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  1. ^ Remember I am one day older than you! Where is my cookies and icecream? And congrats on graduating.
  2. ^What the? I didn't know Southwood had it going like that!
  3. I can't find the picture of my avatar on my computer because I deleted it a while back but I can give you this picture of some palms, I think it's time for me to change my avatar anyway. Hopefully you will like it.
  4. Yes, they are of palm trees! See my signature it relates to it. The palm tree is considered the king of all trees and plants, and to flourish like one meant great blessings. Look at Florida, Flourish, and Flowers! they all derive from the latin word florere which deals with flowers flourishing/ thriving in their growth. Hopefully you understood that it's one of those deep things.
  5. Fortunately for me I don't have to worry about pollen! Hahaha...... I get to smell all the pretty flowers!
  6. I really am hating you guys right now for taking such awesome pics. This just isn't fair.
  7. I am sorry guys about the photos. I somewhere in the past said that I would take pictures of our beautiful city but yenno stuff sometimes happen. Unfortunately my camera broke so yea. I have to wait till I get another. On a postive note you guys take pretty impressive pic.
  8. Sorry I didn't get back to you earlier about this. I run for the Godby cross country team. My best time wasn't as impressive as yours but hey at least I am healthy enough to even run the joint. The last time we had a XC meet at summit east was my sophmore year I am now going to be a senior.
  9. Wow I didn't know that there were so many tunes about Tallahassee. Thanks for the info.
  10. Hey guys now don't diss T-pain because of 1 song. He has songs that everyone can relate to and not only that he represents his city to the fullest.
  11. Did you say proposal and highpoint center?
  12. ^LOL about that cell phone. I'll be looking foward to seeing your photos
  13. I always thought his name T-pain stood for teddy pendagrass, t-pain for short?
  14. The problem I think is immaturity. It is so sad that these petty little arguments result into gun violence. Come on middle school is over. I am in highschool and I got the since not to even stoop so low in to getting in an argument over he said she said stuff. I really don't I would probaly never go to a club in Tallahassee just because of the students. They spoil everything.
  15. Well they have that monday night football thing coming, maybe that can help them.
  16. Today I was in my band's music library and did you guys know that there is a composition called Tallahassee? It think it was arranged by Charles Carter a well know composer throughout the US and other countries, and was a music teacher at Floridsa State's school of music were he wrote for the Marching Chiefs over a period of 43 years!
  17. I really like that cascades picture, looks all leafy.
  18. Sorry about the way the text came out this computer is very strange.
  19. Wow it's great to see all of these people in the Tallahassee forum. For those who are just wondering what happened to me and why I don't post like I use to, is because me and the rest of my family had so much hardship going on for the last 3 months of 2005. Everything is getting better now and you guys will see my posting like I use to really soon. I appreciate you guys keeping up convo in the forum. All these projects that we got in the last year is just terrific, and I am very excited to see to see how 2006 is going to turn out for Tally-Hoe. P.S. I just got a digital camera this Christmas, so yea this forum is going to be banging with great pics. -Cityboy05
  20. ^LOL don't want Downtown change! Did anyone watch the Leon county commision meeting on Fallschase. There were people who said that having the Fallschase Mall will lead to us becoming Orlando Jr. Over my dead body!
  21. ^My friend cuts Brad's yard. I have some trivia. Did you all know the lady that plays Raven's mom in the disney show That's so Raven attended and graduated from FAMU. According to my step mom who also went to FAM the 2 were dorm mates. Common the rapper also attended FAMU but only for 2 years.
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