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  1. Nashville International Airport

    Rubbish. MNAA may not be the most aggressive in seeking new routes, theft performance in the last 3 years has been admirable. As you know the billion+ expansion includes the planned international terminal with gates for larger planes. I find any report that pans the MNAA’s recruiting misinformed.
  2. More Accolades for Nashville

    Top New Year’s Eve Party.... Ring in the new year
  3. CBD/SoBro/RutledgeHill/Rolling Mill Hill Projects

    The article says those buildings will not be available unless Philips amends their timeline. A very positive read. I would not be surprised if Philips continued to grown its numbers in Nashville well above the 800 being discussed.
  4. CBD/SoBro/RutledgeHill/Rolling Mill Hill Projects

    So just steakhouse and 2 levels of live music ....
  5. CBD/SoBro/RutledgeHill/Rolling Mill Hill Projects

    Will this be an upscale steakhouse or a honky tonk? Pretty large for just a steak house.
  6. CBD/SoBro/RutledgeHill/Rolling Mill Hill Projects

    It will be interesting to see how the Blush boutique fairs. It is very isolated and retail tends to run in packs.
  7. Federal Courthouse

    There will be no implosion for the garage in question. They will be bringing it down in the same manner as the old sears/tncare building formerly on the bite at a time.
  8. This plan is creative and doable, kudos to the team who put the proposal together. We may not win Amazon HQ2, but with this out of the box thinking we will win more than our fair share of opportunities.
  9. Federal Courthouse

    I know the floor slopes since it is a garage, but I love the bones of this building and in different circumstances it would make for a great corporate or creative reuse.
  10. There are multiple reasons involving politics we can all highlight which make certain localities more or less desirable for economic relocations/expansions/start-ups. PayPal may have decided not to locate in NC (though I believe a $3.4 million and 400 job location would not cause Charlotte to grow exponentially), but we all can cite major industries leaving high tax (read liberal controlled) state for lower-taxing locations. With the numerous variables Amazon is analyzing at each locale it is naive to believe one issue will land or eliminate consideration, IMO.
  11. Federal Courthouse

    OH MY GOSH - Please build something...anything....
  12. Just an incredible project! Upper Broadway has been playing catch-up to the Gulch and SoBro, but I think the wait has paid get the %#$#%$#%^$%^$^% Federal Courthouse Built!!
  13. Capitol View Northwestern Mutual/HCA 32 acres of mixed use | UC

    I think we all knew this was planned, but good to receive official confirmation! Publix to open in Capital View Development Publix Super Markets is planning a grocery store in downtown Nashville, within one of the city's biggest developments along a fast-changing corridor. A Publix grocery store is in the works for the Capitol View mixed-use development at 1100 Charlotte Ave., according to multiple real estate sources — two of whom went as far as describing the store as a "done deal." Publix's interest in downtown is no surprise. Downtown's residential population surpassed 10,000 this year and could hit 11,000 by year's end, according to projections from the Nashville Downtown Partnership. That population has more than doubled since 2010, and the majority of those residents earn $100,000 a year or more, according to the partnership's survey. There are plenty of daytime mouths to feed, too: Tourist visits remain at all-time highs, and the number of people who work downtown is approaching 60,000 — or roughly 10,000 more than in 2012, according to the partnership. The Capitol View development stands as one of the most expansive projects underway in Nashville's real estate boom. The $750 million development already has about 2,000 employees on-site, in an office building for subsidiaries of HCA Healthcare Inc. (NYSE: HCA). Another 1,000 or so employees of LifeWay Christian Resources are set to move into their new headquarters by year's end. Messages to multiple officials at Publix and at Boyle Investment Co., which is spearheading Capitol View, were not returned. The two companies have done a number of deals before, including at Boyle's Berry Farms development under construction south of Franklin. Boyle's marketing flyers for Capitol View show a 26,900-square-foot grocery space in the base of a six-story building that is now under construction along Charlotte Avenue. That amount of space is in line with the footprint of a typical urban grocery store, which is smaller than the more traditional suburban store. That particular building also includes 378 apartment units, as well as 40,000 square feet of office space and other retail and restaurant space. Retail customers will be able to park in the building's garage for free. The building is scheduled to open in the third quarter of 2018, according to marketing materials. Construction also is underway on a 10-story office building anchored by the headquarters for HealthStream Inc. (Nasdaq: HSTM). Northwestern Mutual's real estate arm is financing the development. Publix will face some competition. As just one example, Whole Foods (now owned by is opening a 41,500-square-foot grocery store in the base of a 27-story tower under construction at 1200 Broadway. That site is about a half-mile away from the Capitol View development.
  14. Soccer in Nashville

    NBC Sports handicaps the MLS expansion Cities BNA Baby
  15. Greer Stadium site redevelopment

    This analysis by a Vandy Prof. reiterates the sweetheart deal that Metro is handing the selected Cloud Hill developers....not even close. Metro Sweetheart Giveaway