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  1. Funnily enough, I now feel inspired to visit NoDa one day. Somebody please purchase a return ticket from Sydney to Charlotte for me. I'll be extremely kind to you, if ya get what I mean!?! B)
  2. Nothing like a rendundant mall makeover! Seems like it needs it like........real bad. Can only be a good thing. The apartment tower gives 'good move'. Though residents and their guests will "strut their stuff" elsewhere, or go through periods of not using all the mod cons of the (re-vamped) mall, they'll succumb to rely on many services literally at their feet. A captured market indeed.... ...and from 'freak to frock', aiming @ all the market. Yessa! Yerrr, just groundbreak it!
  3. Yeah, construction pics would be the next step. Can't wait. Another cool render of this cool building with other cool buildings yet to be built - just one word (& emoticon) really.....cool B)
  4. DavePaulK. That one is very Metropolis (the film). Kind of early 20th Century in its rendering. Nice!! Different style (obviously) to the SOM one that you posted darkknight - so modern and slick. I like how the terra-firma is represented.
  5. North Davidson reminds me of parts of the inner-city area of Sydney I live in, Glebe (pronounced Gleeb). It's virtually on the edge of the main Sydney CBD, along with many other inner-city suburbs. Although Glebe is much more urban(e) there are still remnants of the Glebe of yesteryear including an original 70s hippy walking around here and there. It is quite a large area so its style varies but there are certainly examples in NoDa that remind me of examples in my "hood". lol Yes, the shot with the Charlotte skyline is wonderful. BOM rulz!
  6. The 2nd diagram initially posted by monsoon has the world already calling it to be the world's largest sundial. It has already commenced contstuction and will eventualy be 160-storeys.
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