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  1. Here is a new Townhome community being developed in Newport News. It is near Jefferson and J Clyde, just south of Port Warwick and Oyster Point. It looks like a good infill project. http://deerparkcommons.com/index.html
  2. This looks like a very nice project in Hampton. The whole Coliseum Central area is really making efforts towards building a nice cohesive area incorporating the Peninsula Town Center/Coliseum mall and the Power Plant... http://www.dailypress.com/business/local/d...mostemailedlink
  3. They already started the Warwick Blvd construction last month..they are widening the road from 4 to 6 lanes from J Clyde to Nettles, which is only three miles; however the project is to continue until 2009. The traffic tie ups in the afternoon around Warwick and J Clyde are ridiculous. I am not aware of any Jefferson Ave construction. I suppose they could widen Jefferson from Denbigh to the city/county line.
  4. I am waiting for them to announce I 64 widening again on the Peninsula. Now that the Coliseum Central project is wrapping up, the segment of the interstate from Bland Blvd towards Williamsburg is going to be slated for construction, including a new interchanges at Bland and another road between Denbigh and Ft Eustis. It is never going to end...arent they talking about redoing 64/264 interchange? that should go smoothly
  5. Here is a link to the Daily Press article about the New Town development http://www.dailypress.com/business/local/d...ness-localheads Funny how the Pilot had an article about the City Center and the DP had an article on New Town
  6. Here is the link for the "Marquis", the lifestyle center planned for the Williamsburg area http://www.ppusa.com/williamsburg/
  7. Shouldn't this post be in the Peninsula Section?
  8. I still feel that the real estate market is very hot in certain areas...in Port Warwick houses are being resold, and they have not even gone on the market yet. They just sold the model home, 2500 square feet for 540,000 dollars. The condo I just bought there was not even on the market and there were three other competing bids. Yes, the market may be slowing, but in certain areas, it will stay very active
  9. I would have to pay FOUR tolls a day when they get implemted, for the MMMBT and the High Rise.. if you look at it, the Hampton Roads beltway would be tolled in three different places, which is a bit ridiculous
  10. I drove through the New Town developement yesterday and I actually was impressed.. I was a little skeptical about it since JCC and Williamsburg have sprawled out immensly, but this project definitely has a good mix of residential and retail, more so than Port Warwick. they have a 12 screen movie theatre, billiard hall, several restaraunts, civilian services (law office, insurance, bank, travel agent) ect
  11. Not yet, but they are working on it inside of their unit...my brother just opened his college deli/bar in the same complex two weeks ago, called Schooners. They have done really well and have filled a void at CNU with providing an enivironment for both students and locals in the area with a college-type bar/ hangout. I am sure that when Bottoms Up opens in a few weeks it will do very well and compliment the other retail/restaraunts in the complex
  12. Hey guys, check out this link....very favorable for expansion in the Norfolk area http://www.bizjournals.com/specials/2006/0...xpansion/8.html
  13. This is the type of store I was talking about earlier that would keep attracting customers and other exclusive retail to MacArthur center. Definitely a big boost to the center, and in my opinion, preferable to Lynnhaven mall
  14. I saw this in the daily press today...this is the development that is going in the extreme northern end of the city bordering York county and James city county...not entirely urban, however a nice mix of homes, condos and retail...A little background, the developer of Port Warwick, Bobby Freeman, and Sandler both presented their ideas to the city to develop this area. Freeman envisioned an "equestrian themed" development, where as Sandler proposed a more traditional approach. The city sided with Sandler, much to my surprise since Port Warwick has become such a success and almost a catalyst t
  15. All of this develoment will truly keep the momentum of downtown norfolk going....we need to see the retail component now catch up, both the street level, and at Macarthur center. The mall is now seven years old, and no longer the "new mall"... Norfolk needs to make sure that the retail mix there stays stable and improves a bit more to keep people like myself from the Peninsula coming there. I was impressed that this holiday season the mall seemed very busy, moreso than last year. Hopefully they can keep their existing retail mix, add a few more "exclusive" ones, and in a couple of years h
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