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  1. Greer stadium site
  2. I think the free parking will remain....The Hills Center and Green Hills Mall has free parking and that is some valuable real estate as well.
  3. A nice article from back in the spring. Details the U.K. Country talent making music in Nashville. British Nashville
  4. We also relocated to Nashville from Knoxville... circa '05
  5. The article details plans for an extended stay hotel on at McGavock and 13th ... next block over from Endeavor. Nothing big.
  6. Ha, and this BA price (to Nashville) is quoted with flight AND 7-night hotel! for £713 BA flight + Hotel
  7. Glad we are getting the HQ, but nominal impact at this time. "As part of the move, three Pedestal employees are relocating from St. Louis to Nashville. The company expects to hire two additional local employees"
  8. 'Bout time!
  9. Great memories of Hankster joining us in the early years of the group. We would meet back in '07 and talk about the exciting development in Nashville ... I am sure he is smiling at the white-hot Nashville development of today.
  10. Wow...this thing could implode! Then: One of Nashville’s largest office developers and the creator of the city’s newest luxury condo high-rise won the right to develop a pair of high-profile sites at the southern edge of downtown. The Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency was negotiating to sell two parking lots that surround the Trolley Barns. MDHA selected a proposal John Eakin and Ray Hensler submitted in tandem. Eakin is chairman and co-founder of Eakin Partners LLC; Hensler most recently developed the Twelve Enlarge Nashville developers John Eakin and Ray Hensler beat eight competitors for the rights to… more HASTINGS ARCHITECTURE ASSOCIATES Twelve condo building in the Gulch. Eakin and Hensler were two of 10 bidders who vied for the Trolley Barns properties, which were among the last sizable development sites in the urban core that weren’t spoken for. The ensuing mixed-use development can reach as high as a skyline-altering 30 stories, by right of their current zoning. Now: Eakin’s and Hensler’s plans called for a building with 180,000 square feet of office space, a residential high-rise with at least 300 units and as much as 100,000 square feet of retail. All told, it was a projected $265 million mixed-use development. Eakin was supposed to start his building first. A development agreement and purchase contract approved by MDHA’s board set a June 30 deadline for Eakin to buy a 2.8-acre parking lot or pay an installment fee to extend that closing date. Eakin made clear that he would not begin construction until he successfully recruits his initial tenants. “For us to close on the land, we have to be ready to build the garage that replaces the parking. In order to do that, we need pre-leasing,” Eakin said in a February 2017 interview. “We’re not starting without tenants.” Next: The June 30 deadline came and went without a land deal. “Eakin has requested an extension for due diligence activities, and we are still negotiating terms of the extension,” MDHA said in a July 17 statement. In a follow-up email on July 18, MDHA spokeswoman Jamie Berry clarified that the proposed contract and agreement were never signed. “The agreements were not signed because there was time allowed for ‘process,’” Berry said. “That initial time has passed, and John Eakin has asked for more time, and we are considering that request.” Eakin declined comment. Aside from tenants, another precursor to Eakin starting work is the paving of a nearby piece of MDHA property to create about 125 parking spaces. That new lot will allow MDHA to shift drivers who currently park on the parking lot Eakin plans to develop. Paving was supposed to be done “no later than May 1,” according to MDHA’s proposed deal with Eakin. Paving has not yet started; it should be finished sometime next month, MDHA says.
  11. Hey, Stephen. How is fatherhood treating you? I am sure you are loving every second! All good here, just a lot of traveling with the boys....senior and freshman this year. i should be in Nashville for the next meet and will try to join.
  12. Nashville hotel availability (none) the night prior to the solar eclipse... crazy ... Lebanon hotel $700 Travelocity
  13. Really...
  14. Is the city proposing to sell Ft. Neglect? I might agree with the athletic fields if a similar component had not just been proposed for the Fairgrounds-MLS stadium-Nolensville plan... 1 mile away.
  15. IMO, The city has an obligation to return the property to the tax roles by allowing the market to instruct the value of the land.