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  1. I can't wait for this project to get started... this is such an important project to downtown Winston I would have supported Winston-Salem doing it themselves (would have preferred it actually instead of letting someone else own what should be a city asset for 20 years)... The rendering looks great....
  2. I grew up in Winston and had "nothing" to do... I would have loved some sort of Concert series for teenagers at the time... but there was (and may still well be) something wrong with this crowd... typical teenager stuff is one thing... but this was gettign out of hand... The Drop really stemmed from last year towards the end of the year there were sevearl issues with the Jazz on 4th concert... large groups of teenagers, refusing to disburse after the concert... I was up there one night and watched what could only be described as a mini-riot... This year here comes the drop... I don;t know tha
  3. Look up the new Courthouse in Mecklenburg... obviously Forsyth County does not need anything that big... but that is what a Court House is Supposed to look like.... independant, strong, imposing, balanced... looking at the Phillips building my question is... who is the insider pushing this idea and how is he connected... The Phillips building would be an ill suited embarassment of a Court House...
  4. New Developments Bazaar - new multi-purpuse venue... live music and dancing above Downtown Deli... being opened by Owners of Ziggys (which is not closing)... I dfo hope that this turn into a real dance club in downtown winston... enough with the damn Jazz and Blues... not that I have anything against Jazz or Blues... but how about something more lively downtown... I want a place for the ladies to dance. Ohh and the Tap at West End - (formerly West End Taproom) is Open and nicely done... 100% improvement.
  5. I previously Listed this awhile back... though I would relist here... with some updates - any more or other news? Current Projects in downtown Winston-Salem that I am aware of... old Old Salem Foreign Car building - becoming several small shops (Doo Wop shops) - under renovation Holly Place (on Holly Ave.) 9 condos - 7 finished construction - 3 sold Holly Village - 6 Live/Work units - Completed - 5 currently sold. Westend Village Phase 1 - under construction - some townhoses occupies - condos nearing completion Phase 2 - Land Cleared Phase 3 - sign up - no work Downtown Ball Park
  6. The pop estimates area really hard to say...depends on what you include... Charlotte has more than 8 - 10k downtown though.. I can tell you that from just looking around. It may have 8-10k units downtown... far more people.... 1st ward alone has more than 10k people. downtown winston has more than you would think... its just hard to say without setting boundaries... people have liv3ed downtown for years... I mentione this earlier... that with few exception the downtown housing boom is really adding housing to already inhgabitaed area... just higher end... its not pusing out affordable hou
  7. I for one really wish that the NC Legislature really took to NC rail transit and invested heavily... NC is such a great state for this... several large metro areas... beach, mountains... I can imagine a train service more like the ones in eurpoe where you could head down to the station... purcahse a ticket at the window... leave a half hour later and be in charlotte, raleigh, greensboro, winston, wilmington or asheville a little while later... no driving... NC has so much to offer if you take the state as a whole and if there was a convenient way to get from one place to another I really t
  8. The County has submitted an offer of $12.5m and Prim has accepted the offer. (Of course there is still the public comment and actual vote but we know that is a formality at this point. The Project is going forward - Article below if the link continues to work... Baseball in downtown Winston-Salem... land ittle cracktown is getting mowed down. http://www.journalnow.com/servlet/Satellit...s=1037645509099
  9. I am pretty sure the Sawtooth relocation plan was abandonded long ago... From what i know the Saw tooth has instead aquired the building directly behind it on the corner of 2nd Street for expansion. Also... you have to keep in mind where the Sawtooth is... the park adjacent to it is the Winston-Square park... the back side of that park (where the run down water garden is) faces down Holly Ave. If you look at the West End Village project on 4th Street.. the buildings being contructed now (on the corner of 4th and broad are actually the back side of that project... the main building (phase 3
  10. Ther areas near downtown worth saving are saved... Holly Ave. Historic District is largely untouched except for fill in projects... West End... untouched... this one area is not big... only has a few dozen single family homes... some of which have less that 500 sq. rft of interior space.... which are mostly run down... overall your talking about moving out 20 some people and moving replacing the very sparsly developed and very run down and crime infested area with a high density area... In all truth this area is not downtown... its really just outside of it... this is rally winston expan
  11. As far as new development Happy Hill redo is the closest. abut 1.5 miles from center city. However, ther is still a lot of affocrdable housing in downtown. The diffrence is a few years ago there was no housing for the affluent at all downtown. Now there is. The whold of the baseball project replaces jsut few dozen houses, many of which are abandonded. most of the projects don;t replace affordable housing at all... for insatance West end village - 0 affordable housig units lost - car dealership holly place - open filed traders row - 0 runsoen retail spaces with unused and in come c
  12. I guess you missed the fact that no one is being forced to sell. There is no government "taking" this property it is all people selling voluntarily. The only people being "forced out" are renters who will have to move as their landlord sold the property. The case you are speaking of, long term owner forced out, dosen't exist. Please get informed before writing. A landlord can kick a renter out in NC for any reason at all at the end of a lease... in the vast majority of situations (month by month) a landlord can end a lease within 10 days. even for a year lease the landlord can legall
  13. Progress is Progress.. look at the area now and then look at what it could be... not progress, are you kidding. to some extent who cares how it gets done.. it needs doing. Stadioum proposals are not generally voted down... generally they have passed with a few notable exceptions... charlotte for insatnce... which no has a downtown arena I might add. Greensboro passed despite poorly informed and ver vocal opposition. if it sucks... who cares if it is torn down (with the exceptioin of things with some historical value) there is nothing to be gained by keeping crap for the sake of keeping
  14. I agree with you on that... However, this is really not that situaton... In all... city forks over 26 million.. gets what... 11 from WFU... to develop increase the tax base off that area by a huge amount. The tax breaks don't cover condos or offices... those will all pay taxes... and eventuially all of it will pay taxes in the long term. (those condos retail and offfieces are worth a lot more than the stadium tax wise) I just think that this is not even a typical stadium deal or typical corporate charity project (Dell was definetly one of those).. the project is one where all th
  15. As far as the crime it is true it does move elsewhere... however, the idea is to make Winston better by makeing downtowne attractive to young people. As long as that is the goal the movement of crime from downtowne to elsewhere is just one cost associated with the greater good. The big thing that is going on at Green Street and in public housing all accross america is that all the crime is lumped together... crime beget crime begets crime. That lumping of crime is one of the things that needs to be stopped. For instance.. if you look a few months back the journal in an interview with Chief
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