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  1. Dear All, I've had many joys over the past 3 years here on UrbanPlanet. I'm writing to let you know that I will no longer be active on this website. The memories from the conversations we've had here will never be forgotten. Thanks to all of you who have participated in making this forum what it is today. Hopefully many of you will join me on the soon to be released . Until then, be cool! -"Florida"
  2. There's a NEW Talgov.com
  3. Florida


    UPdate {sodEmoji.|} Tallahassee Mall Key investor in Feldman Mall Properties says company isn't looking out for shareholders Feldman Mall Properties Inc., owner of [Tallahassee Mall], is once again facing criticism from one of its stockholders. James W. Sight, who owns 850,000 shares of Feldman stock, or about 6.5 percent of the outstanding shares, said in a letter that "it is apparent that the current board of directors is incapable of managing the company for the benefit of its shareholders." The observation was based on the fact that the board has yet to act, after several months, on such issues as new tenant leasing, strategic alternatives on raising stockholder value, and a plan to buy back stock, Sight said in the letter, which was filed Tuesday with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. "The current outside directors own approximately 9,000 total shares, and are totally disconnected from the economics of ownership," he wrote. "It appears that the current outside directors are more interested in the compensation they received for serving on the company's board than whether or not the company is run for the benefit of its shareholders." Source/More: TU
  4. Florida


    UPdate {sodEmoji.|} Tallahassee Mall Feldman has said in recent conference calls that it will consider selling asset(s) in one-off transactions as well. Moore said, "The buyers, whether they're portfolio buyers or one-off buyers, are just not really out there at the moment and it's hard to get financing." Moore believes Feldman wants to sell the whole company as soon as possible. "If they're not selling, it means they have no buyer. They want to sell it to someone with a bigger portfolio who can leverage their size. Ultimately, I think Inland will own Feldman," said Moore. Source: CoStar Group
  5. LOL!! I bet if he was here today, he'd remember doing that!
  7. Way to Go UrbanPlanet{sodEmoji.|}Tallahassee! We Broke 30,000! We've come a long way since this:
  8. Florida


    Does anyone think we should forward this to Feldman?
  9. Florida


    I know this is small... but you can see it in this rendering.
  10. Florida


    Well that's great to hear! Was it in the front next to Barnes & Noble?
  11. Florida


    Please vote in our latest poll on malls!
  12. March 20, 2008 Get Er Done! Tallahassee, FL
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