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  1. I dont know but they really need to do something with that hole area. Add some parking garages and build something around the area, im not sure what, but do something with it.
  2. I cant wait to see the furture providence skyline, providence is really on the move, there doing good stuff. Now all they have to do is restructure the school system, because there the future of providence. Also they need to bring jobs in to the city.
  3. I cant wait till all these structures go up, providence will be transformed!!!!!!
  4. hey everyone!Lived in RI all my life untill 7 months ago, grew up in woonsocket, lived in Mt. Pleasant till i moved.Moved to Norfolk, Virginia, What a culture shock...LOL... Love the site, great news im hearing everyday. Can't wait to visit and see the transformation first hand. Providence has a bright future if all the plans prevail! Later guys
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