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  1. RestedTraveler

    The State of Downtown Retail

    The Caviar & Bananas in Charleston were pretty cool, too. Nice to see C&B, Husk, and Toast branching into Greenville. All were favorites of mine in Chucktown. Eggs Meeting Street from Toast is to die for.
  2. RestedTraveler

    Denver: Downtown Infill Projects

    Just a reminder, folks...this board on UP is largely inactive because everything is being covered splendidly by Denver Infill Blog and Denver Urbanism Blog. If you are browsing around UP and want to see what's going on in Denver, that's the place for all of the info.
  3. RestedTraveler

    Stone Avenue at Main Street mixed use project.

    Nice infill and another good residential alternative, just a short walk from downtown. I like it. It reminds me quite a bit of much of what's going up in LoDo near Union Station out here.
  4. RestedTraveler

    Main at Falls Park Dr

  5. RestedTraveler

    350 N. Main Street hotel.

    Egads! That's what ended up on that spot? SMH
  6. RestedTraveler

    CONSTRUCTION THREAD: ONE Greenville (Main @ Washington)

    Two of my favorite pieces of Charleston, coming to Greenville. The more al-fresco dining, the better! Love it!
  7. RestedTraveler

    Residence Inn/ Spring Hill Suites - Washington And Spring

    I don't suspect that to be the case at all. I suspect they're merely trying to fit better with the look and feel of DTGVL. Hello! :-P Me too.
  8. RestedTraveler

    Rails to Trails

    Where there's a will, there's a way. If there's not enough room, just build it out over the water. Look at what they've done in Tampa and Austin, for example. Tampa: Austin:
  9. RestedTraveler


    Nice to see RiverPlace finally being rounded out. SO MUCH has changed since I was last in Greenville.
  10. RestedTraveler

    Greenville Photo of the Day

    Aside from the red firebird, I really kinda dig this photo.
  11. RestedTraveler

    Ingleside Tract project

    Another recent article:
  12. RestedTraveler

    Ingleside Tract project

    A few articles about one of the big box retailers...clearing of the property has already of the new Exit 207 is going to make the commute down to DI fun for a year or so, too.
  13. RestedTraveler

    Construction Project - Exit 199 / Hwy. 17 A Summerville

    Highway 176 hasn't been widened (or re-paved) yet, that I've seen. Of course, I've not been out that way in a while. There are actually three schools in Cane Bay (the Middle School finally opened this year). We considered building out there, but decided not to do so because it was so far out away from everything (and still is). There are actually three huge developments all more-or-less side-by-side on MWV property in Berkeley County: Nexton, SC - being developed by MWV Carnes Crossroads - being developed by the Daniel Island Company Cane Bay Plantation MWV also has plans for another huge development in Dorchester County over the next 15-20 years: East Edisto - being developed by MWV I almost forgot...the Ponds along 17A in Dorchester County - plans call for it to have it's own schools and "downtown" type area. There's already a YMCA Rec Center and Fire Station. The project recently changed hands, so who knows how it will continue to develop, but it's been pretty impressive so far.: The Ponds
  14. RestedTraveler

    Construction Project - Exit 199 / Hwy. 17 A Summerville

    Nexton is more than just a "construction project." It's a new city being developed by MWV in Berkeley County. There will be a new Exit on I-26 (Exit 197) added as part of this development, and it will have its own downtown comprised of office, residential, and retail. It's been under development for well over a year already.
  15. RestedTraveler

    The State of Downtown Retail

    Greenville needs a Tilted Kilt...or maybe a Tír na nÓg ;-)