioned rail/light-rail. "One hundred years ago, urban transport went underground, now we have the technological wherewithal to go above ground," Airbus CEO Tom Enders told the DLD digital tech conference in Munich, adding he hoped the Airbus could fly a demonstration vehicle for single-person transport by the end of the year." Flying Car-Share Tech - Airbus
  9. Should I repost all of my [unanswered] questions every time I post...even though they are earlier in the thread? If that works then sure. However , I have posted them several times and there was little appetite on the board to discuss... the reality interferes with the cheerleading. I am puzzled the you toss aside the comparison of the two projects so quickly. A 50% cost overrun is the same regardless of the total Nashville's case an extra $3BIL. So you favor the most expansive plan without knowing if the facts as presented are accurate? What if it ends up costing $2BIL more and taking twice as long to build. What if the funding mechanism hurts the very growth that is driving the need for mass transit. What about a competing study that runs the numbers on other, more modern and cost efficient, emerging modes of transportation? It is very much a zero sum game. The $6BIL and political energy required to impliment the grand plan will naturally preclude any other solutions. So while I agree that something will need to done, I require any successful proposal to be transparent and any mode selected to be future proofed. Of course, the larger point is that these projects seem to be increasing sold to the populace utilizing imaginary figures (costs, construction period, ridership) brought to the table by highly compensated consulting firms....funded by the very people/organizations that benefit from a very 'optimistic' interpretation of the data.
  10. The bottom line is that no one on this board should be 'all-in' a regional transit plan for which almost none of the details required to implement said plan have been released. Of the 3 offered plans this board exploaded with support of the $6B plan on day one....and some even suggested that the plan go farther. On what basis other that groupthink....{fanboy?} could such a decision be made? And I will note that Not one of the questions I posted on day-one of the headline release has been answered. trolling? If that is what you call asking questions and sounding a warning then sure, I am trolling.... maybe concert ticket prices should be taxed to pay for the mass-transit plan....who would be trolling then? You guys take everything way too personally....maybe less attacking me and more asking questions of the transit we can get something built that we can afford, support and utilize.
  11. Groupthink....too strong for your sensibilities? how would you describe the phenomenon of so many intelligent members of this forum rushing to support such a large project (by Nashville standards) without any critical vetting of the plan?
  12. No one could take my posting of over a decade and conclude that I support 'boondoggles' {funny word} ha, you figured me very smart of you... my 'game plan' is to distract and divide you? {Insert Drug reference to describe his feelings of grandeur} and {eye roll}
  13. I have never said we should do nothing. In this thread, I have attempted to provide a rational voice to counter the groupthink from many on this board that proclaimed, "Build it Now!" at the first $6 billion dollar headline, without knowing many of the specifics of the plan. I have demonstrated in many of my news posing, a pattern of governmental / transportation-authority propaganda that 'sells' a pie-in-the-sky vision to garner support and then delivers massive cost-overruns, decennial delays, and lower than estimated usage. So if I am going to be asked to support a mass-transit project of this magnitude I want acts and not sophistry.
  14. Just an update on how the California high-speed rail project if proceeding ... First Leg (the easiest leg) - 7 years behind schedule (so far) $3,600,000,000 over budget (so far) ... only 50% more that esitmated Bullet Cost Overruns
  15. The beast hath been dispatched! There is no Hume-Fogg lease restriction...the students park day-to-day. Once the garage is closed in March plan on street parking becoming an even bigger luxury during school hours.