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  1. Good news regarding Gateway: $25 million for Gateway
  2. I'm not sure orulz likes it, but here is the new design for the BB&T Building. Certainly a change.
  3. Only if it finishes construction before the one in Asheville or the one in Charlotte.
  4. The demo on the parking deck has begun. The Citizen-Times has a cool before and after viewer for the AC site as well as a few other hotel sites.
  5. Unless the city was involved with some legal matter involving Dr. Morrison, they would not be able to go into closed session to talk about him since he is not an employee of the city (or a proposed employee).
  6. Is there someone within city/county government that has sway similar to Mitch Silver in Raleigh? I always had the impression that Silver was instrumental in the revision of Raleigh's station into something achievable. I could be wrong, however.
  7. The only logical explanation I can think of for eight lanes is that they want to build it at that capacity and not have to worry about it for another 50 years. Besides that it's hard to imagine the need.
  8. rooster8

    Aloft Hotel?

    A little more news about the proposed housing on Lexington: Developer asks Council for help building new downtown housing
  9. Actually it's for transit connection planning: "NCDOT will also receive $200,000 for the Piedmont Study, a multimodal corridor study to improve transit connections and multimodal linkages along the Carolinian and Piedmont rail lines." It's classified as a Passenger Rail project by US DOT.
  10. At Home actually is Garden Ridge. More of a large Kirkland's than a hobby store.
  11. rooster8

    Aloft Hotel?

    John Boyle with the ACT has a brief non-update update about the workforce housing that was proposed at the rear of the building. The PIP rep dodged the question about the odd concrete pad on Biltmore.
  12. Actually Starbucks stores are corporate-owned. They do sell coffee to hotels and other private places, but the actual stores seen on every other corner are owned by the folks in Seattle.
  13. Has there been discussion about something going into the corner lot at MLK Blvd and S. Graham (owned by 401 South Graham Street LLC)?
  14. Here is the White Paper for the Red Line: Red Line White Paper - May 2014 I think it's been said here before, but N-S is saying they want to minimize disruption to the O Line in case they would have to use it as a mainline in the event the NCRR is no longer available for their use.
  15. rooster8

    Aloft Hotel?

    I noticed today that Diamond Brand Outdoors is opening a shop in one of the storefronts on Biltmore. I was also reminded how stark and boring this space is (it looked more exciting during construction). I wish PIP could figure out how to dress it up a bit. Since it's a slab, I don't guess they can do a parklet, but something would be nice.
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