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  1. in reality sprawl is as evident here as in most U.S. metropolitians. in my personal reality - it almost doesn't exsist @ all. i live within walking distance to many of my destinations and short commutes to others. most of the neighborhoods that my life revolves around are older, more established and denser ones... i think it is apparent that the people of charlotte are well aware of the learning curve that has been given by bigger cities in regards to sprawl... as the pro-transit mandate (landslide) would indicate. however, i do hope our leaders will continue to fine tune their progression towards transit. case in point: charlotte mayor pat mccrory has now referred to 2 traffic corridors as "corridors of crap." the problem i have with that - is that i believe he was mainly referring to the economic downtrodden appearance - not just the traffic. now, i am all for our LTR trying to tackle both of those issues on 1 of the deemed "corridors of crap" - but as we move forward i hope we will tighten our definition of "crap" to mean traffic and lack of alternatives. as i was driving (parking) in traffic the other day through a well-to-do part of south charlotte, on providence rd., i was reminded of the term "corridor of crap." so, to answer your question on sprawl... damage has certainly been done, but i think the future looks optimistically progressive.
  2. ^ i believe the name of the book about eastern flight 212 is called "final approach". my father worked for eastern airlines at the time and volunteered to go help out at the site... a very sad situation.
  3. ^ nice pics, neo. that second picture - might just be uptowns largest stairway. wow.
  4. ^ pure platinum! nice shot, krazeeboi.
  5. ^ it ain't perfect... but, it sure as hell beats having to drive out to the 'burbs to get something you want/need from target. the metropolitian is very convienient for many people. while i have experienced some traffic clogging in the area - again, not as bad as the traffic i've experienced in the self contained, one way in - one way out, suburban strip malls.
  6. i think they should name it " (the) PEOPLE'S arena ". i love irony.
  7. ^ i listened to the broadcast on sunday. i, too, thought it was a great show... i loved when he was talking about the gold "rush"... but, it being the south it was more of a gold "walk". classic. (btw - i'm from charlotte)
  8. well, after hillary's first term - that WOULD put us at 2012... which is the end of the mayan calendar. so, it appears that obama (the only candidate who can trace his ancestry back to toltec shamans) is the only one who can prevent the end of days. wow.
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