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  1. That stinks...loved that place...
  2. Update from the Downtown Partnership - The parking garage's demolition is the next step. However, the contract for the job has not yet been awarded. As of now they expect the demolition to start July or August....obviously no one is in a hurry to get this project moving....{sigh} They had not heard of any parking lot being planned in the meantime.
  3. The JW will look pretty when complete, but this project is moving at a snail's pace.
  4. I think they were having runoff problems from all the rainfall. I do not think it will be a parking lot as the demo on the parking garage should start any time....
  5. Chao and Sen. McConnell, her husband inherited from between 5 and 25 million when her mother died...the horror. Money made by her immigrant father who started a successful global enterprise after fleeing a communist civil war.
  6. Horrible interview, however public/private partnerships for rebuilding the nation's infrastructure are the only way to start paying for the massive backlog. I do hope that GCHEESE is being sincere in his admiration for Secretary Chao. I choose to give him the benefit of the doubt since tone is so difficult to interpret online. Her resume is quite impressive - MountHolyoke - Harvard Business - Bank of America - Citi Corp - Appointments by 3 Presidents - 36 Honorary Degrees - Not too shabby.
  7. I will paste...I do not subscribe and it came up so I was not aware.
  8. I am not posting this to make a political statement....this corruption, malfeasance, and outright criminal corruption in the rule and not the exception. I hope the supporters of local mass transit fight for above-board dealing and avoid back-room double-dealing. Chao’s Choo-Choo Stop A $647 million grant two days before Obama left the White House.
  9. Why in the world is Metro considering giving $14,000,000 to Gaylord for a water park attraction that only guests of the hotel (if this story is accurate) will be able to use? Tax giveaway
  10. Red does not mean stop...maybe deep red (see I-440) but otherwise it is just slow but moving.
  11. Why does it make the building more marketable by adding 2 floors of office space? I get the over built multi-family supply, but it seems adding just 2-floors of office space is a minor change to the overall mix. I love the new additional floor designs for the commercial...makes me wish the entire building was commercial. ...Maybe Whole Foods wants a built-in shopper-base and they want them to keep the apartments.
  12. Just when I thought things could not get weirder .....
  13. Not bad....but very spartan...I imagined it would be more regal for the large price I am sure the rooms will fetch
  14. ^ These are great pictures and they really demonstrate the impact that the 505 will have on the Nashville skyline. We all know that Tony would have liked to go taller, but I am happy that the priority was finding a height that could be built in Nashville at this time vs. tilting at windmills. Also, as a resident on the Church Street/8th Ave N. confluence, I am so happy to see some activity on the north side of downtown. When this project announced there was no certainty of the Fed Courthouse, the Lifeway redo, nor the old convention center redo.
  15. 133 Korean Veterans Blvd, Nashville, TN 37201