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  1. Do you have any statistics to back that up? I've found the market to be holding pretty steady all things considered. There have been many deployments in the past few years and Clarksville set records in 06 and 07. I know new home construction has dipped as it has everywhere in the US, but home sales seem to be holding thier own against other cities.
  2. A concrete and steel highrise would be much stronger than anything woodframed.
  3. I think monsoon is a little touchy on issues like the liberal media and the agenda they are pushing. Theyve been calling for a recession for a few years and if history is a good indicator then eventually they will probably be right, the economy has always had its down turns. I dont understand why you dont let people post that stuff but people can post other things pushing a different agenda. The media pushing for a recession has everything to do with the economy wich has a lot to do with Signature Tower.
  4. I would love too see Signature Tower built as much as anyone, but there comes a point when Tony has to make his move. The people who have purchased a unit will not wait forever for their new luxury condo to be completed. There will eventually come a time when these affluent people start to think that this thing is just a pipe dream. If he does indeed start excacation this month then I would expect more people would jump on board and purchase a unit, but if not there will be perspective buyers who start to doubt Tony's ability to make the project happen. You guys have to remember, we are already almost 1 year away from the original start date. For the record, this is my favorite project ever in Nashville and I want more than anything for it to move forward, but there comes a time when you have to face reality and I believe that if excavation doesnt start in the next month or two then the reality will be that the project has failed. You also have to keep in perspective that Tony G is very ambitous and if anyone in Nashville could pull it off it would be him.
  5. Im not sure scaling back is an option. It would probably void the contracts he has already and cause him to start all over again on the marketing front. I like many other people would love to see this tower built, but like most I'm a skeptic because of the nature of the project. It just seems unreal to ride by the Nashville skyline and imagine a 1000ft+ skyscraper. But I do believe that our market could asorb the units and if Tony's new marketing tactics and low interest rates payoff, we could see this thing rising next year. Lets only hope.
  6. I didnt read into your post at all. I was replying to something metro said. Thats why I quoted metro.
  7. I agree with you somewhat and I'm not challenging you development knowledge, but weve heard the same things about the WES and construction is moving right along over there. People are saying Alex Palmer's not telling us this hes not telling us that, but truth be told these guys dont have to tell us anything. With that said I'm not sure why he wouldn't make it public because it would be a nice marketing tactic but he dont have to.
  8. I think the problem here is that a wealthy black celeberty comes to town and everyone, Magic included trys to make it seem like he's helping "his poeple". Take a closer look at his investments...Hilton Washington Hotel, 12th & Midtown Atl, Starbucks, TGI Fridays, Upscale condo conversions, and much more. Sounds like he's totally down for the cause. Then you have Erica Gilmore talking about how Magics 20 mil investment in an upscale condo development is going to benifit the surrouning neighborhoods. What about Crossland or Bristol? Their stake in the Gulch is much larger than Magics. The she says we want everybody to have an opportunity to participate in that the Gulch's redevelopment. How is she participating? Because shes black and Magics black? I'm not saying Magic is obligated to help anyone because I dont think he is, but I do think with his investment history that his mission statement is a little bit off. I noticed a quote a few days back where someone stated "He's basically a capitalist with a heart who takes capitalism and free enterprise into the inner cities". Does that mean other capitalists who invest and develope in the inner cities have no heart? I just dont get the whole race issue sometimes.
  9. 300k to 1.6 mil condos is bringing entertainment and retail to minorities? Areas usually shunned by developers? The booming Gulch really fits that mold. If it was a white investor pouring 20 million into an upscale condo project race would never be mentioned. Even it the developer had a track record along the lines of Johnson.
  10. Ive made numerous posts about the area along 2nd/3rd/4th. I seem to be one of the only ones that noticed that the area had loads of potential. When you find an area like that mixed with a bunch of vacant lots and old restorable houses it always has the potential to become something. I think were gonna see it really take off in the very near future. But parts of that neighborhood are about as bad as it gets in Nashville, but thats back up on the hill a good distance from 2nd and 3rd. But I remember a time when Salemtown looked like that.
  11. July is fast approaching. July 4th is do or die time. If ground is not broke in July (a real ground breaking not a Terrazzo ground breaking) then the moral potential future tenants may drop a few notches. When I see a man spending millions of his own money I have to belive in my mind that the project is moving forward. So I do believe there is a good chance that this project will soon become a reality. However I know jack about building a skyscraper. But I would say that if we have a real ground breaking in July its go time. But if another date is announced I would belive that the chances would definitely decrease. I know there are many projects in other cities that take a very before that start construction but for some reason I dont really see this project in that light. Do or die? I think so. But hey what do I know? Im just a public works employee that did good to bring home 30k last year.
  12. Has anyone visited the sales center yet? I figured by now there would be numerous posts on it.
  13. Did anyone make it by the sales center today?
  14. ^Bad post. It seems like you have to stop by the signature tower thread and show that youre still excited because this thing still might not be built. Some people were doing a little sight prep work. I'll admit maybe we got a little bit excited, but that happens when you live in a city your whole life and you hear they are about to construct a monster tower. We all know theres a chance this thing wont be built but does that really mean you have to say soemthing negative about the project every chance you get? Probably just to try and bring people back down to Earth. All I know is that its obvious that the plans are still moving forward so I have any reason to doubt Tony G.
  15. I also drove by the sight today and talked to the two man crew putting up the fence around the property. I talked to the guy and asked him if he knew when the consturtion would start and he said started today, then I asked if he knew when the excavation would start and he looked down at the small hole he had hand dug in the asphalt and said it already has. I didnt figure these guys would know anything more than I know and I was right. However they did know that they were puting up a fence but that was about it.
  16. Metropolitan 8 doesnt consist of any retail. I would love to see the rendering of this new retail development along 8th. I know it will never happen but I would like to see some of the stores already along 8th rebuild with more ped friendly buildings. Maybe this new development along with Werthan, 8th & Hume, Metropolitan 8, and the development of the lot across 8 from Werthan will get kick this area in gear. Now that I listed it thats a good bit of development on that stretch of 8th. Too bad one of the ultimate urban mistakes Cheatham projects arent going anywhere anytime soon, if ever.
  17. Dont forget that weve heard a few rumours about an Adelicia part II. Also from many view points the Rythm lofts will make a showing in this midtown skyline.
  18. It said that the office building would be the same size as round about plaza.
  19. That report was terrible, but as it has been for a long while now the Signature inches forward.
  20. Wow this thread has quickly became almost as tall as the building itself. One must think that we will be updated on the status of this great project pretty soon.
  21. I believe the last report I saw on the Crown was 31 stories and 420+ feet. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  22. Its amazing how many projects in this lest have acutally come to fruitition.
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