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  1. What I miss most about Grand Rapids =(
  2. In English? On a Japanese station? Wow.
  3. Second only to Spotted Cow. Thankfully, they have both here.
  4. Yes. Two of the buildings are connected by a pretty cool wooden bridge, surrounded by vines. Theres plenty of bamboo to give the "forest effect" (thank my mom). And yes, there is even a 41 ft boat that is dry docked. He built a deck coming off the boat, so it can be a guest room/hang out.
  5. The wood building to the right (labeled "Paint Shop") is my step dad's house and workshop. He designs and builds wooden signs.
  6. Take down the hideous beer ads. We all know it's a bar, we all know they serve beer. Who really makes a decision based on the the price posted in the window.
  7. Sigh, still no Wisconsin penetration. Although, Marquette MI could really use one.
  8. I say someone here should go into The Wild Bunch and give us a full report.
  9. I was checking out the construction site on Google Maps, and notice they have a nice sized jet on the grounds. Whats their plan with that? Link to google maps Its in the upper left corner. </joke>
  10. I agree, it looks great. Reminds me of Chicago. Unfortunaty, the ivy is probably embeded in the brick
  11. How can they widen 196? Theres not much from from Fuller to DT. Adding a lane will make 30 ft. verticle walls on either side. Maybe they can open some store fronts on it, haha.
  12. From the article, And I thought super seniors were bad! (as I read it, fifty-second year students... hah)
  13. It looks like the guy walking on the street is about to hit his head on the sky walk.
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