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  1. The Plaza Midwood Harris Teeter is busy busy, I would walk to it if I was in walking distance, if you're driving you'll have to hunt for a parking spot and the street parking is full too. Otherwise, the experience is pretty good, the layout isn't confusing at all. The second floor is for dining only.
  2. I think that comment isn't meant for Raleigh itself, but the elaborate freeway system surrounding Raleigh. Just look to the east of Raleigh, how Knightdale and Rockymount have freeway connections to Raleigh while cities in Charlotte region aren't even connected to it by a freeway. It has been historically known that Eastern NC has benefited from the "equity formula" and those politicians used their sway for eastern NC towns and cities to have freeway connection solely based on politics and not on actual usage and need. Also Greensboro's freeway system is more elaborate with their maze of
  3. oooh I've experienced that roundabout in Clearwater Beach, while it is extremely busy, it actually works if you're in the lane you're supposed to be in. At least those drivers there know how to follow the lane markings and arrows. I was in Winston-Salem a few years ago, there's a roundabout near the NC School of the Arts and Salem College, people there didn't know how to stay between the lane markings or follow the arrows. Roundabout at freeway exits/entrances at I-485 interchanges seems to work pretty well,
  4. I don't think the busway was ever nixed, what was nixed was the spacing/right of way to allow a future BRT or LRT station at Sharon Amity and Idlewild/Conference interchanges. The busway can be easily converted to a reversed HOT/HOV lanes. You probably wouldn't see the busway being active b/c right now it's only being used for express CATS buses that only run during rush hours.
  5. The Central/Plaza-Midwood Harris Teeter should be opened by the 2nd week of May according to the mailer/coupons I've got from them. They've been sending me coupons and mailers since that Harris Teeter is the closest one to me.
  6. Construction is supposed to start this summer, but it will only go up to Lane St. The section from Lane St to Webb Rd will be another phase and it's currently not funded. http://www.hickoryrecord.com/independent_tribune/news/article_90cc85a4-3aeb-11e2-b54e-001a4bcf6878.html
  7. I love HT's coupon policy and its customer service. The closest one to me is the Plaza-Midwood one, b/c it's closed for construction and being replaced, they have been sending me four monthly coupons for the 3 nearest location for being an inconvenience off my total purchase. Also during this past holiday shopping season, I didn't grocery shop much b/c I was too busy to grocery shop and I had no need to plan for holiday dinners b/c I knew I'll be out of town, and it sent me another separate set of coupons off my total purchase asking why has my shopping has ceased. I don't think any other groc
  8. It seems like Charlotte does have conceptual plans to cap the Brookshire too...however these plans aren't concrete b/c if Charlotte wants to do anything, it'll have to wait for NCDOT's final plans for the new HOT/HOV access ramps on Brookshire from Graham Street to I-77. http://charmeck.org/city/charlotte/Transportation/PlansProjects/Documents/Overall%20Map%20I-277%20Loop-10-29-12%20reduced%20size.pdf
  9. I'd perfer Wegman to try to buy HT, I've been to a one in the DC area and I love it! HT even have stores there and the locals said it above HT in everything and I agree. Well I'm a coupon user, if HT does get bought out, couponers are going to have to see if the new owners will keep the same policy, if not all the shoppers will go to Publix or Bi-Lo.
  10. I think it's b/c of Veterans Memorial Park, either that park predate the interstate system/I-85 or it was made so it can have an easy access to the park.
  11. When y'all said Filipino, I thought of balut, anyone of y'all brave enough to try it lol?
  12. I don't think the state has any intention to remove the Brookshire, it's just something people here suggested. Charlotte wants or ideally thinking of turning NC 16 from I-485 into an expressway, having an expressway/freeway corridor from NW Charlotte to SE Charlotte via Independence. Besides the state's plan of HOV/HOT on I-77 requires a reconstruction of Brookshire interchange with I-77 up to the Graham Street vicinity, its goal is to disperse HOV/HOT traffic from I-77 onto I-277.
  13. CDOT has some info about the Uptown Loop Study and I don't think anyone has posted any new information on it and it has been out there for a few months. It's quite interesting that it plans to close and revamp some exits and reconstruct the John Belk interchange with I-77. I think the best part is the partial reconstruction of the John Belk/I-77 interchange that includes a flyover for I-277 to southbound I-77. http://charmeck.org/city/charlotte/Transportation/PlansProjects/Pages/Uptown%20Loop%20Study.aspx
  14. Lol, there should be parking enforcement...I'd assumed it's like parallel parking facing in the wrong direction of traffic would yield a fine too right?
  15. Hmm anyone else is annoyed that people aren't using the new street parking spots correctly along Commonwealth? You're supposed to back into it rather than get into it from other direction.
  16. Hmm it seems Dilworth and Charlotte is in the middle of a political scandal, the biographer and alleged secret lover of General Petraeus lives there. All the media is describing it as Charlotte's affluent neighborhood with million homes.
  17. There's supposed to be a 4 feet buffer between the general purpose lanes and toll lanes. http://www.mumpo.org/PDFs/I-77/I-77_HOT_HOV_Lanes/I-77_HOV_HOT_FeasibilityStudy.pdf
  18. Isn't Davidson Street going to be realigned with Redwood Ave with a new signaled intersection? That would help with connectivity.
  19. I was watching an independent movie on Netflix called the Tall Man with Jessica Biel, while though the story is based in Washington State and filmed in British Columbia. The last scene looks eerily like Charlotte, but yet not Charlotte. I can make out BofA and Grant Thorton.
  20. Harris Teeter is doing everything it can to deter customers from going to Publix. All of the HTs near the soon to be opened Publix are having Super Double every Wednesday this month. The following stores are doing this promotion: Shoppes of Ardrey Kell, Carolina Commons, Johnston Rd., Cureton, West Town Market, Steele Croft, Northwood Square or Tega Cay.
  21. I don't feel like looking for this info, but it was on the news a few months ago. NCDOT wants make NC 24/27 through Albermarle into an expressway, however expressway in NC has many meanings.
  22. That $18 million grant isn't enough to lengthen all the platforms. From past press releases, the stations that will be lengthen will be used for special events when 3 cars-trains are being used, IDK if that's still the plan. I'm guessing CATS is trying to find other revenue sources to lengthen the rest of the platforms so eventually the entire Blue Line will be able to run 3 cars-trains from 485 to UNCC.
  23. http://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2012/09/12/charlotte-residents-prefer-transit.html This is interesting, Charlotteans prefer more transit options and are willing to pay for it. Too bad the streetcar extension failed.
  24. The delegation shuttles were using the CATS busway on Independence last night around 1AM for queuing and using the Independence off ramp to John Belk to 4th Exit. I thought it was weird looking but yet interesting to see buses parked on the exit ramp over I-277.
  25. Not exciting, but the empty parcel in front of Walmart's parking lot next to the intersection will be a gas station. Although it'll cover the view of the parking lot, there could have been a better use IMO. Also why is there 3 tires/auto places at that intersection? SMH
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