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  1. As I understand it from Kate (?) at Catalyst, you actually did pay for a space at Avenue, just like all the homeowners at other properties paid for theirs. Let's say the cost of your home at Avenue was $250k. The home was actually around $225k and the parking space was $25k...the cost of the parking space was just baked in to the cost of the home, for a total of $250k. That's where I think Catalyst is pretty good - you're not forced to pay the $25k parking space in the cost of the home. So on an apples-to-apples basis, you use that $25k that you would have been charged for parking and pay it to rent a space. Not sure what that "rental fee" is, but I'd imagine $25k would rent/lease you a parking space at Catalyst for at least 20 years. ...I was also told they would have Valet at Catalyst. Is that true? Would help with the concern over carrying groceries across the walkway.
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