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  1. GSP Tiger


    I hate to see Proterra scaling back its investment. It is necessary to invest in sustainability, not something short-term.
  2. It sounds like the the at-grade crossing will be replaced with an bridge overpassing the railroad. Such work will require elevating North Blackstock Road, Fairforest Road, Hayne Street, and Fairforest Clevedale Road a couple hundred feet. The alternative is construct the bridge west using Old Blackstock Road overpassing the railroad. This provides an additional crossing without having to stop for a passing train, and improves safety. The drawback is several residences being affected.
  3. I noticed major changes for Potomac Corners, the large commercial center at Augusta Road and Potomac Avenue. An Ingle's supermarket once anchored the site 30 years ago, but closed because of unsatisfactory performance. It has since catered to Helig-Myers and Badcock furniture chains. Plans call for a national retailer to occupy 78,000 square feet of new space. One wonders if a supermarket can thrive here again, as Augusta Road has lacked one for 14 years, or if a department store chain may take notice.
  4. Before Thanksgiving Day, The Sports Authority began pricing regular merchandise 70% off. Any drastic cuts that prolong for long periods of time are indicators that a store is closing. (This happened at its Laurens Road location.) Add the strong competition with Dick's Sporting Goods and Academy Sports and Outdoors and loud speculation of Bass Pro Shops coming in, the end of The Sports Authority could be progressing.
  5. The former Bi-Lo on Roper Mountain Road is a great location for a supermarket or a sporting goods store (i.e. Sports Authority). There are not any other supermarkets for 2.5 to 3 miles. Access to the site needs improvement. I wonder if Ingle's plans to add a few more stores on Greenville's east side. Rumors of a focus on additional locations have circulated for months after Robert P. Ingle passed away four months ago. Ikea would not fit at Magnolia Park or the former Bi-Lo on Roper Mountain Road. I do not think upstate South Carolina is ready for one for a decade.
  6. I think US 29 Alternate was used for Business 85. The complete route stretched from Lyman to Kings Mountain, North Carolina. When Interstate 85 was commissioned, the alternate route was decommissioned. The stretch from Lyman to I-85 (Exit 68) was redesignated as SC-129. The route remains 2 lanes with room on the sides of what was to become a 4 lane divided highway.
  7. vistatiger, if any part of the Montgomery Ward structure isto be demolished for Bass Pro Shop, it should be Sports Authority. That is the last remaining part of the original Greenville mall, and it shows its age. Most Bass Pro Shops are two levels, so going vertical gives a location more square footage. The recent roadwork around the Montgomery Ward/Sports Authority structure is to create space to accomodate Bass Pro Shop according to credible contacts associated with the construction.
  8. Bass Pro Shops has refurbished vacant anchor spaces for their locations. Examples include Myrtle Beach's Colonial Mall and Savannah, Georgia's Savannah Mall. The same can be done in Greenville.
  9. Anywhere Bass Pro Shops opens a store, it brings in a following. It has been looking at sites in the Greenville area for years. It is great to see Bass Pro Shops still has interest in Magnolia Park. A recent issue of The Greenville Journal reported the company is actively checking sites. Bass Pro Shops locating in the Montgomery Ward/Sports Authority structure will take awhile. Sports Authority will need to construct a new structure closer to Costco as rumored or relocate elsewhere sooner to make room if Bass Pro Shops confirms its new store at the site. It trails in competition to Dick's Sporting Goods and Academy Sports and Outdoors.
  10. The Taylors and Pebble Creek areas can support their own store out somewhere on Wade Hampton. Cherrydale has enough clout to pull from Furman and Travelers Rest.
  11. No. Woodruff Industrial Lane exists only on the southern side of Woodruff Road. The unnamed road on the northern side is the primary access of the Shops at Plazagreen.
  12. Yes, something like that is a very telling sign something is on its way.
  13. Reading The Greenville News a day or so ago, I noticied in the classifieds section that Trader Joe's East has applied for the sell and consumption of alcoholic beverage off the premises for a site on Woodruff Industrial Lane. If Trader Joe's East is the operating company for Trader Joe's stores in the eastern United States, it may be possible to see one adjacent to Academy Sports & Outdoors in the near future.
  14. Dunkin Donut's franchisee's difficulties is leading to several upstate South Carolina locations closing. Krispy Kreme should take this opportunity to aggressively grow through adding locations. No one will drive to North Pleasanburg for a donught when a competitor offers similar quality in additional accessible outlets.
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