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  1. "Evening Rose"

    ^whoa! I can't handle it everything is moving to fast!
  2. TallySheet

  3. TallySheet

    ^ Remember I am one day older than you! Where is my cookies and icecream? And congrats on graduating.
  4. ►Tallahassee Photo of the Day◄

    ^What the? I didn't know Southwood had it going like that!
  5. TallySheet

    I can't find the picture of my avatar on my computer because I deleted it a while back but I can give you this picture of some palms, I think it's time for me to change my avatar anyway. Hopefully you will like it.
  6. TallySheet

    Yes, they are of palm trees! See my signature it relates to it. The palm tree is considered the king of all trees and plants, and to flourish like one meant great blessings. Look at Florida, Flourish, and Flowers! they all derive from the latin word florere which deals with flowers flourishing/ thriving in their growth. Hopefully you understood that it's one of those deep things.
  7. TallySheet

    Fortunately for me I don't have to worry about pollen! Hahaha...... I get to smell all the pretty flowers!
  8. ►Tallahassee Photo of the Day◄

    I really am hating you guys right now for taking such awesome pics. This just isn't fair.
  9. ►Tallahassee Photo of the Day◄

    I am sorry guys about the photos. I somewhere in the past said that I would take pictures of our beautiful city but yenno stuff sometimes happen. Unfortunately my camera broke so yea. I have to wait till I get another. On a postive note you guys take pretty impressive pic.
  10. TallySheet

    Sorry I didn't get back to you earlier about this. I run for the Godby cross country team. My best time wasn't as impressive as yours but hey at least I am healthy enough to even run the joint. The last time we had a XC meet at summit east was my sophmore year I am now going to be a senior.
  11. Tallahassee Trivia!

    Wow I didn't know that there were so many tunes about Tallahassee. Thanks for the info.
  12. "Evening Rose"

    Evening Rose is trying to get a permit for a 120,000 sq ft town center yesterday. It was in the Tallahasse Democrat newspaper under the business section.
  13. Tallahassee Trivia!

    That dirty thing a stripper! LoL
  14. Tallahassee Trivia!

    Hey guys now don't diss T-pain because of 1 song. He has songs that everyone can relate to and not only that he represents his city to the fullest.
  15. ►Tallahassee Photo of the Day◄

    awwww! St. John I am guessing.