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  1. People talking about Grand Rapids

  2. River House Condominiums

    Did anyone else attend the GR Chamber Business After hours at Riverhosue last night? The hardhat tours took visitors from the 3rd floor (drywall, plumbing and cabinets being installed) to the 12th floor (just floors and bearing walls). Riding that exterior construction elevator was a rush! It' hard to imagine the first move-ins will occur in 7 months, but they say October 1. The views are great. Clear skies and a nice sunset contributed to the sales pitch last night. I was impressed with the incredibly high ceilings in the 3rd floor condos (15 feet?) and can't wait to see it all finished.
  3. The State of Downtown Grand Rapids Retail

    Can you help me out with this one?
  4. Downtown Grand Rapids Branding Campaign

    And your point is...?
  5. Downtown Grand Rapids Branding Campaign

    I'm just sayin' that if they wanted to generate a bunch of radio, TV, print and internet media buzz without actually spending any money buying media time and space...they've succeeded. I'm sure there will be a genuine media campaign -- but who knows when or where. Has anyone actually seen the media plan for this brilliant campaign?
  6. Downtown Grand Rapids Branding Campaign

    One of the oldest tricks in the public relations/marketing playbook is to hold a news conference or issue a news release to annouce that you're "going to" unleash a controversial or groundbreaking advertising campaign thereby creating an huge buzz so that everybody's talking about it (for free!), then never actually doing it. Hey, you just accomplished your goal without actually buying any media! A recent example of this was the pro-casino group releasing a sketch of an ad they were planning to run to combat the ad that was run by the anti-casino group. They never really ran the ad but the local papers slavishly ran an image of the ad as part of a news story. This is similar to what politicians and their handlers do all the time. You "leak" what you're going to say later at an upcoming news conferece which generates all kinds of press, then you actually hold the news conference a few days later, getting even more coverage. It's a "twofer".
  7. Downtown Grand Rapids Branding Campaign

    That's good to hear. I guess the "Michigan's West Coast" campaign already is doing the work of marketing the region to out-of-staters and east-siders.
  8. Downtown Grand Rapids Branding Campaign

    One of the basic goals of a PR campaign is to get people talking about something, long before you actually spend money placing the ads, buying air time or papering billboards. I guess we can all say they've been successful with THAT part of it so far! Someone once said there's no such thang as bad PR -- as long as they're talking about you. I'm not sure I agree with THAT, but we are definitely talking about this campaign -- for better or worse. It would be nice to see some of the marketing dollars spent right here in West Michigan -- benefitting those who work and live here, but I fear much of it will be spent in Detroit and Indiana trying to get folks to drive here and then not tell anyone about it.
  9. River House Condominiums

    I know for a fact that some on the RGDC staff watch this forum. I guess they've chosen to not participate actively.
  10. East Beltline Developments

    It's very difficult to "create" a downtown environment where one hasn't evolved through history. It doesn't help that nearly every township zoning ordinance I've read literally makes illegal anything that even begins to resemble a traditional "downtown" -- mixed uses, 2nd story residential, no setbacks, no sideyards, no required parking for each business, common sidewalls, etc. Thankfully many of our traditional downtown areas have seen a nice resurgence of activity over the past few years. I think people really yearn for the ability to spend time in a small, community environment where they can buy a book, sip a latte, shop for a greeting card, walk their dog and chat with their neighbors. And not one that they typically have to drive to. It would be great to see a real, planned, new-urbanist type of community work here in West Michigan. Something like Seaside or Haile Plantation in Florida. The danger is that these places become homogeneous, elite, gated communities. Mixed housing becomes a vital part of any plan.
  11. East Beltline Developments

    You got it Zenstyle! For the rest of you here is one of many tribute pages: (sorry to hijack the thread)
  12. East Beltline Developments

    Are they really calling it "The Village"? Be seeing you!
  13. Grand Rapids Restaurant Rumor Mill

    Also fairly new in Easttown is Dan Rafav's, some of the best authentic Mexican food around. The place isn't that fancy (a la Maggie's) but the food is great!
  14. River House Condominiums

    There is a web site: