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  1. triadcat

    The Greensboro Triumph Center

    Nowhere has cityboi 'implied' that the Triad is on par with Charlotte or the Triangle. The Charlotte and Triangle areas have a butt load of money.
  2. triadcat

    The Greensboro Triumph Center

    It's ok cityboi............... krazeeiboi, 1968, and other naysayers arent even from our area. I wouldnt pay much attention to them
  3. triadcat

    Heart of the Triad

    I see what you are trying to say, but it is flawed..... The Triad would be the "oldest" kid here because we were North Carolina's *FIRST* "large" economic engine. In other words, the Triad was bigger both economically and population-wise before the Triangle and Charlotte areas. Only recently (last 20 years) have the Charlotte and Triangle areas zoomed "ahead" of the Triad. In fact, the Triad had a bigger population than the Triangle until just a couple years ago..... If anything, the Triad is the "has-been" big metro in NC. You crack me up, man.
  4. triadcat

    Heart of the Triad

    Look, I know how you uber "New South" Raleigh and Charlotte folk look at the Triad as "The Rust-belt of North Carolina", but that is just silly. You have been making comparisons between us and the Charlotte and Triangle areas throughout this thread.......just look back at your posts. Raleigh is a great NC city, but it has been topping the rankings for only the past several years.....that IS a sudden thing. You should not talk about growing organically as you are from a very sprawling area.... The Triad is attracting more biz and people: Dell, Fed-Ex Hub, HondaJet.........HELLO!! I would not call that 'keeping up with the Joneses". As cityboi stated........we are a sleeping giant and we are more of a distribution/logistics/high-tech manufacturing/aviation technology type of economy mixed with a little other stuff. We are different from the Charlotte and Triangle areas and are NOT trying to emulate them. You are clueless.
  5. triadcat

    Heart of the Triad

    You hit the nail on the head!! "RALNATIVE" is clueless
  6. triadcat

    Heart of the Triad

    Who says the Triad is trying to emulate Charlotte or the Triangle? If it wasn't for the Triad, the Charlotte and Triangle areas would not be what they are today...... Charlotte has stolen quite a few headquarters and businesses from the Triad. And the Triad funded a big part of what the Triangle has today thru tax dollars over the decades. This is largely because the Triad was the FIRST big economic engine for North Carolina and was so for several decades..... The Triangle and Charlotte people can thank the Triad for some of its success
  7. triadcat

    Gateway University Research Park

    Wow!! This is great news for the Triad. Not only do we have RTP in the Triangle, the planned Dole Foods research facility in Kannapolis and PTRP in Winston-Salem, but this as well. I'm very pro-research and this is great for Greensboro. This will also add some other jobs linked/related to research. Seems that the I-40/85 corridor in NC is becoming a research corridor.
  8. I agree. Sure Charlotte will see more sprawl outside of it's CBD, but it's CBD is very compact and it seems they want to keep developing in a compact fashion.
  9. triadcat

    Triangle road & traffic thread

    I think that would suck for you all in the Raleigh area if you got a toll road. As has been said before, don't you have a surplus of tax money for this to not happen?
  10. triadcat

    American Tobacco Historic District

    I am glad that this thread is brought back. I didn't know so much was going on in Durham. I love how Durham has kept some of that industrial feel while progressing with great new developments. These are great pics!
  11. triadcat

    Triangle road & traffic thread

    I think the Triangle metro is actually more like 1.5 million, if not bigger. I know the Triad metro is right under 1.5 million and I believe the Triangle passed the Triad's population not too long ago. Someone please correct me if I am wrong. We are indeed behind on mass trans. down is slowly changing though.
  12. triadcat

    NewBridge Bank Park

    Nice pics!! I am glad that you caught my fav downtown building at night.....the one with the bluish colored triangle shaped lighting at the top. I call it the "Lego Building"