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  1. t7911

    Athens, GA

    There's only one arch there, champ. If you're looking for famous arches, head over to an old McDonald's like the one on prince avenue. Just a little pet-peeve of mine... people know what an arch is, but when they see that thing(a single arch) they call it 'the arches'.
  2. Well I've been watching it under construction for awhile now. It's the hub for all of the city's buses, at least UGA bus line will connect to it, and connects to the Greenway, which runs along the North Oconee River. Eventually, a multi use Rail-to-trail project will connect as well. Intercity buses were supposed to but decided not to use the center as well. And if the GADOT ever pulls its head out of... well maybe there will be a a train to Atlanta. It's in the middle of an area thats part of downtown's eastward expansion. Next door to it, a 9-story condo is under construction. Another nearb
  3. In Athens: http://www.georgia-traditions.com - 9 stories(under construction) http://www.412thomas.com - 7 + underground parking(starting construction soon) http://www.athensclarkecounty.com/%7Eplann.../RZ2006005e.png - 155 Mitchell St - 7 stories +parking(proposed. this is from their application) http://www.athensclarkecounty.com/%7Eplann...1JAN/willow.pdf 115 Willow St - 5 or 6 stories (they're waiting for everyone's lease to expire in an apartment building so they can begin site clearing. The Rialto - 7 stories... (They cleared the block for it awhile back... Proposed) A few othe
  4. t7911

    Athens, GA

    I wouldn't really call it liberal. In smaller cities, the issues are so personal and unique that you can't really put those sorts of labels. The only difference I notice between Oconee and Athens is that Oconee is a typical sprawing suburb with mostly white middle class whereas Athens is a denser city. Although it does have a belt of suburbs, there is a huge portion that is walkable. Athens is somewhere around 30% below the poverty line and the median income from a family is $40,000. Oconee is under 5% and a median income for a family of over $60,000. So yes it is liberal in the sense that
  5. t7911

    Athens, GA

    do you have a higher-res version of that aerial picture? if so, can you email it to me or something?
  6. i have some i took on slide film that i've yet to do develop. if i get bored today and can find a digital camera to borrow, maybe i'll try and take some.
  7. in athens... they built a convention center awhile back, and its only getting bigger, helping to expand downtown another few blocks. http://onlineathens.com/images/082305/21236_512.jpg there's already one bridge across that street, in the background. And another bridge will connect that parking deck to a train/bus station that's being built to the left(in antipation of a commuter rail). then there's a 9 story building going up down the block(they're moving dirt around at the moment), and potentially a 5 or 6 story one behind where the picture was taken.
  8. wow. thanks for the link. i was wondering what was going there... they said it'd be 9 or 10 stories though, but in the picture it only looks like 7... either way, it's still neat looking. i don't care if football sucks, as long as it brings more high-rises... unfortunately they can't build much bigger. athens has a 100 foot height cap.
  9. athens is finishing up its new nine story hotel, and there's somewhere around 5 more tall(4+ stories) buildings going up in the downtown. The multi-modal station is also coming along nicely. All it will need after its done is the train to atlanta.
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