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  1. Thanks, Herb. I've heard good things about Teresa Level from one other person.
  2. Hey Bloody, I've been swamped with papers and projects for school, so unfortunately, I won't have time to resume house hunting until about the end of June. Do you know the name of the realtor handling the sale of your neighbor's house? I didn't see it in the listings. (I checked realtor.com and riliving.com) Did you say it was next door to 9 Daniels Street--so probably 11 or 13? I enjoyed your conversation with Herb. He seems really enthusiastic about the city. Thanks again for the tip. Take it easy. Tom
  3. Just curious. Are you aware of any restaurant chains or coffee shops moving into Pawtucket- -or significant retail establishments? A Starbucks would be nice, ha, ha.
  4. Thanks everybody! I now have several names of realtors you recommend. Tom
  5. Can you guys recommend realtors you have hired in the past? I had a mixed experience with the buyer/broker I worked with 5 years ago when I bought my condo.
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