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  1. With that demolition, and the redevelopment of the Ottawa Power Station, (as well as the addition of new tallest building), the Lansing skyline I knew will be ever changed!
  2. Can anyone point me to a thread or link that discusses the history of the neighborhoods along Wealthy? Was it named for high hopes, or was there a person named Wealthy? Doesn't it end up in EGR? I have not been to GR in years, but it has always fascinated me. I hope to move back to Michigan eventually (California and Dixie since 1979), and GR is definitely on my radar ...
  3. I-isgof- I don't know the answer to your question, but I appreciate you bumping this thread. Interesting read, I guess I'm too focussed on the U.S. Geeks of the world unite!
  4. Glad to see this thread is still going. Somehow I missed Lmichigan's fire entry. More on the Kerns Fire: http://www.cadl.org/localhistory/fires/kerns.htm
  5. I recently moved from the Jonesboro area to Central Arkansas. Any news on what else is in store for Conway Commons? Like a Barnes and Nobles or a Borders?
  6. dunveth

    Flint Off Topic

    Middle Street Welcome to the forum. Can't have enough Hotfudgers around here to liven things up ...
  7. #14 Dunveth live/work Jonesboro area own home Huntsville (NW Ark)
  8. Perhaps from a parking garage, or from Kedzie?
  9. dunveth

    Lansing Off Topic

    Great pic, lmichigan! I had no idea it had a life before MNB. Care to share some history? I know the Boji part, thanks...lol...
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