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  1. Apple Store in Northlake opens the 27th per http://www.ifoapplestore.com/db/2011/08/23/another-weekend-another-3-grand-openings/
  2. Just read on the NY Times that US Airways and United are "deep in merger negotiations".
  3. Actually, is it far more than 2 or 3 miles of roadway under the orginal Central Artery. The price includes the third tunnel under the harbor which extends the Mass Pike (I-90) to Logan Airport, plus the Zakem Bridge (I-93) which replaces a dilapidated double decker bridge over the mouth of the Charles, all the access roads and connectors to Storrow Drive, Rte 1, Mass Pike, the tunnels under the original Central Artery, the Rose Kennedy Parkway which replaces the orignal elevated Central Artery. The engineering was not easy. Imagine, old utilities, subway lines, water, tunnels, the demolition and removal of countless old structures, roadways, tunnels and more. The results are impressive and have elimnated 12 hours of backups daily through Boston. The price was high. However, we now effortlessy commute from North Shore to South Shore via Boston with ease. And we have removed a blighted elevated highway through the center of Boston and created a surface artery with parks, walkways, development sites and future spaces for museums. It's fabulous.
  4. Then indeed that was the second Odyssey as I was not aware of the first. It was quite the event.
  5. Yes, the Odyssey did have quite a fantastic disco dance floor and scene. Every Friday and Saturday nights it was packed to a capacity crowd. There were two rooms - a large front bar in the center that enabled you to walk completely around and then the second room was the disco. I remember all the lights, strobes and people dancing. I loved the fog that was deployed several times a night. The sound system was the best I ever knew at the time. There were four podiums for dancers on the corners, and a built up platform on one side where you could watch or cruise the crowd. The dance floor was very much like the disco scenes from the 70's. I do not remember much of a cross-over crowd at the Odyssey but perhaps I was only paying attention to the men. The scene there seemed so un-Charlotte. It drew a large crowd from the entire Carolinas. I recognized people there from my own home town, over a 100 mies away, on Saturday nights - many of whom were deep in the closet, married and with children. That was southern and Carolina culture at the time. If you were gay, slip away and keep it quiet. The Scorpio had a smaller dance floor and a stage for drag shows which were a big Sunday night event. The Scorpio was burned to the ground more than one time. Ironically, it was owned by an older straight couple who were very gay friendly. They vowed to rebuild no matter how many times they were torched. I do recall the crowd being more cross-over but perhaps not more than 15% straight. It was a fun place. Other bars from the early 80's include both the Old and New Brass Rails. The Old was at the corner of Tryon and Morehead. It was a small place on the corner with full windows. Just a bar and no dance floor and very frequented by older business men. Of course, in my 20's, anyone over 35 was elderly in my mind. The New Brass Rail was on Wilkinson past the Park and Shop on the left. It was a beer and pool hall. Being on the west side, one's chances of being seen or outed were low. It was more of a blue collar, trade, all male and very cruisy. I never recall seeing a woman there. Now, it would be considered a "bear bar". The last bar I remember and probably the more interesting at the time was Tags on the Plaza near or on the corner of Matheson (or in the general vicinity). It was an old gas station and was decorated with old license tags found on site - hence the name. The bar was small and in the center. There might have been a pool table and there were no windows. I remember being told before my first visit that it was a "leather bar". I do not think in today's definition that it was leather but it was on the edge. It did have quite an interesting and different crowd. Also, one of Charlotte's early gay rights pioneers and a close friend of mine operated a book store in Dilworth on East Blvd at Euclid. It was named "Friend of Dorothy" and was definitely on the edge at the time for Charlotte but today would be considered normal and expected.
  6. UrbanLifter

    The T

    I wish the T would get the Orange Line up to speed. It seems forever they have been upgrading the signals from Sullivan Square to Oak Grove which means the evening trains stop at Sullivan Squre or Wellington Circle around 9PM. Then you have to take a bus to Malden and Oak Grove. Recently we entertained out of town friends at Harvard Square. We would have taken the Orange Line to the Red Line; however, the return evening trip would have been a hassle so we drove instead.
  7. I bet the area you are referring to with the apartments is the land for the new "Centinnial Park" Development. See this link. And this one too.
  8. I can't think of a single apartment complex between Araphao and Bush. That's all the Telecom Corridor and Galatyn Center. I took a look at Goggle and I do see a complex on the right going North just past Spring Valley in Richardson. Perhaps that is what you are making reference to. If so, that area is a much older portion of Richardson and was mostly developed in the late 50's. The apartments are probably not marketable given all the latest and greatest available in the Metroplex. Seems that spot would have great potential for redevelopment given the proximaty to the Spring Valley stop on the Red Line.
  9. Here is a link that will answer your questions regarding Dart Expansion. Dart Expansion Facts Light rail to DFW is scheduled for completion in 2013 via the new Orange Line. Where exactly are the apartments that you are referring to on the Red Line? I have never ridden the TRE to DFW. I know there is a stop nearby and then a shuttle to the terminals.
  10. Welcome to Boston Atlrvr. And welcome to our forums. Hopefully you can liven them up a bit like the Charlotte forums.
  11. Per the Multiple Listing Service for Mass, there are 1418 single family homes in all of Mass under $200k. So, I do stand corrected and admit I am used to seeing properties closer into Boston. For example, there are 61 single family homes in Worcester alone under $200k. A lot of these properties are town homes or duplexes. So, yes, there is hope and the buyer's market is well established.
  12. You might try some remote parts of eastern Conneticutt but I think even that area has been discovered and conquered. To my knowledge, and I have the resources to know, there are few if anysingle family homes in Mass under $200k.
  13. The Neiman Marcus Website says the Charlotte Store is opening Sept 15th. http://www.neimanmarcus.com/store/info/sto..._requestid=4219
  14. Seems a perfect place for B&N. Food courts and bookstores are people magnets. The more people, the more interesting the scene!
  15. Ask the Realtor if he is taking the house off the market once he rents it to you. (The one in Bradford/Haverhill.) If he is not taking it off the market, then do you want to be interupted with people wanting to see the property possibly to purchase it? It's something you need to know. My Question: If the landlord places the home into Sec 8, can he still continue to market the home to the public. The home is currently advertised for sale. I suggest you invest some research into Mass Tentant Law. See this link. Mass Tenant & Landlord Law Both tenants and landlords have specific rights and responsibilities in Mass.
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